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Economics, a branch of social science that studies the production, allocation, and consumption of the resources. We can also call economics as the science of scarcity and the choices that are made for the proper allocation of goods. It is field where factors like demand and supply, exchange, trade, Costs, incentive, inflation, unemployment etc are studied. It closely analyzes all the domains and aspects underlying economics at varied levels.

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Types Of Economics

Economics is largely classified into two parts namely Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. Take economics assignment help to get in-depth knowledge of these types. These two forms of the economics may seem different superficially but these both are interested-related into various aspects. Change in one field may trigger big fluctuations to the other.


Microeconomics is the study of parts and segments of an economy. I looks into the economicEconomics Assignment Help matters at smaller scales. It is the analysis and evaluation of the decisions taken by individuals and government organizations for the allocation of resources. They make decisions keeping taxes and regulations applied by the governmentim mind. It deals with the forces that determine the price level of goods in an economy, supply and demand is one of the largest force that determines the prices. Microeconomics is a bottoms-ups way of studying the economy.


Macroeconomics on the contrary to microeconomics, studies the whole economy and the factors that affect it. It is a top-down approach of  analyzing the economy. It analyzes the entire economics system such as GDP ( Gross Domestic Product). It takes all the affecting factors into account. For example, Macroeconomics studies how inflation, unemployment rate, and price levels induce changes in the entire economy.

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