This is a solution of Employ-ability Skills Assignment part 3 in which we discuss  it would also be examining the methods and techniques being used to develop a solution to the problem at the workplace.

Employ-ability Skills Assignment part 3

Employ-ability Skills Assignment part 3


Evaluation of Team dynamics and roles of people in a team along with the alternative ways of completing the tasks Being an IT manager I have a team of nearly about 10 expertise of IT fields. Recently I had worked with by team for the installation of IT software for a client far from the office area. This was a critical situation as it required extra man power and resources for making the project effectively installed and operated. However, my team members agreed to course work together in the limited resources. It has been observed that team work plays an important role in the accomplishment of desired goals in an effective manner. With the purpose to develop, execute and operate the IT project effectively, the team members were being provided with different roles and responsibilities as per their interests (Levi, 2016). It has been found that it is very much important to consider each and every aspect to work within the team and make them work accordingly. Thus, the role are been assigned on the basis of Belbin theory which supports the organizations in maintaining and managing the quality and effectiveness in their functionalities. Following are the major basis on which the team roles are assigned:

Resource investigator

The resource investigator is the one who explores innovative ideas and concepts with others. It acquires good network within and outside the organization which help in collected enhanced information regarding the proposed projects. This task would be assigned to the one who acquires in-depth knowledge and higher experience levels about the project development and project management effectively (, 2013). Being an It manager I would be handling this role and would assign the others with different tasks.


This is the individual who leads the entire team and concentrate in their roles. My team leader would be assigned with this role and would observe the procedures; activities carried out in the project development and absorb all the suitable alternatives to make team decisions. It would also look after any the conflict and motivates the team members to work effectively.


The evaluator would focus on each and every aspect throughout the project. It brings the activities into consideration carefully and accurately so that to avoid any of the issues or mistakes in the future (, 2012). It would also ensure the feasibility and the practicality of the proposed project in an effective manner.


Implementer plays an important role in any of the project development and execution as it clarifies the objective of the project among the team members. It follows a well organized manner of completing the tacks and makes the team members perform their task accordingly. It transforms the ideas into specific task and executes the same among the team.


Specialist in the team facilitates in monitoring the in-depth details about the project and its related aspects and would make the team work accordingly. It makes effective decisions on the basis of its experiences and facilitates the team members in identifying any of the loopholes in the IT project.


This role is been played by an individual who is very much concerned with the time frames as it creates an urgency within the team members and make them achieve the targets in set time period. It also enhances the quality standards of the projects and is compel the team members to meet the deadlines effectively (, 2014).
However, it has been found that team dynamics is mainly considered as the emotional forces which create a situation that inspires the entire team to work within the environment particularly. The terms is been utilized to motivate the communication among the team members in order to accomplish the desired objectives of British computer society. Team dynamics facilitates in constructing a quality team and enhances the knowledge and understanding of the employees. It also assists in developing a group which augments and motivates the quality in the projects and makes the team members work with their best efficiencies. Moreover, team dynamics would prove to be beneficial in executing the Project in more enhanced manner and accuracy. These initiatives would effectively support in achieving the shared goals and make the team work with their best efforts (, 2014).In addition to this, there are wide ranges of alternative which could be adapted to accomplish the task at British computer society effectively. It has been observed that it is a significant task for the leader to lead the team members properly and guide them to work with their best efficiencies throughout the project execution. Some of the major alternative ways which could be implemented by British computer society are as follows:

Setting benchmarks: With the help of specific benchmarks standards the IT management of British computer society could motivate the team to meet the standard levels and complete the task by considering the quality standards (, 2013). This approach would also help in enhancing the quality of project as well.
High motivation: By providing the team members with the considerable motivation and remuneration the IT department would be able to achieve the objectives more appropriately and improved way. It would make the staff members enthusiastic and optimistic towards the accomplishment of the proposed project and would make them deal with each and every consequence effectively. Motivating the employees would make them work towards the common goal altogether.
Sustain enhanced relationship: Healthy relationship and better understanding also influences people to work together and combine their efforts for the mutual goals (Mahyar and Tory, 2014). It is very important that the team members acquires healthy relationships and provides everyone to come up their views as it would provide them with a feel of involvement and make them work together more dedicatedly.

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