Designing A Website Assignment Help

Task 1 Website Design Concepts

Discuss the design concepts that have to be considered when designing a website

It is very important for the designer to consider some of the concepts while designing a website.

Website Design Concepts Assignment HelpDesigns should not only be visual – The design of the website gives the overall view of the site. The design gives the users with the overview of the website. And the mind of the user is set according to the first impression of the website. The design comprises of all the things from which the user interacts with. The design consists of hover, click, color, and the arrangement of the components on the web page.

User Centric – The website developed should be according to the user. The developed website should fulfill all the needs of the user who are going to visit it. If the website is not able to fulfill the requirements of the user, then the website is of no use as the users will not come and surf through the website.

Before developing the website, the website may be developed for any business; the requirement analysis phase should be done. In which the user’s need should be asked and should be focused upon. And according to the needs determined, the website should be designed and developed. After the developed of the website, the feedback from the users should be taken that – are the features included in the website fulfilling their all the needs and expectations and what new features they want to be included on the website. The feedback should be focused upon and required changes should be done by the developer.

Detail included should be designed – If the detail is included on the web page in the form of a big paragraph. Then none of the users is going to read that paragraph and will fell bored and finally will close the site. The information or the detail included in the site should be designed and only main points should be included that too in a designed manner. Through this, the users will get attracted towards the website and will find the site useful.

Sketch before designing – The sketches should be drawn on the paper first instead of directly designing the website on the software. All the requirements which need to be included on the website should be determined and sketched on the paper first. It helps the developer to get the concept of designing clear in his mind and will save the BSB52015 Diploma of Businessdeveloper’s time of thinking. The sketch can also be shown to the users and feedbacks on the sketch can be taken. This will help the developer to make fewer changes in future and will be able to develop a useful website in one go.

Use of white spaces – while designing the website, the use of the white spaces should be done. The use of white space makes the text more clear and visible. It becomes easy for the user to read the text written and it becomes more understandable for the users.

Keep a folder – A folder should be kept and maintained properly. In that folder, all the files and images should be stored properly. If the things are stored properly and are stored in different places then it becomes difficult to access the files.

Tools that are used to analyze the performance of the website

Pingdom tools

  • This tool gives the grade to the website out of 100
  • It tracks the history of the performance of the website
  • It uses some of the insights like YSlow and PageSpeed
  • The complete HTML page is loaded during the test and the test done includes all the elements included in the website like CSS, JavaScript, images, etc.
  • The various stages of a given request can be indicated by creating waterfall charts through the results

  Web Page Analyzer

  • This analyzer tool is used for analyzing the performance and speed of the web page.
  • It shows the composition, page size and the download time as the result.
  • After the analysis, it also offers the suggestions through which the speed of the page can be improved.
  • It gives the results report
  • The size of the elements is calculated and the sum of each type of the component of the web page is performed


This is a very efficient tool which enables its clients to improve the performance of their website and also to raise the efficiency of the developed website through advanced remote monitoring services. This tool has a verification system which contains triple stage. This verification system is used to detect the errors and validates the third party validation.

The services provided by this tool are:

  • Website Monitoring
  • Server Monitoring
  • E-mail System Monitoring
  • Application Monitoring
  • In-Browser Monitoring

The tool contains various tests:

  • Web page test
  • HostNameTestMX lookup
  • Web Page test
  • NS records lookupReverse DNS
  • HTTP headers TestLink test
  • Port ScanPing test
  • Server TestEmail validation test


This tool is very helpful for the developers in developing all round website which is faster and more efficient. This tool contains various features with it:

  • Tests the loading of the web pages in different regions of the world like Australia, UK, and India
  • Used for URL monitoring
  • Used for mobile testing
  • This tool lets its customers have the performance history of the website in the form of the interactive graphs
  • The report is generated in the form of PDF
  • It also saves the data of the report on the daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • It uses Google Page Speed and Yahoo’s YSlow


This tool offers the following features:

  • It shows the performance of the web pages at incremental intervals by generating the screenshots
  • This tool generates the waterfall chart of the content breakdown
  • Different colors are used by the tool to represent the different content elements
  • It allows myriad URLs for comparison
  • It provides a grade from the total of 100

The legislations that should be followed by every e-commerce business on his website

Shipping and Delivery Policy – The customers should be made aware of all the Change Agentsshipping and delivery policies before the purchase of any product. All the policies should be well written on the website and should be easily understandable. The policies mentioned should not only to be written, they must be followed by the company. If the policies are not mentioned or are not followed by the company then the customer can make the report against the company. And the company may have to stand before the court.

