Effective Communication inside an Organization

This is a solution ofeffective communication inside an orgnisation  in which we discuss Developing businesseffective communication can help your company cope with aging systems and limited resources that can lead to fragmented effective communication inside an organisation 


The increasing dependency on automation and the interlinked machine has reduced the requirement of the unskilled, or low skilled professionals. The automated machines have reduced the scope of human encounters and added convenience and efficiency in the entire business procedure. The modern day computers have the capabilities to mimic the human talent, which makes it smart and advanced and these types of computers have replaced multiple white collar jobs. Previously the automated technology replaced only the blue collar jobs or the jobs which required less skill. The dependence on the advanced technologies have affected the communication procedure overall, and this has reduced the scope of people to people encounter (Jothi, Neelamalar, and Prasad, 2011).


The mentioned document reveals about the increasing dependence on the technology of the modern day business process.  Like the accounting software can replace an accountant, and it can replace the scope of any human error during a huge calculation. hence The ATM machines have replaced the long quest in the bank to withdraw money, and it has replaced the need of any human interaction during money withdrawal. These are only a few examples of the automated technology. Some technologies are so advanced, that it has copied the skills of highly trained professionals. The AI enabled technologies can enhance its learning capabilities with time. Too much dependence on the technologies has affected the communication process overall. The modern-day people are having poor quality communication skills and social skills. This is also affecting the tradition process of conducting business (Arnold, and Boggs,  2015).

Effective Communication inside an OrganizationCritical Analysis:

Communication plays a huge role in the overall business process of an organization. therefore Communication between the employees helps the organization run smoothly. Dependence on the technology has reduced the scope of effective communication inside the organization. since The modern-day organizations need highly skilled professionals to operate and maintain the advanced equipment,

Effective communication is not only about listening, but it is also about using the entire body to conduct the entire communication. Effective communication process includes listening, body language, and gesture to reflect the intention of the person. Some organizations have also adopted video chats,


Communication plays a huge role in the day to day life of a normal human being, but it is also very important to conduct the business operations inside an organization. Dependency on the high-end gadgets, an artificial intelligence enabled technologies have eliminated the scope of human interaction inside and outside the organizations. The automated chat box reply to the consumers and it also helps the consumers to solve their basic problems though, these technologies are at

their initial stage but their effect is quite prominent inside the modern day society. Tay et al. (2017) has shed light on this fact and said that the modern-day people have become less social, and because of less number of effective communications have destroyed their social skills to a great extent. end conclusions are devastating, where people are losing their social skills and the organizations are being run by computers. The decision-making process has become completely dependent on the data, not on the conversations with the consumers.



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