This is a solution of Information Technology Strategy Assignment in which we discuss Development of Leadership and Management Skills.

Assess opportunities for development of leadership and management skills.

The small gap between the failure and success is bridged by good leadership and effective management. Leaders set some long term and some short term goals.

  • Ability

The employee must have the ability of good leadership and effective management. The employee must be able to understand the problem and solve it effectively. They should follow the proper planning for the achievement of the goal of the company. The leaders must motivate the employees to work towards the goal and give in their hundred percent in the company. (Miller, 2012)

  • Outcomes

All the work done by the employees must be result oriented. If the result of the employees are good then his style of work and skills he lacks in can be ignored. During the process no rule of the company must be violated. (Weimer, 2012)

  • Leadership styles

The leadership style determines the structure and culture of the company. The different type of leadership styles is autocratic, participative, laissez-faire and transformational. For the effective leadership the leaders must adopt a mix of all the styles. (Lublin, 2003)

  • Attitudes

The personality traits of the employees are affected by the leadership style it follows. If the company follows “talk when necessary” strategy then the employees will lack friendly behavior with each other. Good communication skills, emotional intelligence and decision making power are the essential traits for the employees to possess.

  • ACT technique

The full form of ACT is acceptance and commitment therapy. According to this method the learning can be performed by accepting the challenge and then taking control of it. Learning can improve the perception and commitment of the employee. (ACT Mindfully, 015)

  • Learning in dual loop

In this type of learning strategy the work of the employee is evaluated two times to give them the best possible feedback. Tis method of learning gives the major emphasis on the precision and sophistication. (AFS, 2012)

2.2 Construct a personal development plan to develop leadership and management skills.

Objectives ActivityTime requiredAssessment

Time management

The best way is to maintain a list of important work.6 monthsThe person should wake up early and work in a more organized manner (Amazonaws, 2015)
Strategic thinkingVarious case studies must be solved to enhance the problem solving skills.Approx. 3 monthsCase studies with solutions must be provided to the employees to help them learn in a better way.
Instant decision making skillsEmployees must be advised to study various books on decisions making. They must also be given practical knowledge in this regard.Approx. 2 monthsThe employee must be asked to report the books completed and feedback of their decisions.

(Mike, 2014)

Business awarenessIt comes with reading different magazines and reading news on the internet1 yearIt makes the employee more aware of the surrounding.
Good Communication skillsDifferent lecture and seminars must be conducted in the company on improving the communication skills,2 monthsIt helps the employees to build friendly relation with each other
Leadership skillsThis requires practical training of handling the team4 monthsIt helps in the achievement of the goal and objectives
TeamworkIt comes with participating in various games which requires working in a team2 weeksReading books with teach cooperation.

(Gallerily, 2015)

Guidance skillsIt comes by leading a team and facing real work situation.4 monthsIt improves the leadership skills.
Gathering knowledge and informationIt comes by reading books especially the autobiographies of the famous leaders all around the world.

Different documentaries on various leaders can be watched.

2 weeks

It helps by learning from the example of great leaders.

 Manage personal development of leadership and management skills.

The leadership and management skills can be enhanced by the following methods:

  • Review and result

Important personality trait of a leader is a continuous self-review and improvement. The leader also reviews the performance of the other employees and gives them feedbacks accordingly. The employees receives rewards for their payment. Continuous reviewing helps in the improvement of work.

  • Experienced learning

A man learns from his mistakes but repeated mistakes are not tolerated in the work environment. An employee is expected to learn from his mistakes and improve himself. (Biz Move, 2015)

  • Feedbacks

Feedbacks makes the employees aware of his weaker section. They also help them improve their work. A good leader always gives a fair feedback.

  • Record of achievement

Monthly achievement of the employees must be recorded to help in the yearly appraisal of the employees. This also helps the employees to determine its USP and maintain his complete record.

  • Sharing and caring

Other important thing is sharing of the knowledge and information. Manager must share his experience and learning with the other employees to help them grow. (National Academic press, 2000)

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