Communicate in a business

Communicate in a business environment


Global business scenario greatly relies on effective communication techniques and methodologies as the global market needs efficient communication to manage extended functionality and processes. The effectiveness of the communication determines the productivity of the organization as well as the future development process. I have been working as the assistant marketing manager for Co-operative Group Ltd for the last few years and currently focusing on effective communication within the workplace. The current discussion elaborates on various communication techniques and the corresponding impact on business development and growth.

Task 1:

P1.1 advantages and disadvantages of using written communication in a business environment


The modern business utilizes written communication as a tool for effective functioning within the business environment. There are various advantages and disadvantages associated with the written communication technique within the business environment as mentioned in the below section.

  1. Preservation: maintaining the record of the directives, policies and inter-departmental communications is important for future references and analytical processes to determine the future direction. Written communication could be preserved easily and later it could be retrieved without much hassle.
  2. Enable employees to present complex issues in a simplistic way: written communication is the most comprehensive and efficient way of presenting complex issues, directives, and functionalities with less effort and with greater effectiveness.
  3. Efficient record-keeping: the written communication within the business environment works as a permanent and efficient source of records, past communications, and directives that could be utilized for future reference.
  4. Written communication saves time and money: in the modern business environment, written communication effectively saves time and money (Guffey et al. 2015)

Communicate in a businessM1: Advantages and disadvantages of using written communication in a business environment

Modern business organizations effectively utilize the written communication tools and methodologies within the workplace environment. I have been working as the assistant marketing officer in Co-operative Group Ltd where the primary mode of communication is written communication to relay directives, policies, and new implementations. The Co-operative Group Ltd focuses on global business expansion were creating a communication network is essential for effective business functionality. There are various advantages and disadvantages which I have encountered while communicating with all outlets and branch offices in case of written communication.

Advantages: There are few significant advantages associated with the written communication mode in Co-operative Group Ltd such as mentioned below.

  • As an assistant marketing officer, I have to communicate effectively with other branch offices and outlets and present complex marketing strategies and current issues in the most simplistic ways. Written communication enables the marketing department to establish an efficient communication network and relay significant information essential for marketing strategies.
  • One of the main focuses of the marketing department of Co-operative Group Ltd is to maintain the records of communication and analyze the strategic implementations through investigating the written directives, issues, and functionalities (Brink et al. 2015).

P1.2 Advantages and disadvantages of using verbal communication

There are various advantages associated with verbal communication such as

Saves time and money: verbal communication effectively saves time and money within the business environment as verbal communication does not need any record-keeping and storing.

Quick feedback:  there is quick feedback involved with verbal communication which enables the employees to act promptly within the business environment which contributes the efficiency and productivity.

Quick decision-making process: effective verbal communication contributes to the efficient work environment which enables the management to take the faster decision.


Distortion: the distortion of information and directives is one of the major drawbacks of the verbal communication method which significantly hinders the functionality and overall output of the business environment.

Misunderstanding: The tone of voice and body language that are associated with verbal communication sometimes creates misunderstanding between the sender and receiver of the information. Therefore some degree of confusion and misunderstanding could be induced within the business environment due to misleading verbal communication (Marettet al. 2015).

M 1.2 advantages and disadvantages of verbal communication

The mode of verbal communication plays an important role in the Co-operative Group Ltd’s day to day basis functional process which significantly contributes to the highly effective work environment and productivity.

  • The main factors associated with the highly productive marketing department are faster information sharing and the establishment of a highly effective communication system within the workplace environment. Written communication contributes to high productivity as verbal communication enables the marketers to relay information and strategies with high efficiency and effectiveness. The verbal communication system saves time and money which reflects in the annual financial performance of Co-operative Group Ltd.
  • The marketing department of Co-operative Group Ltd adopts the verbal communication method as one significant mood of communication due to less legality and quick feedback process. Therefore a faster decision-making process is evolved within the business environment backed by efficient verbal communication.

Although the marketing department of Co-operative Group Ltd readily adopts the verbal communication method as the tool to primary communication there are few significant disadvantages associated with verbal communication such as mentioned below.

  • The verbal communication is only significant for short massages which do not support long and complex messages or directives.
  • There is a significant amount of distortion associated with verbal communication and sometimes irrelevant information is also conveyed with the useful ones which implementation the verbal communication (Thomas et al. 2015).

 P1.3 the difference between important communication and urgent communication

There are two significant modes of communication while relaying information within a department and stakeholders. The urgent communication focuses on tasks that need immediate attention and needs implementation within a specific time. Whereas, the important communication implying information-sharing regarding long term goals, vision, and mission of the company. In the current scenario, Co-operative Group Ltd focuses on short-term objectives such as marketing goals, targets, and financial objectives whereas long-term goals such as vision, mission, and annual objectives would be termed as important communication. There are various modes of communication that could be adopted in case of urgent or important communication. Co-operative Group Ltd uses verbal and written communication modes as urgent communication whereas written communication such as yearbook, financial statement, and mission, and vision statements are used as important communication (Darics, 2015).

