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All learners at all levels of education and experience require employ ability.

skills as a prerequisite to entering the job market. This unit gives learners an opportunity to assess and develop an understanding of their own responsibilities and performancEducation and Experience Assignment Helpe in or when entering the workplace.

The unit considers the skills required for general employment such as interpersonal and transferable skills, and the dynamics of working with others in teams or groups including leadership and communication skills.

It also deals with the everyday working requirement of problem solving which includes the identification or specification of the ‘problem’, strategies for its solution and then evaluation of the results of the solution through reflective practices.


This unit gives learners an opportunity to assess and develop an understanding of their own responsibilities and performance in or when entering the workplace.  It encourages learners to acquire interpersonal and transferable skills, the importance of working with others within an organisation.

Learning Outcomes and assessment criteria:

On successful completion of this unit a learner will:

  • Be able to take responsibility for own personal and professional development
  • Be able to demonstrate acquired interpersonal and transferable skills
  • Understand the dynamics of working with others
  • Be able to develop strategies for problem solving.

Knowledge and Understanding:

  • Develop and maintain a personal portfolio
  • Find and suggest new ways to achieve goals and get the job done and achieve goals
  • Plan for and achieve your learning goals
  • Understand the roles people play in a group and how you can bestEducation and Experience Assignment Help work with them
  • Lead or support and motivate a team to achieve high standards
  • Find new and creative ways to solve a problem.

Unit content:

1 Be able to take responsibility for own and professional development

Responsibilities: own responsibilities e.g. personal responsibility, direct and indirect relationships and adaptability, decision-making processes and skills, ability to learn and develop within the work role; other e.g. employment legislation, ethics, employment rights and responsibilities.

Performance objectives: setting and monitoring performance objectives.

Individual appraisal systems: uses of performance appraisals e.g. salary levels and bonus payments, promotion, strengths and weaknesses, training needs; communication; appraisal criteria e.g. production data, personnel data, judgmental data; rating methods e.g. ranking, paired comparison, checklist, management by objectives; skills audit (personal profile using appropriate self-assessment tools); evaluating self-management; personal and interpersonal skills; leadership skills.

Motivation and performance: application and appraisal of motivational theories and techniques, rewards and incentives; manager’s role; self-motivational factors.

Development plan: current performance; future needs; opportunities and threats to career progression; aims and objectives; achievement dates; review dates; learning program/activities; action plans; personal development plan.

Portfolio building: developing and maintaining a personal portfolio.

Transcripts: maintaining and presenting transcripts including curriculum vitae.

2 Be able to demonstrate acquired interpersonal and transferable skills

Effective communication: verbal and non-verbal e.g. awareness and use of body language, openness and responsiveness, formal and informalEducation and Experience Assignment Help feedback to and from colleagues; IT as an effective communication medium; team meetings.

Interpersonal skills: soft skills e.g. personal effectiveness, working with others, use of initiative, negotiating skills, assertiveness skills, social skills.

Time management: prioritizing workloads; setting work objectives; using time effectively; making and keeping appointments; reliable estimates of task time.

3 Understand the dynamics of working with other people

Working with others: nature and dynamics of team and group work; informal and formal settings; purpose of teams and groups e.g. long-term corporate objectives/strategy;  problem solving and short-term development projects; flexibility/adaptability; team player.

Teams and team building: selecting team members e.g. specialist roles, skill and style/ approach mixes; identification of team/work group roles; stages in team development e.g. team building, identity, loyalty, commitment to shared beliefs, team health  evaluation; action planning; monitoring and feedback; coaching skills; ethics; effective leadership skills, e.g., setting direction, setting standards, motivating, innovative, responsive, effective communicator, reliability, consistency.

4 Be able to develop strategies for problem solving

Specification of the problem: definition of the problem; analysis and clarification.

Identification of possible outcomes: identification and assessment of various alternative outcomes

Tools and methods: problem-solving methods and tools

Plan and implement: sources of information; solution methodologies; selection and implementation of the best corrective action e.g. timescale, stages, resources, critical path analysis

Evaluation: evaluation of whether the problem was solved or not; measurement of solution against specification and desired outcomes; sustainability provide assignment writing service based on case study requirements in affordable prices and we are providing most flexible online assignment writing help, so book your Assignment with us, order now

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