Create Your Career Marketing Tools
What are the traditional career marketing tools?

Career marketing tools refer to those strategies and concepts that will be used to promote your career in a positive light to create better opportunities for your brand.

Create Your Career Marketing ToolsThe traditional career marketing tools refer to those career marketing tools that have not been influenced by the recent wave of digital marketing tools. The traditional career marketing tools have existed long before the use of the digital marketing tools, the use of these traditional marketing tools in many cases require a physical interaction with the target audience through your traditional marketing materials.

The traditional career marketing tools include:

  1. Personal brand statement.
  2. Brand profile
  3. Core branding story.
  4. Media advertisements.
  5. The use of flyers and handouts.

These traditional career marketing tools have a remarkable level of positive effects on the subject matter being advertised, it is however necessary to brand the materials you have chosen to be used during your traditional marketing campaigns. The branding of these materials will ensure that the target audience knows the reason for the campaign, your brand being the subject matter and they will be able to reach out and locate the brand when they have been fully convinced from what they see from the branded materials.

Branding your resume, cover letters and core branding story is necessary to convey your brand with the information you need to be passed on to your target audience. The inclusion of your personal brand in your official documents like a resume, cover letter or your core branding story will give a better insight and information about your personality and your value to the employer. It takes a little over 1 minute for the employer to go through your resume or cover letter, so it has to be instantly captivating from the initial first reads.

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When including your personal brand in your cover letters or resumes, you should take care not to sound too official and unfriendly as this will instantly put off the employer studying your papers. The employers go through thousands of resumes and they can instantly spot a unique one when they come across it, this will be your chance to get a leverage by using your personal brand to create your resume or cover letters in a manner that it will be unique, original and very different from the thousands of generic sounding presentations from your competition.

While drafting your cover letters, resume or core branding stories, you should create a structure that will easily lead the reader through your written package, this structure will show the reader your genuine interest in getting a chance to offer your services, with an assurance that you have been adequately trained with a remarkable experience when it comes to delivering that service. You should also direct the reader’s attention to your previous accomplishments and career marketing toolshow easy it is for you to achieve these positive feats easily now that you have gathered the vital experience to do this over the years. Identify and explain your special skills and the training that you have received to get those skills. Then it will be an added advantage if you can clearly describe how you will be useful to your employer, this should be done in the most accurate and professional manner while you only make the claims for the services you know you can truly deliver effortlessly when the enabling work environment is provided for you to execute your responsibilities. When these steps are followed in the right manner your employers will clearly know why they should employ you and what they will benefit from employing your services.

There are very many marketing materials available through which the necessary information on how to present your brand and your career can be obtained. These materials can be found free online and bought from the website portals of higher institutions that offer these courses. The knowledge provided by this career marketing materials are important but they have also been generalized to cover a vast area of careers. You can go beyond what has been offered to you through these materials by engaging in other educational exercises that will push your imaginations to the highest levels of innovation. Learning to be innovative will always produce very good results especially when this is backed by the knowledge you have already acquired that is relevant to marketing your career. You should think outside the box, this means you should think outside the boundaries and limits that might have been constructed by the career marketing materials, push your spirit of innovation towards achieving more things than those that have been prescribed in the materials you have access to. By thinking outside the box, you will gradually get used to resolving challenges in different and better ways than have been previously applicable. You can also add value to your abilities by diversifying and getting more knowledge from a wider source of information, this can be from books and other materials that are of interest to you from which you will be able to get the necessary inspiration to become even more innovative.

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The internet as a marketing tool

The internet over the year has been able to gather the biggest audience ever known to man, the internet has become widely popular all over the world, and the internet is constantly being used by millions of people at the same time in different parts of the world. This is one of the reasons why it is a very important tool that can be effectively used to build and promote your brand.

career marketing toolsWith the internet, you will be able to easily get the attention of millions of people in a very short time when you apply the right methods of internet marketing. Many entrepreneurs have utilized the internet platform as a means through which they express themselves to their target audience, this way they can directly reach out and present the direct value of their brands to the target audience while explaining how the brands will add value to their lives. The worldwide reach of the internet has made it one of the most valuable means of marketing in these current times.

