This is a solution of Database Design Concepts part 1 in which we discuss in the organization a huge number or volume of data accumulated such as: customer data, product data, employee data, product delivery data, and many others data.

Database Design Concepts part 1

Database Design Concepts part 1

Task 1A why a relational database would be suitable information system for the organization

The relational database is the best suitable information system for the organization because it haves lots of advantages in any business. The organization ‘Fresh Burger Now’ offers the food product to the customers to make money. In the organization a huge number or volume of data accumulated such as: customer data, product data, employee data, product delivery data, and many others data. These data are very important in the company and play an important role in the organization so it must be stored, managed, and processed. This is where the information system comes into play. The relational database is the type of information system which provides the many features in organizing the data like; stores the data in a proper way, maintain the data, secure the data, reduce the data redundancy and manipulation etc.

The relational database stores the data in the separate tables or tuples and giving a unique id for all the tables which is used to retrieve the data or relate the data from others tables. Adopting a structured query language (SQL) based relational database system for FreshBurgersNow will solve most of these problems by organizing data into a set of well-defined units, represented as columns (fields) and rows (records) in a table, and then interrelate the data using a unique key identifier to easily find specific information.The relationship between similar data will increase the speed and versatility of the database.Storing the data in a collection of operating system files will require a very large storage space and main memory and new data will have to be added every time a new record is entered or updated for the customers and workers, making it a tedious and complex method whenever there is need to identify or retrieve all data items.

A relational database is able to overcome the excessive usage of storage and main memory by storing data internally and then rapidly loading only the needed data to retrieving needed information with the aid of a database management system. Without a relational database searching and updating customers order will be an unreliable, tedious, and time consuming endeavor.For a business entity such as FreshBurgersNow that handles a large set of data that is always updated, it is more efficient to create customer and order tables and the information from the different tables will then be linked together through the use of foreign keys or indexes to uniquely identify and process sales order placed by customers within that table. This means that the kitchen staff doesn’t need to search through an entire database worth of information just to find out what a customer ordered for. And the driver to deliver the order is rest assured that the order and referenced delivery address must exist. If the address is deleted then all references to it must also have be removed from the database.All categories of FreshBurgersNow staffers (cooks, drivers and managers) will be able to easily obtain a view of the relational database that perfectly fits their specific job roles and needs. For example, the manager might like a view or management report on all customers that had ordered a particular type of menu after a certain date while the owner of the franchise could, from the same tables, obtain a report on sales performance of all the outlets (Ambler, 2013).A relational database can be customized to reveal new areas for investigation by presenting large quantities of data in an intuitive form to carry out multidimensional analysis, to be viewed and used in different ways.

This will afford the owner of the franchise the opportunity to bring together information on total sales and profit from different outlets and compare the information to quickly and easily take business decision.The manager of each branch can also use the data as a historical fact from previous promo to predict the probability the customer will respond to an offer or purchase of a newly introduced menu into its regular menu list. As we know that the whole data is the main part of the organization or business, the relational database also provides the data backup and recovery options for the users so that in case if the company assets or data will lost by any accidental theft then the organization “Fresh Burger Now” also recover and restore their many business data easily.

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