This is a solution of Computer Network Assignment Help in which we discuss computer systems and other related hardware devices.

Computer Network Assignment Help

computer-networks-assignment-helpComputer network is a collection of computer systems and other related hardware devices that are grouped together to facilitate the sharing or exchange of information and resources among multiple users.

Computer Network assignments play a big part in the overall grades of the students.

Types Of Computer Networks

The computer networks are usually distinguished on the basis of their geographical area coverage and the rights to access the network resources.

Local Area Network (LAN)

LAN covers a limited geographical area like school, college, home, and office buildings etc.

Wide Area Network (WAN)

WAN is a type of network that covers a very large geographical area like a society campus, town, and even the whole country.

Wireless Area Network (WLAN)

It is similar to a Local Area Network but its mode of connectivity is not limited to wires. Ariel signals such as radio waves or infrared signals are used as the communication medium.

Personal Area Network (PAN)

Personal Area Network is a very small area network which is used within the areas as small as a room.

Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)

MAN is a large area network which can provide connectivity to the the whole city. TV cable is a good example of Metropolitan Area Network.

Storage Area Network (SAN)

Storage Area Network is a closed network which cannot be accessed through any other networks.

Campus Area Network (CAN)

It is the combinations of many small Local Area Networks.

Backbone Network

It facilitates the exchange between various LANs or other small scale networks.

Devices Used In Computer Networks


The repeater performs the task of receiving network signals and then regenerating it after cleaning it from any kind of disturbances.


A hub is a repeater with multiple ports.


It establishes a connection between different network nodes. Local bridges, wireless bridges, remote bridges are the three types of bridges.


A router propagates the message between networks in the form of packets.


It provides the connection between different computers just as the hubs do but in a different way.


A modem provides connectivity to the internet.

Computer Network Assignment Help

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