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1)  Abstract

At first introduction related to the topic cyber security is discussed. Then overview on research is given described in the paragraph. Applying technologies related to the cyber security is described then. Technologies related to the cyber security are discussed after. Research related the topic is disclosed and also the aim of research is described after that. Investigation of the reports is discussed thereafter. Background related to the job is mentioned then. Methodology and frame work of technology is described then. At last conclusion and recommendation is mentioned.

2)  Introduction

Cyber Security Assignment HelpToday the various cyber attacks on the different computer systems are disabling the normal functioning of the computers and this process is causing the loss of much sensitive information through different virus affected networks. The different cyber analysts, government agencies and private companies are moving towards distributed operating systems.

The most important function of the cybersecurity analyst is to protect the internal networks from external harm. Due to the different technological advancements in the information and network security have made the process of monitoring and detecting the network much easier for the analysts. The analysts have to be very careful while working on the process of cybersecurity.

3)  Research Overview

The private and public companies can increase their data centre security by using IaaS services such as Firehost and Amazon The process of machine learning and artificial intelligence are a part of a deep learning process. AI (Artificial Intelligent) and machine learning systems are programmed with the right data regarding different systems and system security threats. The machine learning and AI systems can take decisions on how to prevent different hacking processes regarding their environment without any help from the humans. 85% of the security breaches occur come from not using the above-mentioned technologies.

3.3) Research Issue

There are many issues that are being faced by cyber analysts in following the cyber security process. In the views of  Bates et al. (2015), the cyber criminals are using different crypto jacking techniques to make the good amount of money from different companies. Further, the cyber criminals are using Power Shell based attacks to disable the internal networks of the company. The Power Shell based cyber attacks are difficult to understand and it can easily destroy many antivirus software.

In the years to come the dormant and underground cyber criminals are going to increase in number even more and create more disruption and damage to different companies, banks, hospitals and educational institutions. The cyber crime industry is growing in size as well, Ransomware was a $1 billion industry in the year 2017. This year cyber criminals are going to exploit and target more security software and networks. The hackers are going to directly attack the subverting agent at the endpoint or they are going to redirect the different cloud traffic to achieve their goals. In the future, the cyber criminals are going to launch more worms that are going to spread malware into the system. If the cyber criminals are successful in launching malware viruses into the main computer systems then probably the whole world is going to be under a huge system blackout.

4) Motivation

There are many motivating factors that help the cyber  analysts  to increase their skills  in enhancing cyber security. As per the opinion of  Rodriguez et al. (2015), the companies should properly motivate their  cyber analysts so that the analysts do not leave the company and go to some other company that is providing them with better opportunities. The management of the companies needs to give the cyber analysts some autonomy so that they can freely try out new approaches to increase the cyber security standards of the company.

5) Aim of Research

The aim of this research is to provide a detailed study regarding the process of cyber security in different companies and government organisations. This research is going to discuss the various issues that are related to cyber security processes.  The main aim of this research is to discuss the various cyber security technologies and tools that are being used to safeguard the information and data of various government organisations and private companies. The motivation factors of the cyber analysts are also going to be discussed in this research. In this research, the investigation aspect of cybersecurity is also going to be discussed.

6) Investigation of Report

The main goal of the cyber investigation is to collect proper evidence against the different cybercriminal activities that have occurred in the company (Knowles et al. 2015).  There are mainly four components in the investigation structure. They are network forensics that includes a central log repository that can be easily searched along with deep packet inspection facilities. Then there is the enterprise memory forensics that helps to inspect the different programs that are in running process. It also consists of the programs previous memory and looks for suspicious behaviour, it also helps the cyber analysts to detect software programs that are consisting various viruses like malware and spam mail.

Ben-Asher and Gonzalez (2015) stated that after that comes the enterprise hot-based forensics that enables the inspecting team to confirm malware infection on the computer systems and different work streams. Finally, there is the enterprise sweep which enables the investigators to search different hosts across the organisations for different indications of developed investigation process to verify the computer assets that must be reviewed during the process. DiMase et al. (2015) opined that the investigation process is going to help the cyber analysts to provide the location and address of the cybercriminal and also identify the cybercriminals that are causing harm to the cybersecurity structure of the organisation. The investigation techniques that have been discussed is going to provide a clear picture of how the different cybercriminals can be identified.

7) Background Related Work

Previously there has been a  lot of research regarding the issue of security. The different researches have been done on many scenarios and instances.  This research is going to provide an overall view of the total cybersecurity framework of the different organisations and government agencies. This research is going to help in providing a better understanding of cyber security to all the private and public organisations that are working in a particular country.

The previous research by Gordon et al. (2015), has been done on specific cybersecurity issues that are being faced by different organisations. This research is going to include all the cybersecurity providing companies under one roof.  In the views of Yung et al. (2017), the different organisations are going to benefit from this research for this research is going to provide them with all the information that they are going to require.

8) Methodology

The method of data collection techniques that are going to be followed in this research is the secondary data collection method. The researcher is going to collect all the required data by using the different sources like searching through the internet, referring to various journals and articles and get the required data for completing this research.  The researcher is going to provide the previous case histories of various organisations that have suffered different cybersecurity breaches among their systems. This research is going to an inscriptive method of analysing the data that has been collected.

8.1) Framework of Technology

The framework of technology that is being used in this study is to first identify the problem, then to protect the computer systems, after that detecting the location of the problem. After the process of detecting comes to the process of responding to the cybersecurity program and the final stage is to recover the lost data of the company.  As stated by Mitchell et al. (2017), the framework of the technology is going to help the cyber analysts to recover the lost data and information of the organisation. This framework is going to provide a better understanding of the working of the different technologies that have been discussed earlier in this study. The framework is also going to help the researcher to know about the different working processes of the cybersecurity processes. This framework of the technology used is mentioned in the above point of the research.

9) Experimental Analysis

Cybersecurity is the processes, practices and technologies designed to protect devices, networks, data and programs from damage, attack and any kind of unauthorized access. Cybersecurity is also can be referred to as the security of information technology. In nowadays Cyberspace is a limitless universe of sharing information and also used for communication technologies (Bonaci et al, 2015). In this analysis, the problems related the security will be discussed. In the modern lifestyle, cyberspace is growing as a big and important source of power. It is the growth as part of daily life; this is why a strict security is needed to be maintained so that no loss of personal information occurs (Abawajy, 2014).

With the increase in usage of cyber sites, the increase of cyber threats is also growing. Not only the personal information but also information related to the defence strategies, important thesis and many other things which are highly confidential, are stored on the internet. Some online cybersecurity threats are Computer viruses, Spyware Threats, Hackers and Predators and lastly Phishing (Buczak and Guven, 2016). Computer viruses are a well-known threat to computer security and it is a program written virus to alter the operating way of a computer without the user’s knowledge. Spyware is a serious computer security threat which monitors the online activities done on the computer and also captures the personal information. Hackers use programs for their own gain by stealing or destroying information. Sometimes, the government also hires hackers for their own purpose related to keeping the information safe from outsiders.

10) Conclusion

Cybersecurity is the protection of the systems which stays connected to the internet, including software, data and hardware from cyber attacks. Through an information system Cybersecurity requires the coordination of Application Security, Information security, Network security and Operational security. Use of cyber security will prevent cyber attacks and will identity theft. Not only the programmed viruses but also a person can hack the device for their own purpose (Abomhara and Køien, 2015). In the governmental issue, defence strategies, important data related to the confidential issues are needed to keep safe.

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