Emerging Trends In The Travel Industries: Tourism

Emerging Trends In The Travel IndustriesThere are various changes has been made on the demand of the consumer on the changing environment. I choose the destination of India tourism has been changed and very fast growth in the past decade. The minister of India realized that there is a need of changing the tourism destination more and more people visit during a vacation in various destinations. The travel & tourism of India has been increased with the great flow of tourist from all over the world. The tourist is attracted by the rich cultural heritage, and also to the natural beauty of India. There are various monuments, hilly areas, foggy hill stations, attractive beaches, golden deserts, wildlife sanctuary, and others that are attracted by the tourist. In addition to this, there are various festivals of the people in India, having different lifestyles, and different traditions. These things make the tourist journey adventure and fantasy. India is an incredible land where different kinds of varieties exist. In guide of tourism of India helps to discover the new things makes closed to the colors the information about south India tourism north India tourism, and various other major destinations which are very much attractive and colorful. Someplace is the heaven of India like Jammu and Kashmir, Shimla, etc. they are very foggy hill stations in India.

The two main contemporary which are in India are-

  • Health and safety concerns- in India there are different destination points in which they have different temperatures which is a major cause for environmental issues like heat, cold, and altitude. In India, there are waterborne diseases INS very common. The food is also not good they are lack of hygiene. In tropical areas, there are various insect-borne diseases which are also the major cause of illness. Most of the travelers fall ill due to this common-sense behavior. When they are traveling they must have to take care of this point which is mentioned below-

The tourist can buy the medicine from the medicos without any prescription in India but medicines like blood pressure anti-depression drugs are not available without the doctor prescription. So they have to bring there-

  • The medicine must be contained in original contains with proper labeling.
  • They have to take a signed dated letter on which the physician recommended all the medicines and describe the patient medical conditions.
  • If any patient has a heart problem then he has to carry his. ECG report with him.

Insurance- any person is traveling from one place to another must carry health insurance. The following points must be considered when a person by insurance.

  • It is necessary for India that payment is made immediately by the person to doctor- if any tourist has any insurance plan then he has to carry his necessary document.
  • It also necessary to take extra cover for the adventure activities for instance scuba diving, rock climbing, etc.

There are various environmental hazards which are also main causes of health & safety of the individual.

  • Air pollution – air pollution is the main problem in India’s urban hubs which is increasing day by day. If the tourist has a respiratory problem then it is necessary to consult with the doctor before traveling to India.
  • Carbon- monoxide poisoning- There are various hilly areas where charcoal is burned, and have the risk of carbon- monoxide poisoning.
  • Diving and surfing- they have also taken advice from the doctor before traveled to India. They also to take the medical kit which treated the coral cuts and tropical ear infections.
  • Heats – In India there is the various place which has so much hot and humidity. The tourist has difficult to survive in this high temperature they take at least 2 weeks for comfortable.


The travel industry of any country cannot satisfy the tourist that they are safe and secure from terrorism. It is very difficult to save someone from a terrorist. The simple definition of terrorism the systematic use of threat by the terrorist against the population, the government of a specific country. The main aim of terrorism is political, religious, or any ideological goal. It is a serious threat to the people of India. In Jammu Kashmir, south-central India & east central are more terrorist places where the terrorist activities are from a very long trend. They raised various serious questions on the security of the tourist when they visit India, especially on the tourist destination. The tourist destination is the main target of the terrorist if any traveller obtains terrorism information, like bomb blasting, firing etc. they have to change their peace immediately. In 2013 the terrorist activity effect upon 205 countries and 608 districts in India.

The main places which are affected by the terrorism activity are Mumbai in which from 1993 to 2011, nine-time bombs were exploded which kills thousands of people. Because it is the most adventurous place in India All Bollywood stars are live in Mumbai. Most of the people are traveling in Mumbai, Jammu & Kashmir, Pune etc. are the main destination of the terrorist.

Task 2

I choose the India tourism destination for the emerging trends.

As sure discussed curlier that India is the major segment for the tourist destination They also make a contribution in the foreign exchange and also gives employment to millions of peoples. The population has been increased day by day and for raising the standard of living, disposable income increased, number of educated peoples etc. is help in development of the tourism sector and also country growth. There are large number of educated people and better customers who are compelling the tour & travel industries to make and lunch new products for their customers. They make improvement in the qualities of the traditional offers. Thus tourism industeyanalysed the requirements of the tourist & they makes changes and developed in the tourism sector.

The emerging trends in the travel industries are-

  • Health tourism/ medical tourism. In India there are various private health care centers which attract the tourist. From this trade of the medical sector has been increased by providing the medical sector assistance at law cost. They get world- class medical treatment. The traditional healing treatment which are practice by the medical expertise in India are Yoga , umami, Ayurveda, siddha, and naturopathy etc. there are various new methods like allopathic on which India has more focus. The medical tourism in India is less than the other country. In U>K they charge for the same ten time more than from India.
  1. Ayurveda – it is the natural medicines which are used in the traditional area of India. The earliest medical treatment which is given in India are found in Vedas &samhitas of charka/ bhela&shussuta. It helps in preventing the cause of illness. But is not totally rooted cure the disease. In this the medicines are included herbals and herbal component which have no side-effects.
  2. Yoga – Yoga is the other form of medicines which gives piece in mind of dividable. The individual who performed yoga and takes the Ayurveda treatment will helps the individual fit for the long time period. Yoga have eight stages which includes-

1 yam   2  niyam  3 asana  4 prana Yama  5 prathyahar  6  dharana  7 dhyana  8  samadhi

Spas- there are 20 to 25 major spacentres in India. It is the best treatment which helps in restoring one individual wellness and beauty it is very helpful in maintaining the blood pressure cured tension, depression and other deadly disease which have very harmful effect upon the individual.

Caravan tourism- caravans are the boons for the tourist who visits the remote areas & forests. In these areas it is very difficult to find hotels and others necessary things which are very necessary amities. This caravan tourism is become very popular they provide the luxurious facilities in the caravan tourism.

Spiritual tourism- people at large are mentally disturbed and they want peace so they choose the meditation, spiritual reading books etc. there are various pilgrims’peace’s.

Cruise tourism- cruise tourism is attracted by the tourist in Kerala. The cruise is well maintained with the luxury furniture’s and other amenities which are very useful for the individual. In southern India there are three oceanswhichrich with the cruise tourism.

Sustainable tourism- sustainability means that individual can live in the capacity of environment which supports him. The important aspects in sustain able tourism are-

  • Protect the cultural heritage.
  • Protect the bio-diversity
  • Conserved the natural resources for the future generation.

Main aims of sustainable tourism-

  1. Makes improvement in the standard of people living.
  2. More concentrate to provide more and good experience to the visitors.
  3. Protect the environment

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