Task 3: Strategy evaluation and selection

Identify and evaluate the possible alternative strategies Easy Jet may adopt.

Easy Jet can adopt multiple strategies which can contribute a lot in helping the existence of the company to stay in the market for the long period of time. The strategies which a company can adopt are discussed in detail as follows: –

  1. First thing is that the company should work on creating a cordial relationship with the stakeholders that includes employees (Zhang et al, 2013). The working environment of the company should be friendly and extremely cordial. In this type of environment, employees will be more satisfied and will be happy to work with the organisation because of which the company can sustain for the long period of time.
  2. Creating an unforgettable experience can be another business strategy as it will motivate people to come back again to the same services (Zhang et al, 2013). Reduced price of air tickets should not only be the driving force because this makes customer very price sensitive. Customer should adopt the services of EasyJet because they like the services of the company apart from cheap air tickets (Mahlen & Clarridge, 2011).
  3. The infrastructure development is very crucial which helps in further growth of the business (Zhang et al, 2013). Further the company can also develop a wireless internet connection which helps the customers to work and stay connected with the world and the connection must be free (Zhang et al, 2013).
  4. The company can also include some discount programs for small and medium business enterprises (Mahlen & Clarridge, 2011).
  5. As discussed in SWOT analysis, the company must work to develop some loyalty programs where the customer can get some added advantage.
  • Select the best alternative strategy for EasyJet using appropriate criteria.

The best alternative business strategy to diverse the offering and create infrastructure for new segment of people which is elite class (Pinto & Pirola, 2011). The company should widen the horizon of the company and should also bring more diversity in the company. The company should create a business class seating or a whole new airline which completely focus on luxury and an experience for the customers for whom money is not a barrier.

Task 4: Strategic implementation

Analyse how strategies are implemented using the case study. You are required to take into consideration the roles and responsibilities, resource requirements, time scales as well as the suitable action plan for successful implementation.

Implementation is very crucial step because formulating the strategy is easy but applying it in real life is a challenge and if the company failed to implement strategies properly, the company will not be able to prosper (Chaffey & Ellis-Chadwick, 2012). Following are the points that a firm can perform in order to implement the strategy in the most effective manner: –

  1. Effective communication holds an extremely important place in the success of the business (Morgan et al, 2012). So duties and responsibilities of the employees should be clearly communicated to them and organisation should try to remove any ambiguity in the mind of the workers (Morgan et al, 2012).
  2. All the important resources which are required for the effective implementation should be at one place as it will help in making the process of implementation smoother and easier. A proper list of requirement should be made at one place and management should supervise that all the needs are met on time (Morgan et al, 2012).
  3. Time scales should also be given a lot of importance because it will help the company to achieve the task on time and also it will be done effectively. Not only this, it also brings discipline in the company and the employee will work in more organised manner (Morgan et al, 2012). For implementing a new strategy as discussed in report, the company should decide a time scale of a year time since the change is transformational in nature and require major shift in the working of the company (Morgan et al, 2012).
  4. Target audience for implementing this new business strategy will be elite class people who will get to experience luxury and best services (Morgan et al, 2012).
  5. Staff should make involved at every stage of implementation because they have to implement it and their involvement will make sure that the work is done in an effective manner (Morgan et al, 2012). Constant feedback from the employees should be taken from time to time as their feedback will be important which will help in bringing some effective changes in the business.


Organisation these days are creating a completely separate section for business strategy where employees can only brainstorm and work on creating the best business strategy for the business. Formulating the business strategy is not an easy process and at the same time implementing it is also very difficult process (Rothaermel, 2013). In EasyJet, the management understand that it is essential to understand the nerves of the consumer and decide all the strategies keeping the customer welfare in mind. The strategies should directly focus on the people and the target customer to whom the company serve. The best and most complex way to sustain and endure in this competitive environment is to devise strategies keeping in mind the needs and want of target customers (Holmes, 2011).The report have discussed in detail about various aspect of business strategy and also how EasyJet have formulated a perfect business strategy for the business which make it one of the best and biggest airline company in British.


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