P2.1 the purpose of a specified written business communication

Business communication is an important aspect of the day to day basis functionality. the effectiveness of the efficient business functionality reflects upon the productivity of an individual or group. Inter-departmental communication or intra-departmental communication is two significant segments for a successful business venture. Written communication has been used as a significant mode of communication within the stakeholders to convey information that could be useful for building strategies and functional policies. There are various purposes of written business communication within the business environment as mentioned in the below section.

  • The written communication enables the employees or management to convert critical or complex issues and functional specifications in the most simplistic manner.
  • Modern business arena focus on a rapidly changing business environment that needs constant research and analysis of the market and functionality. Communicating with the stakeholders and keep them updating would be a useful process of achieving a competitive advantage in the market. Written communication helps to deliver policies and future strategies to the stakeholders effectively to direct the overall effort towards the organizational vision and mission to achieve the desired goal.
  • Written communication enables the management to keep track of the change in policies and directives to monitor any distortion and future analysis.

The retail industry in the UK and global perspective is rapidly changing with time. Co-operative Group Ltd focuses on constantly changing the global market scenario to derive policies to achieve a sustainable market. The role of the marketing department is to analyze policies and develop a suitable marketing strategy compatible with the current market segment. Written communication in the contextual scenario plays an important role to share policies and strategies with regional offices to achieve desired goals and objectives. Written communication enables the department to keep track of the functionality and monitor the effectiveness of the communication which could be reflected on the regional performance or output (Tran, 2016).

Purpose of departmental notice: It helps to notify certain directives or policies or issues within the department with effectiveness and it could be used as a general notification tool to deliver certain information to a certain section of employees with effectiveness (Darics, 2015).

M2.2: A comprehensive selection of information needed to create a specified written communication

Co-operative Group Ltd needs to organize a specific set of information to develop a significant platform to develop an appropriate marketing strategy suitable for the new market and competitiveness in the market. The documents needed in the current scenario are a suitable marketing plan, promotional strategy, business plan, and human resource planning to facilitate sustainability in the new market. There is a need for selecting comprehensive information to develop the above-mentioned documents as mentioned below.

  • Market plan development needs information such as the political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental perspectives of the new market along with the strength and weaknesses of the organization in the current market segment.
  • Business plan development is constituting of the corresponding development of cash flow analysis document, balance sheet and capital investment documents etcetera.
  • HRM strategic development encompasses written document publication notifying hiring of human capital with suitable specifications and experience. The human resource department needs to develop motivational policies applying appropriate motivational theories in context with the current market (Pearson, 2017).

M2.3 a detailed written business communication that is appropriate for a specified audience

Co-operative Group Ltd has been functioning in the global market which needs constant communication that would be authenticated and specific. The marketing department uses the web-based platforms to develop appreciate communication tool for faster and effective communication. Business emails are useful written communication tools to convey information, directives and updated policies with the help of a single platform. Being an assistant marketing officer, I need to produce an appropriate business email notifying the opening of the new outlet of Co-operative Group Ltd in Brixton, London (Pearson, 2017).


Team members,

Marketing department,

Co-operative Group Ltd,

Brixton, London, UK


Dear team,

I am overjoyed to share the information about the opening of the new outlet at Brixton, London on 10th January 2019. The last few months were a tough time for the whole marketing team and the management as well due to the current market scenario exhibits a sudden drop of business in various regions which creates a great deal of concern for sustainable business development and competitive advantage. We subsequently focused on alternative market development and corresponding research and analysis to compensate for the current business scenario in line with the current vision and mission of Co-operative Group Ltd. There have been two major focuses of our rigorous efforts in the last few months such as new market expansion and development of new products as well. It is a great pleasure to notify the team about the initial achievements in the current context in the form of opening of a new outlet in Brixton, London. I am personally requesting all team members to present at the venue at 13:00 hour on 10th January 2019 to take part in the auspicious moment. The inauguration ceremony would be performed by our respected directors and higher management personnel followed by speeches for future direction and opportunities. There would be a short training session by expert management personality right after the lunch break.

It is my earnest request to submit a list of potential attendees among team members within the 5th of January 2019 through email acknowledging the senior marketing officer and assistant marketing officer and John (Event manager). All team leads are entitled to work on the attendee list and carry out initial communication in this regard.

Thanks and regards,

Assistant marketing officer,

Marketing department, Head office

Co-operative Group Ltd

M2.4 Creative amendments to the communication to accommodate different audiences

 The role of the marketing department is to produce appropriate documentation of the required amendments In the form of comprehensive text and terminologies. The flowing document would be developed focusing on different audiences such as inter-departmental teams or groups which are working on the same objectives. Therefore the development of the comprehensively written communication conveying the current business situation would be an essential approach to notify the current status and future policies for strategic business development (Darics, 2015).

The current document and corresponding amendments are made to produce appropriate and comprehensive written communication in the form of a business email addressing the Chief Exhaustive Officer of Co-operative Group Ltd.


