This is a solution of Data Communication and Networks Assignment in which we discuss most appropriate technology amongst the related options in technology and product.


Data Communication and Networks Assignment

The object of this task is to develop and apply the skill needed to analyze & design network which addresses needs of a given client. In this work I have tried to apply the knowledge on networking technologies which I learnt lately. Also I have tried to analyze & evaluate the network design so as to meet the client needs. For this I decided and selected most appropriate technology amongst the related options in technology and product. In the given scenario I, we are told to install the network having twenty computers for the new business which needs to use TCP/IP & also needs a proper Internet connectivity. The Internet Service Provider (ISP) in the vicinity of the new business setup assigns 2 public IP addresses – and based on this I have decided to allocate the IP address in range – – – I also need to install a computer network monitoring tool to the central server to monitor network activities which shows status of each computer in the network. I also need to report a few things to my supervisor before actually being allocated with the project.

Requirements for Part 1

The requirements for the Part 1 are as follows:
Initially I need to identify a freeware tool that can monitor the entire network and show status of each computer system in the network. A max 5 page report is to be prepared in detail, of the identified tool and its features. For this I need to provide a number of screenshots of the tool and its features that will help us to monitor network activities.

Nagois Network Monitoring Tool

I have chosen Nagois as the Network Monitoring Tool.
Why Nagios?
We are aware that there are a multitude of free software to make supervision such as Nagios, or Snort. We chose to install the FAN (Fully Automated Nagios), which is made with the compilation of several software based on Linux and even Windows. The advantage of this distribution is to provide an easy solution, installation and configurations. It is also a turnkey solution and even usable for temporary assignments along with the long term or permanent solution as there is much freedom with a solution provided by Nagios. As regards the installation of the FAN, we have used on one of our machines that were connected to a suitable given network. We carried out several installation steps to to install plugins on various client machines.

Nagios Monitoring

Nagios (formerly Netsaint) is a tool to alert us in real time basis when a problem occurs and display graphically through graft Centreon utility. Centreon is also used to manage configuration files, because one must know that Nagios is not configured in the command line. The various machines and services monitor, thanks to plugins, also called expansion module are external programs installed along with it. Some of them are basic utilities (smtp, ping, web, …) integrated with Nagios that watch hosts and services that we specify, alerting when the systems go wrong and when they are not normal. This is free software licensed under the GPL (General Public License). It is completely free and only works on Linux & Windows.

It is a modular program which is divided into three parts:
• The engine of the application, just schedule the supervisory tasks;
• The web interface, which allows for an overview of the information system and  possible anomalies;
• The extension modules or plug-ins, one hundred mini programs, which can be complete depending on individual needs to monitor each service or resource available on all SI computers or networks elements.The free tool for monitoring network has been updated to version 3.0 recently. We have installed this new version mount in the Linux operating system. We have installed a web server and databases of libraries required to compile Nagios. centreon Centreon (formerly Oreon) is an overlay application used sometime as a console along with Nagios. It’s also a free software under the GPL. Centreon can use Nagios via a Web interface. Indeed, the big problem with Nagios is configuration of hosts and services. Under Nagios, the entire configuration is done with several files. We must write one line each of the hosts and services, which can involve a lot of time following the large number of facilities to monitor. Centreon solves this gap while keeping the functionality of the Nagios engine. It also manages guest and service models, allowing fast copying machines involved. Thus, the time is saved with Centreon

Therefore is. It further allows to automatically generate the files “texts” of Nagios. In addition, the GUI provided by Centreon is nicer than Nagios, fully Anglicized. Data are also better interpreted by Centreon, allowing it to offer graphics much more detailed than under Nagios. So Centreon overall provides a good GUI tool which can be used with Nagois.


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