This is a solution of Employ-ability Skills Assignment part 2 in which we discuss  it would also be examining the methods and techniques being used to develop a solution to the problem at the workplace.

Employ-ability Skills Assignment part 2

Employ-ability Skills Assignment part 2


A) Various communication styles at various levels

Role of communication is very important in the success of any organization. This is one of the most important factors that influence the operational and managerial activities. Clear and effective communication of targets and objectives helps in achieving the organizational goals (, 2016). Being an IT manager, it is important the goals and objectives are clearly communicated to the team members so that the tasks could be efficiently completed within the defined time frame.With respect to an IT organization, communication occurs at three levels which are stated below:

Strategic Level: At this level the top management takes decisions and communicates the decision to the middle level employees for further action. Clear communication of strategic decision helps the middle level to draw effective operational plans. For managerial level this type of communication style is effective as it helps to collect the real time feedback from the managers about new process or change in the existing process (Ting-Toomey and Chung, 2012). For IT organization decision making and implementation plays significant which requires proper communication between manager and management. For that purpose, communication through meetings with the manager will be beneficial.Middle Level: Once the management has communicated the strategic decision to middle management, managers have to draw the operational plans and communicate the same to their teams. In order to communicate the plan and policy to various departments, Hilton hotel management could use email method. This will cost and time effective as well help to offer detail information about the changes in the working plan. Also they have to communicate the progress and feedback to top management (Gordon, 2016). In the middle level, presentations and meetings are the important modes which are used for communication. Effective and clear communication of operational plan to the line managers helps in proper and effective implementation of plan.

Operational Level: At the operational level, the line managers implement the operational plan communicated by the middle management. At this stage, meeting and one to one discussions are important medium of communication. The line managers have to give feedback to their manager as well as communicate with his team members. This kind of communication style will help to meet the organizational objectives as well boost the confidence level of staff members as the management involvement in decision making. Apart from that, organization could also use the newsletter method for communicating the lower level staff members.For managing the IT team it is important to manage the communication flow such it develops synchronization among the team (Kerzner, 2013). The various communication sources could be verbal discussions which can be in the form of one to one discussions, meetings and brainstorming sessions. The written mode of communication could be in the form of notice, circulars etc. Another important mode of written communication is emails which are used for conveying the desired information and instructing the employees.

B). Effective time management strategies

Time management is very important as the effective use of time could help in timely completion of projects. In IT projects, there are number of activities which are dependent on one another like testing can only start after all the coding is finished. Thus it becomes important to complete each activity on time otherwise dependent activities will get delayed and overall the project will not be completed on time (Moore, 2014). For the proper management of time following could be used:
Scheduling: For the management of time, scheduling is an effective strategy. In this strategy all the activity are listed down and a time plan for each activity is drawn like when the activity will start and when it will be completed. The strategy is also useful in management of resources as resources required for completion of each activity could also be done. According to this strategy, organization will assign the specific role and responsibility to staff as per the skills and offer guideline to meet the objectives (Eden and Ackermann, 2013). By distributing the work among the staff members the organization will able to overcome the gap which will also help to manage the time. The scheduling of task can be done by drawing a Gantt chart. Scheduling allows identifying the stage of project i.e. whether the project is delayed or running ahead of time schedule. In case activities are delayed, additional resources could be put in to speed up the completion of tasks.

Task Prioritization: Task prioritization is important for time management. The business strategy allows focusing more on tasks of higher priority. Higher priority tasks are the important tasks which are directly associated with project deliverables or success of the project. Thus it is important that higher priority tasks should be given the adequate time to complete. The priority of the tasks is defined by the project manager and the senior members of the project team. Moreover, prior planning will help to meet the deadline as prior arrangement of resources will support to perform the operations and consume less time. Defining the priority of tasks helps in appropriate allocation of time for completion of activity as well as allocation of desired resources. For task prioritization, priority matrix could be used (, 2013). This will help to manage the risk and unexpected conditions that affect the time process. Priority matrix defines the criticalness of the tasks as critical, high, medium and low. Following figure shows a priority matrix:

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