Continual Rise Of Digitalisation Assignment Help

1. Introduction

The current report elaborates the effects of globalisation in the technological field of the Cork plastic company of Ireland. Implementation of technological advancements has facilitated opportunity for plastic industry of Ireland to concentrate on strategic development of business. In the context of exploring impact of continual rise of digitalisation, strategic analysis of Cork Plastic in Ireland needs to be evaluated to determine its strategic movement for adopting digitalisation. Intention to formulate an opinion on relationship between digitalisation and stakeholders, perspective of customer satisfaction needs to be considered. This report is destined to explore impact of digitalisation on business growth of Cork Plastic in Ireland in terms of conducting a strategic analysis of internal and external environment of this company for further expansion of business.

2. Evaluation of impact of challenges of digitalisation

Strong urge to survive as well as thrive in global market has compelled business organisations to adopt advanced technologies. Meier (2017) has opined that business activities related to innovation hold great impact on business model which readily influences customers’ experience. Concerning impact of digitalisation, strategic analysis of a company provides opportunity to locate internal and external environmental factors of respective company. Determining appropriate strategic tools to identify competitive advantages of an organisation helps to identify impact of change in business model. Hence, in case of Cork Plastic in Ireland, it is necessary to conduct a strategic analysis of this company to identify impact of digitalisation.

2.1. Strategic analysis of the Cork Plastic Company

In order to develop understanding on impact of digitalisation on strategic performance of a company, it is necessary to consider internal and external environmental analysis of respective company. As opined by Kemppainen (2017), with help of internal environmental analysis, internal growth factors of a company can be identified that can facilitate ultimate business expansion while locating weakness of a company. On the other hand, external analysis helps to identify impact of external factors of a specific business in terms of conducting business in both national and global market. Hence, in the context of determining competitive strategy of Cork Plastic in Ireland, internal analysis of this company has been done through analytical tool of SWOT whereas external analysis has been performed through strategic analytical tool of PESTLE.

2.1.2 External analysis (PESTEL)

In order to formulate a clear understanding on digitalisation of business of Cork Plastic in terms of analysing external factors, it is important to consider economic, political, technological and social factors as important aspects. Based on these external factors, external environmental analysis of Cork Plastic has been done below:


In opinion of Anil and FICICI (2017), political factors government intervenes in business of a company in terms of modifying taxation policies, tariffs and political stability. In case of Cork Plastics, political stability and flexible taxation regulation of Ireland Government has facilitated opportunity for a number of companies to conduct business in this country. Though ruling nature of labour parties in Ireland seems to create obstacle for business organisations, attempt to establish good political terms with UK has facilitated business of Cork Plastics (Utami et al. 2015).


Economic factors are most important factors for a business to consider as it indicates towards availability of

opportunity for financial growth (Vovchenko et al. 2017). In the context of determining impact of digitalisation on business of Cork Plastic, booming economic background of Ireland has been supportive in terms of adopting digitalisation. The annual gross domestic product (GDP) rate in Ireland is 29.3% in year 2015 had a successive average growth of 5.9% from financial year 1996 to 2018 (, 2018). This growth rate of GDP in Ireland has helped Cork Plastic to conduct its business in both national and international market (, 2018).


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