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The term customer service refers the provision of giving service to customers before purchase, in the course of purchase and after purchase. Business success depends on the quality of service providing to the customers. Every customer is important for the business as plenty of scope is there to have a great business from a customer. The effective way of informing the customers is the key to persuade the customers about the service and the degree of response showing by the customers which entail to perceive the viability of the business prospect.  There are also

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specific programs that companies can introduce to increase customer service hence for its establishment customer satisfaction related program should be innovated and implemented which can bring the highest customer satisfaction and also ensure for the upcoming customers who get interested to the customer friendly policy.  The primary aim of any company should be to increase number of customers as more customers contribute more sale which leads to more profit.


Discuss reason for using customer service policy

Among different roles of a company the role of customer service is considered the most crucial role and in the recruitment process, criteria of selecting a candidate emphasizes on the potentiality of the candidate about rendering the customer service as company always in the process of increasing the number of customers so when both the company and the candidate share the common goal it will become easier for the company to recruit the candidate. Accordingly job training program is designed allowing customer service be the fundamental part of job description and training. Another important aspect is to search the superior customers so companies are always in a process to explore the effective customers in order to build up a solid customer base. For this purpose thorough research program is needed to discover the crucial demands of the customers. When both of the criteria is fulfilled the companies then focus on to prepare the highest customer service levels. Besides, in some cases companies treat all the customers as the highest standards because no one can foresee the future. Less calibre customer may be proved as one of the potential customer in the future.

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Discuss the purpose of evaluating a customer service policy, indicating how this can assist future staff training and development.

Evaluation is must to deal with the effectiveness of the customer service as the growth of the organisation is dependable on the quality of the customer service. The effect of the customer service policy is determined by the way of evaluation. Often it is found that there are some misleading factors included in the policy therefore, before implementation a thorough checking is required in order to remove the irrelevant and impractical part from the policy and make it effective. As for example usage of man power to the different department of the hotel. Modifications in the customer policy is required as per the needs of the customer as the demand varies from one customer to other. One thing is important while preparing the customer service policy it is to give importance to those customers who sit in the bracket of regular customer. Company owes to give more value as for their regular transaction as they are the real strength of the company. Excellent customer service refers when a customer is served any service before contacting to the company for taking any service from the company. It is always to be remember that when anything is served beyond the customer’s expectation pay rewards for the company although when any exclusive service is offered the factor like cost and profit should be considered. When a company becomes famous for its customer service policy it is harder to keep up the reputation in the coming years.

Staff Training program

Evaluating customer service policy has a deep relationship with staff training program. When training program is framed the goal of customer service program should be incorporated in the training schedule to make the staff members more efficient to show the right approach to the customer. The company should also respect the decision of the employee and appreciate any valid thinking in order to build up the sense of pride among the employee and convey the message of togetherness among the staff members. The customer service skills may be incorporated among the employee through encouragement. Providing suitable example in this regard suppose an employee’s

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colleges universities

friend is interested to know the service of the company. One employee contacts with the person and reply in such a way it set aside all the negative thoughts of the person and influences him to buy the product of the company. When the employee of the company hears the whole conversation it stimulates encouragement and he starts feeling to contribute his 100 percent while interacting to a customer in the future. Other factor which is responsible to enhance the motivation power is to declare a reward like bonus to the employees who will show an effective customer skill to sustain the regular customers as well as to call in the old customers who have discontinued transacting with the company. This kind of approach not only increases the level of profit but also spread the reputation of the company which magnifies the customer volume in the long run.  Ukessays (n.d.)

Customer Service


The customer service is a crucial component of business success. Each contact customers with business is an opportunity for companies to improve their standing with them and increase the likelihood of sales. The way people speak on the phone at the effectiveness of response systems to control almost every aspect of their business affects how their customers perceive their company. There are also specific programs that companies can put in place to increase their of customer service (Chris, and John, 2015). The customer service involves the establishment of systems to maximise customer satisfaction regarding the company. It must be a primary consideration for every business. Sales and profitability depend on ability to satisfy these customers.


