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Digital electronics homework can be complex for those students, who try to read it and do not grasp the concepts. A simple example of digital electronics is a switch at home. It has two states on and off. If someone can understand the functioning of a switch, then half of the digital electronics is done. All the major concepts of multiplexers, flip-flops, multipliers come from the concept of the switch. Moreover, binary numbers are vital in case of digital electronics. Changing zero from one means changing the state of a digital circuit.

Comparison between Digital electronics and analog electronics homework

Until now we have talked about digital electronics, but we should see the contrast between analog electronics assignment and digital electronics. Most of the students find digital electronics easy as compared to analog electronics and the reason is obvious. Use of lesser mathematics and use of binary numbers makes digital electronics assignment easy. However, some strong and life changing equipment have been designed with the power of binary.

Electronics is a very complex subject for engineering students. Let’s simplify it. This subject has two parts Digital Electronics and Analog Electronics. Here, we will talk about “Digital Electronics”. Digital electronics or you can say it DEC (Digital Electronic Circuits) that characterizes signals by discrete bands of analog levels rather than by an uninterrupted range and all levels within a band signify the identical signal state. We can simply explain the difference between digital and analog circuits. Analog can be remembered as continuous while Digital can be understood as discrete (step by step). Our tutors provide a comprehensive solution to the students with easy examples.

  1. Digital signals can be transmitted with no degradation due to noise. For example, a continuous audio signal can be transmitted as a succession of 1s and 0s. So it can be reconstructed without any error. Amazingly, hours of a movie can be stored on a compacted disc using about 6 billion binary digits.
  2. By using DEC, a more accurate demonstration of a signal can be obtained by utilizing more binary digits to show it. While it needs more digital circuits to process the signals, each digit can be managed by the same kind of hardware.
  3. The storage of data can be easier in digital systems than in analog systems. The noise resistance of digital systems allows information to be stored and recovered without any degradation. In a digital system, if the total noise is below a certain level, till then the information can be retrieved completely.
  4. In comparison to analog circuits; DEC consumes more energy to accomplish the same work which eventually increases the complexity of the circuits such as the inclusion of heat sinks.
  5. Smaller quantities of digital circuits are more expensive in comparison to analog.
  6. Very important digital systems can decode from continuous analog signals to discrete digital signals which cause quantization errors.

The quantities that are to be calculated, observed, recorded, processed and controlled can be analog or digital which depend on the variety of systems used. It is imperative when dealing with a variety of quantities that we are capable of signifying their values proficiently and correctly. There are mainly two ways of representing the numerical value of quantities, i.e. analog and digital.

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