Advantages of using the internet as a marketing tool

There are many advantages of using the internet as a marketing tool, there are so many testimonials that will confirm the importance of the internet as a marketing tool, these success stories have inspired even more people to innovate better ways to harness the advantages of using the internet for marketing at higher levels in a bid to get even better results. The notable advantages of using the internet as a marketing tool are:

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  1. It is very cheap – using the internet as a marketing tool is very cheap when compared to the costs that will be required to conduct marketing exercises through the TV stations or the radio. The internet as a marketing medium is very cheap and highly effective while giving you the versatility of creating your own marketing campaign as you see it fit. With the internet millions of people can be reached at very minimal financial costs.
  2. Speed – using the internet as a marketing tool provides a medium through which millions of people can be reached in a matter of seconds, just with the click of a mouse key, your message is broadcast all over the entire world for your target audience to see.
  3. Far reaching ability – the internet has a wide reach that covers the entire world, there is very little limits to the parts of the world you can reach through the internet, this has been supported by the millions of people that have also adopted the internet as their means of getting information, they will get your information when you use the internet to execute your marketing needs.
  4. Customized search – with the internet, you can perform customized search activities to locate and identify any particular group of your target audience that you specially need to reach out to. This versatility offered by the internet has promoted its use by many marketing teams from all over the world.

Marketing your brand will be further promoted when you create a website for your brand; your brands website will be unique and exclusively designed to promote your brand and to provide the necessary information that your target audience will need during their search. You will also be able to include your direct contact information on your website; there are many members of your target audience who will seek to have a form of physical interaction with the owners of the brand before they patronize the brand. Advertising on other popular internet websites is also a good marketing practice through which your target audience will be directed to your website or social media pages for more information that they will need.

Your guide to action

In this chapter we have discussed the rudiments of using the various types of career marketing tools that are available to you in your bid to understand the basic concepts of branding and how to get your brand out in the market so that it can be easily seen by your target audience and the buying decisions made promptly.

The following questions have been included in this guide to action segment as a means through which you can carry out a self-assessment of your understanding of every part of this chapter which you have just finished.

What are your career marketing tools?

Marketing your brand is one of the core activities you and our brand team will be constantly engaged in doing. You need your brand to become as publicized as possible, every brand owner has one big dream, the dream of building their brands to become very conspicuous and a house hold brand name. You can achieve this for your brand as well once you have followed the right principles without cutting any corners. These methods have been tested and are known to have had good results, they have been used for over many years and the results and mistakes have been modified, this is good news because this fact has created the reason why you should never make the common mistakes that have been made in the past concerning branding and marketing works.

Your career marketing tools will basically be made up of the testimonials and reports of your qualifications and your achievements as you have had in your business or official working life. You career marketing tools will create the opportunities for you to climb up higher on the corporate ladder in every field of operation you find yourself, you will use these tools as the indication of your qualification through which you can express your abilities to deliver the services that are expected from the positions you desire to occupy. Developing your career marketing tools might take a long while, but as with everything that is worthwhile, it is advised that you should always take your time to make sure you get the best qualifications and practical training that you will need to sell yourself in the very competitive corporate market.

Can you identify your readily available career marketing tools?

It is very important that you should know the career marketing tools you have readily available at your disposal for use any time the needs arise. You should always have them handy while you are making more plans to add to these qualifications in a bid to improve your chances in the open corporate markets and also in the private sector of the economy. Every member of your brand community and your entire target audience should be impressed when they come across your career marketing tools; this is why these tools must be in the best position.

Take action now, start the process of identifying your career marketing tools, and get the comprehensive compilation of every career marketing tool you can lay your hands on. Now when you have done this please have a good look at your collection, study it and then ask yourself, are you impressed with the career marketing tools that are available to you? Are you cover letter the way you have always dreamt it should be? What can you do to improve your resume? What does your brand statement reflect about you?

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When you have these answers if you are okay with them then start launching your personal brand out there, but if you are not satisfied with the career marketing tools you have at your disposal, there should be no alarm, it is never too late to correct what it should be. You have to take immediate action to add to your career marketing tools no matter how long it takes, never give up because if you give it your best you will always succeed.

Why is it important to brand your career marketing tools?

