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What is the importance of Computer Architecture and Why Should You Know it?

There are various architectural approaches to house construction. In computer science, there are various architectures, each with its own set of capabilities, advantages, and disadvantages. As a compiler or operating system developer, you must understand how things work in general inside the computer and how its architecture works. Something that works in one machine may not function well in another.

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Before we get into the benefits of getting Computer Architecture Assignment Help from us and why you should choose, let’s define Computer Architecture and a few key principles.

Computer Architecture and its Major Concepts

In simple terms, computer architecture is the collection of rules that govern how hardware and software interact to make a computer work. It not only defines how the computer works, but also which technologies the computer is capable of. Because computers are such an important part of our lives, computer architecture continues to evolve in order to create new and better technology. The ARM processor, which is based on the RISC (reduced instruction set computer) architecture and is used in Android smartphones, is an example of this.

Categories of Computer Architecture:

Almost all of today’s computers are built on the same basic computer architecture known as Von Neumann architecture, or Princeton architecture, as described by John Von Neumann in 1945. This Architecture divides computer hardware into three main parts:

Memory: Memory is a storage resource for a program’s data and instructions.

CPU (Central Processing Unit): The CPU is the brain of the computer. During programme execution, the CPU retrieves data and instructions from memory, executes all of the instructions, and then saves the result back in memory.

I/O (Input Output): I/O devices like as keyboards, monitor screens, and printers are used by users to interface with the computer system. For example, a user can utilise the keyboard to enter data and see the results.

The availability of a single bus for data operations and fetching instructions, known as the Von Neumann Bottleneck, is a disadvantage of Von Neumann architecture that limits system speed.

Harvard Architecture

Harvard architecture is a Von Neumann alternative with a separate pipeline that eliminates Von Neumann architecture’s bottleneck. Both data and instructions are stored in two distinct memory units or registers in this design. They also have different buses that connect them.

As a result, computers built using the Harvard architecture design can both fetch data and run programmes independently. Modern computer architecture can be described as a hybrid of Harvard architecture.

Harvard Architecture, Von-Neumann Architecture, Instruction Set In a computer architecture course, a student will typically study architecture, microarchitecture, and system design.

The following are the basic sub-concepts that we cover in Computer Architecture Engineering Help:

Multi-Core Processors
Reorder Buffer
System Bus
Parallel Models, Languages, and Compilers
Control Unit Design and Data Path
Cache Memory
Virtual Memory
The MIPS Architecture

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