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Descriptive EssayDescriptive essay is one of the most  important-genres of essay writing which describes the reader’s appeal to the senses. It can describe a situation, concept, person, place, experience or even a feeling. Descriptive essays are widely used as a teaching tool at high school, colleges and university level. This is considered the most favorable medium where writers (mostly students) enjoy a lot of artistic independence. They can move their on personal opinions and ideas through written account. The main purpose of descriptive essays is to draw a clear picture in the reader’s mind. If you need descriptive essay writing help, then our academic experts are ideal people. Descriptive writing samples for various descriptive essay topics can also be taken from our website.

Some basic thoughts

A descriptive essay always involves the reader by triggering his senses. It creates a vivid picture in your mind through detailed descriptions and personal observations. So, writing a descriptive essay is not as easy as it sounds. Before writing a descriptive essay, the author should give important importance to some basic ideas.

  • What do you want to describe?

It is important to know exactly what the author wants to describe. A descriptive essay always leads the writer’s perception about the author, person or thing. This essay will be related subject and the student should concentrate accordingly.

  • What is your objective behind writing a descriptive essay?

There is always a reason behind every selection. Analyze the cause and proceed accordingly. If a student chooses to describe family picnics, expressing relationships between members is rather more important than describing their physical properties. The student should also write about his personal experiences.

  • How should you write the descriptive essay?

Describing your feelings is never easy. It needs a lot of practice. According to experienced professors and experts, show descriptive essay ‘do not tell but Show’. Showing your readers through the use of artistic words makes the effect more effective.

Guidelines for writing a descriptive essay

descriptive essay writing help

The main purpose of writing a descriptive essay is to make an impression in the reader’s mind. The basic guidelines needed to follow while preparing a descriptive essay are as follows:

  • Brainstorming

Generally descriptive essays write about personal experiences or personal opinion. Therefore the scope of research is very limited; rather the student should spend a lot of time thinking about different ideas. If the professor has entrusted you with the task of describing your favorite food then you should provide important time to compile its various aspects. Details from the internet can enrich your ideas.

  • Vivid and concise language

In a descriptive essay, every word should be chosen wisely. The letter should communicate clearly with the reader. Clear and concise descriptions are necessary with the use of innocent English. The clear explanation about the characters and the situations described in the essays will make it more confusing. You should always choose words that will make a strong image in the mind of readers.

  • Involve the senses

The writer should always include the reader’s senses through writing. A descriptive essay always uses expressive writing to engage the five senses of humans. If you are writing a descriptive essay, remember to include the sensor details in the essay. They are:
1. Smell (“the attractive aroma of hot-baked pizza!”)
2. Sound (“The sudden cracking sound of the thunder”)
3. Sight (“When the last rays of sunlight disappeared behind the steep hillside!”)
4. Touch (“Chinese silk is famous for its superfine texture throughout the world”)
5. Taste (“Since childhood I always get enthralled with the delicious taste of strawberry ice cream”).

  • Personal opinion

Descriptive essay should include your personal thoughts and opinions. Adding your personal opinion enriches the writing. It acts as a decoration that takes the reader to a deeper level. Sharing happiness, crisis or achievements within the document Descriptive essay reaches its capabilities. It also expresses the author’s personal stand on various aspects of life and its experiences.

  • Organized framework

Each academic essay is written in a special format and under the prescribed framework. Descriptive essay is no exception. The author should follow the special instructions of the professor and develop the essay according to the University’s rules and regulations. The student should not take away feelings from the reader because the reader expects an organized and logical approach. Comparative balance essays will be exemplified between different aspects.

  • Leave an impression

Descriptive essay should leave an impression with readers on their writing. The reader should feel the feeling of attachment with sensitive writing. From the description of the beautiful nature to the harsh reality of unemployment, descriptive essays always create a sense of familiarity. The reader actually looks through the author’s eyes. Therefore, creativity should communicate clearly and affect the testers.

Basic steps to write a descriptive essay

Writing academic essay is an important part of the curriculum in tertiary level. Descriptive essay: Generally, students are assigned to sharpen their creativity, knowledge about the subject and their learning process. Descriptive essay should follow an effective process that will not only reveal the skills of the student, but also enrich the reader with interesting writing. Here are the basic steps:

  • Selection of topic

Sometimes professors allocate special subjects to students and in other cases students choose their subject themselves. As the descriptive essay is based on the writer’s observations, the student should select such subjects with whom he is comfortable. The author should be able to easily express various aspects and ideas about the subject.