Refunds Policy – The e-commerce business should have a separate section for refunding. The product purchased by the customer may not be satisfactory for him or it may be defective. The customers should have the right of refunding in the case. The charges or policies for refunding should be mentioned on the website by the company and should be charged accordingly. The refunding policy also helps to build the trust among the customers. The customers also think that the company cares for them and the company’s goal is not just to do the business, they take care of their customers and make them satisfied.

Terms and conditions – All the terms and conditions of the e-commerce business should be formed before the starting of the business. The terms and conditions written should be uploaded on the e-commerce website and should be visible to all of its customers and users. The terms and conditions defined enable the customers to make the faulty claims on the company. It makes the customers satisfied and no one can make a claim as he/she has accepted all the terms and conditions of the company and the purchase. So the customers should first read the terms and conditions of the business and then only they should accept them.

Data Protection – The data of the company should be protected. This is the responsibility of the owners of the e-commerce business to make the data protected. The data provided to the company is highly confidential and should be put very secure. Nowadays, the internet is full of hackers who are waiting for a single chance to get all the confidential data loaded. The data uploaded on the website should be protected from the unethical users.

Protecting customer’s Privacy – The customers which come on the e-commerce website provides their data to the company with a trust. The company should not break the trust of the consumers and should keep the data private. The confidential information shared by the customers should be kept secure and should not be shared with any person at any cost.If the data to customers gets leaked then the company loses its trust from the market and will have to suffer as no one will trust the company.

Task 2 Design interactive websites

Explain your user interface (pages) using storyboard

Story Board of each web page

The website is developed for the business company – Sinha Indoor Leisure Center (SILC). The company is an e-commerce company which provides various facilities like Profile scanning using Smart Scopegym, a large sports hall, a smaller sports hall, swimming pools and a small ice arena. The website developed contains all the facilities required by a business like SILC. As the link of the website is opened, the users are able to see the home page of the website. The home page includes various further links or we can say the webpages – About Us, Gallery, Session, Registration, Contact Us, and User Guide.

The home page is the through which the user interacts the first. This page makes the mind of the user. The home page includes information in it. The home page includes the SILC facilities, Fitness, Testimonials and classes.

As the user clicks on the about us link, the about us page gets opened. The about us page contains the history of SILC and contains information about the trainers at SILC.

As the user clicks on the gallery link, the gallery webpage gets open. The gallery page includes the services provided by the SILC Company. It also contains the advantages which are provided by the company to its users.

As the user clicks on the session link, session web page gets open. The Webpage contains the schedule of the matches to be held.

The user can get register for the event by simply filling the registration form available on the website. The Registration webpage contains the register form which includes various fields.

The user can contact to the SILC Company regarding any query. The contact form is available on the contact us page. The contact page also contains the contact details.

Design an interactive website including a site map and user interface wireframes

Home Page

About Us Page 

Gallery Page 

Registration page 

Contact us page Evaluate website design with other users (ask your fellow students)

The website developed for the SILC is really very good. The website is satisfies all of the needs which are required by the users. The website contains a very good design and the colors used are relaxing to the eyes. The font, size color, background, etc. are chosen very well by the developer. Everything seems to be perfect. The webpages designed are very attractive and are eye catchy. The white spaces are very well used. All of the text details included in the website is easily visible and readable. The content of the website Inputs which I had to calculate this volumeis apt as per the website requirements.
The website is fulfilling all of the user demands. The company has included everything about the company on the website. The website contains all the information about the business and the provided services. The users can also register themselves easily just by sitting at their homes and also can do enquiry on their queries. The information provided by the users on the website is also kept secure by the company. So the SILC Company is trustworthy and is reliable and according to me (fellow student), the website is very well designed by the developer.

A comprehensive test plan designed to meet the agreed specification and eliminate HTTP errors

Testing is a process of determining the efficiency and working of the software. It is the process through which the developed system and its components could be evaluated. It is been tested that the required features and specifications are satisfied or not. Testing is mainly used to find the errors and bugs in the software and these bugs are then fixed.

Different types of testing are:

  • Manual testing
  • Automation testing
  • Black box testing
  • White box testing
  • Grey box testing

While testing, I have used the manual type of testing as this was best suitable for my developed website. Manual testing means to manually test the software without using the tools and scripts. In this type of testing, the tester plays the role of the end user and then tests the software and finds if any bugs exist in the software. Multiple stages in the testing are performed by the tester which includes integration testing, unit testing, system testing and user acceptance testing. The manual testing for the developed website is done properly and also the user feedbacks are taken and are implemented successfully. The validations and hyperlinks are checked and are working properly.

