Computing and Systems Development Btechnd

General Guidelines

  1. A Cover page or title page – You should always attach a title page to your assignment. Use previous page as your cover sheet and be sure to fill the details correctly.
  2. This entire brief should be attached in first before you start answering.
  3. All the assignments should prepare using word processing software.
  4. All the assignments should print in A4 sized paper, and make sure to only use one side printing.
  5. Allow 1” margin on each side of the paper. But on the left side you will need to leave room for binging.
  6. Ensure that your assignment is stapled or secured together in a binder of some sort and attach the Softcopy (CD) of your final document, system on last page.

Word Processing Rules

  1. Use a font type that will make easy for your examiner to read. The font size should be 12 point, and should be in the style of Time New Roman.
  2. Use 1.5 line word-processing. Left justify all paragraphs.
  3. Ensure that all headings are consistent in terms of size and font style.
  4. Use footer function on the word processor to insert Your Name, Subject, Assignment No, and Page Number on each page. This is useful if individual sheets become detached for any reason.
  5. Use word processing application spell check and grammar check function to help edit your assignment.
  6. Ensure that your printer’s output is of a good quality and that you have enough ink to print your entire assignment.

Important Points:

  1. Check carefully the hand in date and the instructions given with the assignment. Late submissions will not be accepted.
  2. Ensure that you give yourself enough time to complete the assignment by the due date.
  3. Don’t leave things such as printing to the last minute – excuses of this nature will not be accepted for failure to hand in the work on time.
  4. You must take responsibility for managing your own time effectively.
  5. If you are unable to hand in your assignment on time and have valid reasons such as illness, you may apply (in writing) for an extension.
  6. Failure to achieve at least a PASS grade will result in a REFERRAL grade being given.
  7. Non-submission of work without valid reasons will lead to an automatic REFERRAL. You will then be asked to complete an alternative assignment.
  8. Take great care that if you use other people’s work or ideas in your assignment, you properly reference them, using the HARVARD referencing system, in you text and any bibliography, otherwise you may be guilty of plagiarism.
  9. If you are caught plagiarising you could have your grade reduced to A REFERRAL or at worst you could be excluded from the course.

Statement of Originality and Student Declaration

 I hereby, declare that I know what plagiarism entails, namely to use another’s work and to present it as my own without attributing the sources in the correct way. I further understand what it means to copy another’s work.

  1. I know that plagiarism is a punishable offence because it constitutes theft.
  2. I understand the plagiarism and copying policy of the Edexcel UK.
  3. I know what the consequences will be if I plagiaries or copy another’s work in any of the assignments fir this program.
  4. I declare therefore that all work presented by me for every aspects of my program, will be my own, and where I have made use of another’s work, I will attribute the source in the correct way.
  5. I acknowledge that the attachment of this document signed or not, constitutes a binding agreement between myself and Edexcel UK.
  6. I understand that my assignment will not be considered as submitted if this document is not attached to the attached.

An information system for Sarasavi Library

Sarasavi is a popular fully stocked library with a collection of nearly 500 books.  These books are available for loan as well as for reference by “Registered Members”, for free of charge. However, “Registered Visitors” cannot borrow any book instead they can only refer a book.

The functions of the Sarasavi library can be categorized as below:

Loan Process, Return Process, Reservation process, Inquiry Process, Book Registration Process and User Registration process

Details about these functions are given below:

Loan Process:

A particular book can have many copies available in the library. A Copy is a physical book while a Title is the class of all books which are identical, i.e. “Access 2007 all-in-one desk reference for dummies, by Alan Simpson, Margaret Levine Young and Alison Barrows, ISBN: 978-0-470-03649-5”  is a Title while the physical book on the bookshelf is a Copy.

The borrower collects the copies of books that is required and hand over them to the library counter.  The Librarian will check whether the borrower has an overdue of books to be returned because a borrower can borrow only maximum of 5 books from the library at a time. If the borrower exceeded the maximum count then they cannot borrow until the overdue books are returned.

Then the Librarian will check the status of each copy which indicates whether the copy is “Reference” only where referenced copies are not “borrow able”.  If the book is “Borrow able” then the loan will be confirmed and the expected return date will be informed to the borrower. The Librarian has the authority to accept or cancel the request for a loan and a copy of a book can be borrowed for a period of two weeks.

Return Process:

The Librarian accepts the return and checks the status of the copy.  If the copy is already reserved, the librarian takes steps to inform the member who has reserved the copy.

Reservation Process:

On return, the reservations are checked to see if there is an outstanding reservation for the title a copy of which is being returned. If so, a message is displayed and the librarian puts the book (copy) on one side, a notification is generated for the borrower with the oldest reservation for the title and the oldest reservation for the title is deleted.

Inquiry Process:

The Librarian can also handle inquiries from the borrower about the availability of a book.  A facility is also available for a borrower/registered visitor to check the availability of a book. The inquiries may be done by knowing the specific book accession number or knowing a part or whole of the title or author.  If it is in the catalogue, Librarian will inform the borrower the status of the book.  The status indicates whether the book is available, referenced or not, and in the case of availability of multiple copies, whether all/some/no copies are loaned out, or reserved.

Book Registration Process:

The Librarian enters the details of new books and its copies.  A maximum of 10 copies are allowed to be registered per book number.  The Librarian records the classification, book title, publisher, whether the copy is reference or borrowable.

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