This is a solution of Database Design Concepts part 4 in which we discuss in the organization a huge number or volume of data accumulated such as customer data, product data, employee data, product delivery data, and many others data.

Database Design Concepts part 4

Database Design Concepts part 4


•Second Normalized form (2NF): The second Normal Form involves Full Functional Dependency and it is also able to solve or remove the data redundancy problem in the First normal form. It is basically defined with the first normal form and each non-primary key attribute is fully functionally dependent on the primary key. The second normalized form relational database must be in the first normalized form. After converting UNF to 1NF we convert the 1NF (first normalize form) of the database into the 2NF (Second normalize form) of the database. To convert it into a 2NF form, we separate the Employee detail1 table in the Employee_detail table and Employee_type table. And the full order detail table into the Order detail table and order_product table.


•Third Normalized form (3NF): The third Normal form used the concept of transitive dependency. A relation which is in 1NF and 2NF and which have not any non-primary-key attributes is transitively dependent on the primary key. Then it is called third normalized form of the data. The third normalize form database must be in the second normalize form. When the developed database is converted into the 2NF, then we convert it into the third normalized form (3NF) by separating the Employee management detail table in the employee table and outlet table. And the orderdetail table in order table and payment type table. In this form all the data of the database are separately stored in the separate tables so that the data redundancy is much minimized.


Task 3A Generate a physical database
Database View

Task 3C Design a comprehensive user manual that will describe your system

Firstly the user needs to boot the system. After booting the system, click on start button then click on all programs option. Next step is to search Microsoft office in all the programs. Click on Microsoft office, various applications included in Microsoft office will get displayed. Search for Microsoft office access and click on it. Then a window of Microsoft office access gets opened. Click on the office icon on the topmost left, then click on the open option. A window will get displayed. The user can select and open the Fresh Burgers Now database. Another way to open database is, on the right side of the access page, open recent database option is present the user can search for Fresh Burger Now database and can open the database from there. After clicking on the Fresh Burgers Now database, the user will be shown with a blank page. On the left of the page, various database tables are shown under the table’s option. Also various headings are there such as Queries, Forms and Reports. The table option contains all the tables present in the Fresh Burgers Now database. The queries option contains are queries used in the database to fetch certain data form the tables. The Forms option contains all the forms of the tables present in the database. Through forms the user can view all the details stored in the tables of the database.

The reports option contains the report of all the tables in the database. In report the data present in the table is fetch in a tabular method which is easy to read and understand and also no updates can be done by the user through reports. In the table option, the user can see various tables which are present in the Fresh Burgers Now database. The tables which are visible are – Customer, Employee, Employee_type, Item, Menu, Order, Order_product, Outlets, Payment_type, Shift, and stock. All the tables contains different data and are connected though the foreign key. The user can simultaneously fetch the data or information through various tables of the database according to his need. Each table contains two views – Datasheet view and Design view. In Datasheet view, all the information within the table is shown. Also the user can add and update the data in the tables of the database through database design. In the design view, the users can decide the field names for their tables. The users can add new fields also according to the need and can delete and update the fields of the table. In the customer table, all the details of the customers of Fresh Burgers Now is stored. In employee table, all the data of employees is stored. In the employee_type table, the position of the employee is stored. In item table, all the items present in the stock of the company is stored. In menu option, the menu provided by the company is shown. In order table, the orders of the customers are stored. In payment_type, the mode of payment provided by the company is present. In stock table, the quantity of products present and the quantity which need to be ordered are stored.The forms included in the database are customer detail, customer order detail, employee detail, items detail, order sub-form and order product sub-form. From these forms, the information stored in the database can be viewed. The reports included in the Fresh Burgers Now are customer detail, customer order detail, employee detail and items report. Through these reports, the data or information present in the database can be fetched in a tabular format which is easy to read and understand and cannot be modified and added.

Task 3D Reflect upon your new developed understanding of database design and provide a lessons learned

The database design concepts described in this assignment are very well understood and are implemented. In this assignment, we have learned how to make the tables in the database and how to add and decide the entities and attributes in the table. We learned the concepts of data modeling and normalization. We get to learn that how we can normalize the database tables to make the information more accessible and related to other table. We learned the concepts to make the entity relationship diagrams. In ER diagram, we understood that how to decide the entities and their attributes and how the relationships between the different entities can be defined. We learned the use of forms, queries and reports in the database and also learned how to make the forms, reports and different queries and how and where these can be accessed.We felt that certain improvements can be done in the developed database. The tables in the database and entities and attributes in the table can be increased according to the need. The database can be further developed in MySQL and Oracle database. As these databases provides fast and more efficient access of queries and are more secure.


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