Expected ResultsActual Results
·         Developed website should be attractive

·         Website should be user interactive

·         Light colours should be used

·         Website should be easy to access and handle

·         Content should be easy, understandable and logical

·         Hyperlinks should be linked properly

·         All the functionalities of the website must be proper

·         The website must be highly secured

·         Website should be compatible

·         The website should be web responsive

·         All validations should work properly

·         The website developed is attractive

·         Website is user interactive

·         Colour used  are light

·         The developed website is easy to access

·         Content written is understandable and logical

·         All the hyperlinks are linked  properly

·         The website is properly functioning

·         The website is high secured

·         The website is compatible

·         The website is accessible in all devices

·         Validations are working properly

 Task 3: Implement interactive websites

I have developed my website using HTML and CSS for designing and JavaScript as client side scripting. Below are the screenshots of the web pages that I have made.


Homepage of SILC web application has four part. In first part it consist promotional slide show, in second part it consist their all listed services, third part is for blog and in last part it consist recent activity and email subscription link. 

About Us

About us page shows short description of their services, history and trainers. 


Gallery page consist detail information about their sessions like GYM, indoor games, martial arts, swimming etc with their monthly chargeable fee. 


This is image of session information through which a customer know about session detailed description.


This is the registration page through which a user can register them. 

Validation on registration

This image show that a user has to fill all information with correct details. If any of the field shows left blank or unselect then it will generate popup message. 

Contact Us

This is the contact us page through which a user can send their feedback or make query from the admin or authroized person. 

Validation on contact us

Contact us page also contains validation means if any of the field left blank then it will generate popup message.

Task 4 Test interactive websites

Critically review and test the website

Management and Remote AdministrationAs we reviewed the website developed on SILC, firstly as the website is opened, the design of the website is attractive. The developer has kept in mind all the concepts of designing a website. The white spaces are used properly which is making the customer’s understand the mentioned details properly and efficiently. The designing done is user friendly. So the target of user friendly of the website is fulfilled. The website is successful to target the audience and is fulfilling all the purposes which are required and expected by the users or audience. The linking and the navigations between the screens or we can say the web pages is done very efficiently and all the links of webpages are working properly.

A variety of different features are included in the website which isneeded by the customers and the website is user interactive.Hence, the developed website on SILC is fulfilling all of the need of the users. The website developed is tested on various tools as mentioned above and is working properly. The website is checked on various browsers that the website is supported by all the browsers or not. We have tested the website on three browsers – Google Chrome, MozillaFirefox, and Internet Explorer. The website is compatible with these browsers. The website is also tested on various screen – laptop, mobile, tablet. The website is responsive on all of these screens.

Google Chrome


Mobile screen 

Tablet Screen Analyze actual test results against expected results to identify discrepancies

On the basis of requirement of SILC I have designed a fully effective website to support this organization. Here I have made a comparison to show the discrepancies in between actual and expected test results of website development.

S NoExpected Test ResultActual Test Result
1Application of SILC should have capability to restructure staffingThrough feature of session and register this organisation can restructure their staffing.
2Should has user attractive interfaceThe website has attractive, simple and more effective interface to attract more customer.
3Should have better compatibility with all browsersCapable to run on any browser
4Should be developed using proper validation techniquesValidation is used on registration and contact us webpage to validate user
5Should have better navigation screens to go on any of the webpageWeb user can go on any webpage during their session at any time
6Website should have an online user assist guideWebsite has a linked document to assist user
7Website should have capability of session management and staff managementAdmin can create session and assign to responsible instructor through this website solution

Evaluate independent feedback and make recommendations for improvements

I have provided recommendation for improvement on the basis of feedbacks of my two friends on different functionality and performance.

Feedback of user 1st and user2nd

I have approach my two friends to provide feedbacks about this website. My first friend is from marketing department and other friend is from technical field that make some feedbacks after analyzing and using this website. Their feedbacks are as follows:

  • The website hasn’t a login panel to validate users.
  • This website has not a facility of payment gateway to pay for membership on time of registration of user.
  • Security mechanism must require SSL security certification.
  • Website should have social media integration to promote SILC activities globally.
  • There is no live support facility to assist user.
  • Event calendar should be available there to provide information about passed or upcoming events.

On the basis of these feedbacks I have make some recommendations for improvements in future.

  • A login panel should be designed with forget password facility to get password when user forget their password.
  • PayPal payment gateway and online transaction thorough debit card should be there for easy payment.
  • I have recommended that user website has SSL security certification to protect user session.
  • Social media platform like twitter and Facebook must be there in future to advertise SILC on digital platform.
  • A live support feature must be implemented in feature to provide on time chat facility to the customer.
  • Web application of SILC should have event calendar feature to provide information about upcoming or passed events.

