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Data acquisition is the process of using a computer to determine electrical and physical phenomena such as temperature, pressure, voltage, or sound. The term DAS stands for a system that can convert analogue waves into digital values for processing. The data acquisition system consists of the following components:

The physical conditions will be converted into electrical signals via the sensor.

Analog to digital converters are used to convert detecting unit indications into digital standards.

The signal prepares the motherboard to transfer the signals from the sensing unit into a format that can be converted to digital values.

This system is controlled by a software application created with the help of several programming languages. Data loggers are the common name for data collecting systems.

The sensing unit, data collection hardware, and computer system with software application are all part of the data acquisition process.

Connection and performance capabilities of industry-standard computer systems give a more effective and inexpensive measurement solution than traditional quantity methods.

Data acquisition is the process of using a computer to determine electrical and physical phenomena such as temperature, pressure, voltage, or sound. The term DAS stands for a system that can convert analogue waves into digital values for processing. All of the necessary power tools get their data from a variety of hardware components.

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