  • Creating a strong thesis statement

Writing a strong thesis statement while writing an essay is one of the most important tasks. In one or two sentences, the purpose and purpose of writing essays should be understood in the statement. It can also include your attitude in a solid system.

  • Selecting dominant details

The student should be required to add all the details and items supporting the thesis statement. The thesis statement produces an impression about the essay. Each description that favors the certification and statement should be included in writing.

  • Creating an outline

In college, students are usually asked to write five paragraph essays. It is necessary to create an outline of the essay by which the students will move forward. Paragraphs of descriptive essays should be described in chronological order. If the student makes such demand then the student can also choose to write essay in other forms. If you are writing a descriptive essay, you have to decide what you are going to write in three body paragraphs.

  • Structuring the essay

According to the instructions of the professor, the essay should follow a certain structure. It should also be relevant and should be understood with the subject. Specific descriptive essays should begin with an introduction, in which the thesis statement will be included after three body paragraphs. This will end with a strong conclusion which will be the last article of writing.

  • The vital first paragraph

The most experienced academic writers believe that the first paragraph of each essay is the most important article. Therefore, students should make it interesting and entertaining. It should set the voice of writing and communicate clearly with the reader. The following paragraphs should also be clearly and brief.

  • Usage of descriptive words

In the simplest terms, a descriptive essay describes. Therefore, students should use words and sentences that clearly describe a situation or concept. Providing sensitive details with accurate description will help in creating artistic images in the mind of readers. For example, instead of ‘It was a good football match’ you could write ‘It was finally a nail-biting football match with a classic finish’.

  • A logical conclusion

To conclude a firm, the conclusions of the descriptive essay should be relevant and logical. It can use descriptive words and the thesis can restore the statement. Students should remember that the conclusion should be innocent because it is the last thing that the reader will read and this is going to last with them the longest.

  • Proofreading

After completion of the essay writing, a complete revision is mandatory. Delete grammar, spelling and factual errors, while redundant and repetitive sentences should be edited. Experts suggest that proofreading should be done with fresh mind so that mistakes and errors can be easily detected.

  • Expert opinion

After the final revision, the student should get an expert opinion. Academic experts or professors have deep knowledge in the field and they can provide valuable suggestions. Before depositing, these advice could make any descriptive essay innocent.

Usage of figurative language in descriptive essays

Uses figurative languages ​​in descriptive essay writing. Speech statistics raise an explanation by making it more vivid and impressive. Here is a list of the most common figures of speech that can enrich any descriptive essay.

• Simile: When comparing, the use of words like ‘like’ or ‘as’ is used as a simile when comparing. For example, ‘It was like reading an open book.’

• Metaphor: Comparing two things which are pretty different from each other.
For example, ‘The children are like budding flowers growing in concrete garden.’

• Personification: Providing human characteristics to non-human objects.
For example, ‘The stars were dancing in the moonlit sky.’

• Overstatement: Deliberate exaggeration to increase the emphasis or effect
For example, ‘I will die if my favorite football team loses the match.’

• Understatement: Minimizing the importance of a situation or an object is known as Understatement. For example, ‘The area flooded because it rained a bit more than usual.’

• Onomatopoeia: Using meaningless or imitating sound according to actions or objects with which they are associated. For example, ‘After seeing the thief, the pet dog started barking, “Bow! Bow!”

• Symbol: When a person, thing or a concept is used as an example or idea. For example, ‘The rock is the symbol of our strength.’

Some college descriptive essay topics

Descriptive essay writing involves less research. Many students think that descriptive essays are the simplest tasks in the form of homework. But this is not so easy. Although it requires less research, students still need to be fast and creative enough to develop indisputable descriptive essays. It evaluates their imagination, innovation and English language skills. Some of the most effective college descriptive essay topics are:

• A lesson taught by life
• Christmas traditions of my family
• The biggest dream of my life
• Favorite vacation spot with the family
• Exploring a new city
• High School Graduation Day
• A school excursion
• Your favorite dish that you love to cook
• The first public performance
• Meeting a famous person

If you are a college student who wants to write a descriptive essay, then you can choose anyone from the above topics. You can also see specimens of descriptive essays. Descriptive essay samples are written according to the curriculum of universities of the UK, USA and Australia by academic experts.

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