The Chief Executive Officer,

Co-operative Group Ltd

Dear Sir,

It is my greatest pleasure to notify you about the current development in the marketing plan and product development. The marketing team has been exercising rigorous effort in the last few months to analyze the current market scenario to develop new products suitable for the current market segment. There were two phases of the current strategic business development encompassing new outlets in new regions and development of the new products for the region to achieve a competitive advantage in the new market. I am delighted to notify you about the achievements of the initial phase as a news outlet would be inaugurated by respected directors on 10th January 2019. The whole marketing team is currently focusing on new product development for the Brixton region. We have successfully analyzed the current market trend and customer preferences in the Brixton market which enabled the marketing department to focus more on sustainable and reasonable household products that would be sold exclusively in the Brixton market.

The corresponding competitive analysis revealed a reasonable market share for a newly developed product in the region which would be asuccessful venture for Co-operative Group Ltd in the current market scenario.

The purpose of the current email is to notify your current achievements and the future objectives of the marketing department. It is my earnest request to you to facilitate valuable feedbacks and an updated vision of the management in this regard.

Thanks and regards,

Assistant marketing officer,

Co-operative Group Ltd

LO2.5 proofread the communications before sending, correcting any errors

P2.5 proofread the communications before sending, correcting any errors

There are various objectives and methodologies of proof-reading to facilitate the appropriate and comprehensively written communication. The objective of the proofreading is to develop a comprehensively written communication free of errors such as grammatical errors, wrong phrases, or spelling errors. Accurate proof-reading enables the sender to ensure the quality of the text and sharing a comprehensive form of information with the target audience. The methodology of proofreading mentioned below (Mayfield, et al. 2017).

  • Reading out the document to spot errors
  • Manual spotting of errors
  • Application of grammar checking tools to eliminate any possibility of error in the document.
  • Auto-correct the spelling
  • Spotting phrasing errors

M2.5 Proofread the communications before sending, using own initiative to correct any errors and make appropriate improvements

 There are two written documents in the last section such as a business email to the marketing team notifying the new outlet opening and secondly, necessary amendments made to a business email to notify current achievements and future plans of the marketing department addressing the CEO of Co-operative Group Ltd. The proofreading process encompasses the following methodologies.

  • Reading out the two business emails at least three times to spot errors
  • Auto-correct spellings
  • Using grammar checking tools of Microsoft or third-party applications to eliminate possible errors.

Task 3

LO3.1 Presentation of own ideas orally to others

P3.1, M3.1

Group discussion

LO3.2 listening to others actively and responding accordingly

P3.2, M3.2

Group discussion

LO3.3 Asking questions to confirm understanding

P3.3, M3.3

Group discussion

LO3.4 Agree on future actions and taking into account own views and those of others

P3.4, M3.4

Group discussion

LO3.5 Summarize, with others and the main points of the discussion

P3.5,M 3.5

LO3.6 Proper body language and tone of voice throughout the discussion

Task 4

M4.1 seeking detailed feedback on whether the communication has achieved its purpose

 The feedback process is the closed end of the communication process which enables the concerned department or individual to understand the usefulness or effectiveness of the communication. The below-mentioned email (written communication) is an ideal feedback scenario done by the assistant marketing officer regarding the functional process of Co-operative Group Ltd.


The branch manager,

Co-operative Group Ltd,

Dear Mr. Russell,

I would like to thank you for sending a detailed sales report for the month of November and December 2019 in Brixton outlet. The report shows a positive impact on the current business plan in Brixton outlet which would be successfully contributing to the overall productivity of the organization.

Thanks and Regards,

Assistant marketing manager

Co-operative Group Ltd

LO4.2 Summarise the positive and negative points of the communication

P4.2 summarise the positive and negative points of the communication

Modern global business entities greatly rely on effective communication techniques due to the extended market scenario. There is the various positive and negative impact of communication on the business due to heavy reliance on technology and multi-cultural scenario. M 4.3 the positive and negative points of the communication, demonstrating critical judgment

Communication enables the management to send directives and updated policies with ease through business emails or verbal communication. There is a great chance of misleading information relay through business emails which has a detrimental impact on the business. Although most of the organizations keep records of the day to day basis communication verbal communication has a greater impact on day to day basis functionalities which could not be controlled or monitored. Written communication could relay complex issues whereas lack of comprehensiveness enforces misleading functionality to the business which could impact negatively (Marettet al. 2015).

P4.3 develop a plan to improve own communication skills

  • Development of communication framework
  • Training and development
  • Understanding proper body language
  • Development of information manual
  • Effective feedback system
  • Record keeping
  • Maintenance

M4.4 Develop a thorough plan to improve own communication skills, demonstrating critical judgment

  • Development of script before communication
  • Proofreading
  • group discussion to resolve complex issues
  • periodic feedback system
  • careful listening
  • development of proper body language (Ortiz et al.2016)


It could be concluded from the above discussion that communication in the modern business scenario is an effective way to contribute to business development and growth. The collective effort of effective communication skills and body language enables the management to relay appropriate information to the subordinate with effectiveness. Therefore, the development of training and development plans for effective communication helps to convey information to departments, branch offices, and outlets to manage functionality and productivity.

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