Create onscreen help to assist the users

To provide on screen help to assist user I have also create a user guide and linked it onto the website for user to provide instructions about this website.

The on screen help guide to facilitate users by instructing them about the web solution of SILC is as follows:


This is the top view of website. On left top of the homepage this website consist a logo of SILC and on right top there are six links given. A slide show promotional message is displayed on homepage. The homepage of this website provide short description about all the feature and services listed.

This is the middle view of homepage of the SILC which show that a user can join SILCPolymer Marker or can search for this organisation on social media platfroms like facebook, twitter, linked in and so on. Middle part of homepage also consist list of all service which is provided by this organisation.

The below provided image is part of bottom of website which has three sections like Get in Touch, recent post of SILC, and a free email subscription feature by which a user can subscribe them to get notification about all the events and services of SILC.

About us

Below given images are the top and bottom view of about us page which consist details about how and which type of services is provided to the user. A user can see about SILC organisation, history and list of professional trainers of the SILC.


Gallery section of website consist four sections, these four sections consist images of different services. A user can go this webpage by clicking on “Gallery” link from any of the webpage.


This webpage of SILC consist session information means a user can know about all the session which is created by SILC or other association by the help of SILC. A user can see about name of session with type of activity including their start and end time. A user can book themselves for session if booking status is available. The user can also view name of trainer and detail of equipment which is required at time of session.


A user has to go on registration page to register themselves with this organisation. User has to fill all the credentials like name, user name, email, password, contact number and address detail. After filling all the required area user has to click on register button to successfully register with this website.


If a user want to make contact with this organisation for their feedbacks or for query resolving. He/ She has to click on contact us webpage of the website. User has to fill their name, e-mail, subject, phone number and a short message about query or purpose of contacting this organisation. Before sending a message user has to endure that all the filed has appropriate credential. After filling all that field user has to click on send button.

User can also make contact with this organization physically. A user can also get exact location of SILC by using map View of the website which is placed on “Contact Us” page.

User guide page screenshots

Technical documentation for the support and maintenance of the website

After successfully design of web application I have created a technical documentation to provide support and maintenance of the website.

System requirements

  • Processor- Intel Pentium Dual Core or above
  • Memory- 128 MB Minimum
  • Operating system- Window NT 4 (SP4) and above
  • Disk space- 160MB to install required tool and software
  • Screen resolution 1024*768 (Default)


A notepad++ program or Dream waver installation is required to full fill expectation of SILC. To do server side scripting I have used PHP scripting language.

Website development


I have used many HTML and CSS tags to design webpage of SILC website. The list of tags which I have used to design a webpage as per requirement of SILC is as Follows:

  • HTML- HTML tag is a header part of HTML which defines root of the documents.
  • Title- Title tag is used to define title of the webpage like index or contact us etc.
  • Body- body tag is used to define body in document.
  • Br- it is used for single line break in document.
  • Link- Link tag is used to define relationship of documents with external resource.
  • Meta- Meta tag is used to define metadata about HTML document.
  • Script- I have used script tag to define client side script.
  • Div- It is also used to define section in a document.
  • Button type- Button type tag is used to select particular type of button like submit or radio.
  • Span- Span tag is used to define a section in webpage of website.
  • Nav- Nav tag is used to use or define navigation link in webpage to go on other webpages.
  • Ul- I have used <Ul> tag to define unordered list in webpage.
  • Li- Li tag is use to list item in a webpage.


I have used some HTML elements which always has start tag and end tag. For example

Here <html>……. </html> is an element and it is used for whole document.

I have also make use of body element of HTML


There are two type of scripting I have used to develop a web this web application.I have used HTML for user side scripting language. An HTML language is used to create webpage for user by tagging text files, selecting proper fonts and colors, links and many more.For the server side scripting language I have used PHP language. This is a widely used general purpose language used for web application development.I have created webpages about.html, contact.html, index.html, portfolio.html, registration.html, services.html, session.html, shortcodes.html and single.html to fulfill all the user requirements and expectations. I have also design a layout .txt page named as w3layouts.Lincense.txt to provide information about license terms of SILC organisation.

CSS-I have also used CSS for better design and formatting of webpage. To make it user attractive I have used a better color combination, layouts and fonts. I have used this to run website system on variety of devices and on larger or smaller screen size devices.

JS- I have also used JavaScript programming language to for better load balancing of website. JS is used to control webpage of the SILC of client side web browser, server side and also mobile application.


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Chauhan, (2016).Top 5 Principles of Effective E-Commerce Website Designing. [online] Available at: [Accessed 6 May 2016].

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