There have been some reservations expressed by many gurus in the branding industry on how to brand your career marketing tools. Many options are available to you when you have made the choice to brand your career marketing tools. It is a very good way of putting your personal brand out there, these career marketing tools go very far and they are constantly moving through different offices, so there are better chances of your brand going even further.

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What you need to do is to identify the branding methods you will use for your career marketing tools and then stick to them. Your cover letter can be branded in a very attractive way that will compel the beholder to study it even more; the right use of professionalism in your branding project will be the most important determining factor that will indicate how successful branding your career marketing tools will be.

You should identify the career marketing tools you want to brand and then choose the branding methods then go ahead while ensuring the message you need to be passed along is effectively communicated to the target audience.

Do you understand the benefits of branding your career marketing tools?

The only way you will brand your career marketing tools in the right way is if you absolutely understand how you can conduct this exercise in the most effective way. This will be done when you understand what you stand to gain when you when you successfully brand your career marketing tools in the most professional manner.

What I need you to do are to convince yourself about the benefits of branding your career marketing tools to you with this conviction, when you are executing the branding exercise for your career marketing tools, you will do it very well.

Do you need to stamp your resume?

You should always be stamping your resume in my opinion; you should always look for those organizations where you can become a great intern with good learning opportunities. As you go through the educational phase of your career always open up your mind to getting new information and learning new skills that you will use to overcome the numerous forms of challenges that will always arise in your branding career. When looking for the opportunity to gather the right experience in your branding career, seek out the organizations that operate in the most practical manner. Those are the organizations that will give you practical responsibilities that you will be required to execute personally.

How can you achieve your goals with branding your career marketing tools?

The best way you can achieve your goals after branding your career marketing tools is to create a system through which your career marketing tools that have been well branded will be able to circulate throughout the areas that your target audience will be able to see them and know the good and selling attributes of your personal brand. When this is done in the right way, all your expectations from the branding of your career marketing tools will be achieved with very commendable results.

Have you understood how you can use the internet to build your brand?

Understanding how the internet can be used to build your brand will expose your brand to an almost unlimited avenue for expansion growth and success in every respect. I am confidently attesting to this because I know the number of internet users that has been estimated from the many studies carried out about internet usage on a global scale. Getting the internet to work for your brand will be so good for your brand, you can easily reach out to millions of people with your brand statements and you have an almost inexhaustible opportunity to always pitch your brand profile to your target audience using the various mediums that the internet provides for the internet users.

Great testimonies have been reported of the breakthroughs in business for brands that only just started out with very little but they were able to use the internet in the right way to positively project their brands and the end result was a successful branding campaign that has been sustained for many years to come.

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How can you promote your brand with through the social media?

The first step you have to make while attempting to promote your brand through the social media will be to have a very good understanding of how the social media operates and how it can be used to project your brand effectively to your target audience. Once you have established your social media presence for your brand, you need to start sending out the broadcast messages that will be received by your target audience on the social media platforms.

Basically what you need to do is to conduct a study of the available social media platforms and you will have to identify those platforms that will be best suited for your brand, when you have made your choices because they might be more than one, you will then have to create your social media account for your brand through which you will be reaching out to your brand community and the target audience. The information you will be passing on to your target audience through your social media accounts must be very well managed, they should be contents that are easy to read and understand and they should be a source through which the target audience will be able to benefit from, the social media platforms are filled with many spammers and the various spam bots available on many platforms will immediately block those accounts that have been found out to spam useless content to millions career marketing toolsof people, you need to ensure you share good and useful information every time and this will keep your brand community actively interested in your brand on a daily basis. You can always use the effects of a good SEO strategy to improve your online presence on the various social media platforms and on the internet, you can learn how to write a SEO papers or you can outsource it to freelancers who have become professional SEO writers, they will create great materials that will be very visible on the internet through the various social media platforms as well.

Organizing your social media strategy for brand building is very interesting and it has a lot of rewards, you have to just do it in the right way, if you make mistakes you might end up sending across the wrong information to your target audience and the processes you will need to take to correct the misconceptions will be time consuming as well as financially draining leading to a waste of your much needed funds for other projects. You should avoid wasting the time of your brand community members by sending them on useless searches that will yield very little results to their benefit. The victims of this mistake will find it very difficult to forgive you and this will not be good for your brand, this is why it is important to ensure that every information you send through your social media account should be important to your brand community.

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