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What is cost and cost accounting?

In accounting, there is financial value of the total amount of expenditure for the cost trade, labor, supply, product, equipment and other goods purchased for use through business. Cost accounting has been taken from the field of accounting and presents the information of the detailed costs. In any way, cost accounting is different from financial accounting. Cost accounting analyzes certain and variable cost factors.

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Types of Cost

  • Actual Cost – In actual construction, the cost is spent in providing good or service, the actual cost of the corporation is called.
  • Opportunity Cost – The cost of the lost opportunities or the cost of the best possible option is an opportunity cost. Opportunity cost is the cost of financial efforts which were not made to generate current supply and services.
  • Fad cost – fad cost is a cost that is not different due to the nature or level of business activity. According to our cost accounting homework professional help, they are also known as an indispensable cost.
  • Rising cost – rising costs are in sharp contrast to costly cost. According to changes in industrial activity, increasing costs vary or increases.
  • Clear Cost – The cost paid by the firm is known as the obvious cost. A clear cost is also called the cost of payment.
  • Applicable cost – the cost not shown in the books of the corporation, but can affect the major business decisions of the corporation.
  • Book Cost – Costs which are not directly paid, but in Profit and Loss statements provision is made for those costs, which are known as book cost.
  • Accounting Cost – The expenditure incurred previously spent in a particular production or process is known as accounting cost.
  • Economic cost – future cost is the cost that has not yet happened but plays a major role in business decisions..
  • Direct Cost – The cost that is directly related to the unit of construction or operation is known as direct cost.
  • Indirect costs – Indirect cost is the cost that is related to the production process but is not directly accountable for the cost item.Our

Elements of Cost

Our assignment writers for cost curve assignment have been told that the most important practice of cost is to cure the costs of the COGS that is to be sold. In order to determine the cost of goods sold, we have to understand the three basic elements. Our knowledgeable accounting theory experts have put the resulting elements down:

  1. Direct material cost- The total amount of raw material expenditure which was directly stuck in manufacturing goods, is known as the direct material.
  2. Direct Labor Cost- Direct Work Cost is the total cost of work done by workers, which actually makes the product.
  3. Manufacturing Overhead Cost- Costs related to Cost Cost, But in any possible way Object Cost can not be clearly identified which is known as Manufacturing Overhead Cost. To make profit, it should be added to the final cost.

Types of Cost Accounting

Lean accountingLife cycle assessmentActivity-based accounting
Standard accountingTarget CostingResource consumption accounting

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