The customer service is more directly important in the context of some roles than others. Regarding receptionists, sales staff and other employees with customers, customer service must be a fundamental part of their job description and training, as well as a fundamental criterion as part of recruitment. As part of the business to business, the offering a service to the superior customer often requires to discover what customers want (Linden, and Christopher, 2014). Once companies have identified their most profitable or the best potential customers, they can focus their highest customer service levels on them. Another approach, particularly in the consumer market, is the obligation to treat all customers as the highest standards.

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Importance of ESQI at Enterprise

They are based on satisfaction surveys using short questionnaires to passengers selected from predefined objective statistical criteria. Survey has been designed to assess the level of satisfaction with the service provided and should not be regarded as an accurate measurement (Pocket, 2013). Note that customer ratings may be influenced by external factors such as environmental issues that influence the respondent, the characteristics of the services of other operators and the quality of other products and services in general. This makes the measurement of customer satisfaction very difficult to use for assessing the achievement of objectives, unlike direct measures of performance in real time. Keep in mind the time that the survey should passengers depending on the context of exploitation and what will serve the data. Surveys can be done in various parts of displacement or after displacement (Alex, 2013).

It is important that surveys are conducted regularly and periodically. It is also important to carry out a continuous assessment of the ability of the survey to meet the needs of service providers and customer priorities. This involves the study of the effects of different quality improvements in customer satisfaction. In the event that the score is below average scale value in the period of analysis and / or the difference with the results obtained for the measurement of the provision are significant, the service operator should review the adequacy and implementation of plan and promote improvement actions in the shortest possible time a new survey to assess the effectiveness of these actions (Chris, and John, 2015).

Company wants to keep customers for life. With the ESQI, company establishes a direct relationship between the advancement of employees and the quality of service to each client. The ESQI index is one of the tools company uses to keep reminding of the importance of customer satisfaction. The results are convincing: millions of satisfied customers of their Enterprise car rentals, thousands of employees experiencing success and a company that continues to grow (Catherine, 2014).

Enterprise Rent-a-car

Enterprise Rent-a-car began operating in 1957 as Executive Leasing. Today Enterprise has become the well known rental cars company. It was founded in the city of St. Louis by Jack Taylor. Its customer service philosophy is “Take care of your customers and employees, and profits will follow.” This philosophy gave basis for the development of the

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colleges universities

Enterprise Service Quality index (ESQI) program (Catherine, 2014). This research uses the complete customer satisfaction as the basis for measuring the quality of customer service provided in the various branches of the company around the world. Enterprise conducts monthly surveys of its customers in each of its branches to determine the level of satisfaction of these with the services provided.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car used a private company to conduct a survey to collect data and measure the quality of its customer service. Senior management felt that they wanted a better response rate than the 25% who had received (Linden, and Christopher, 2014). They also wanted to minimise time in two months it took to receive the data from the survey. They were concerned about the possibility that he might miss important information, and determined they needed a process that gained the information of customer satisfaction more quickly.


Evaluate different communication methods and how these are used to put best effect

To convince the customers about the product or service with a thinking of converting his effort into a successful sale an employee should develop the customer service skill in order to balance between the fulfilment of a need of the customer and a healthy margin of the company. However, if it is observed that a slow progress is being held which dampens the profitability position of the company the performance of the employee should be checked in the light of customer service policy in order to test his customer service skill. It means that perhaps the employee is suffering from the level of perception and for this shortcomings he is looking for answers from his superior  in such a circumstances evaluation is very essential.

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The followings are the communications approaches which enable an employee to motivate his customer.

  1. Simple message with deep meaning

Convey the message with solid belief to increase the confidence level of the customers regarding the product or service so that they feel attraction for it and pass their consent to avail the service from the company

  1. Listening Skills

The features of a good listener are the following

  • Convey’s sincerity
  • Does not interpose his or her own thoughts.
  • Nods head
  • Does not complete the sentence for the speaker
  • Paraphrases what was said
  • Leaning
  • Showing Positivity
  • Comments
  • Good eye contact

If any employee is in deficiency of any such skill the following guidelines need to be maintained

  1. Keep focusing what the speaker narrates
  2. Make eye contact while looking at the speaker. In case of telephonic conversation maintain note is important.
  3. Keep one’s mind open
  4. Practice of rephrasing to understand the intended message
  5. Body message is very important which should not show the sense of disapproval.
  6. Writing skill

Choosing of proper words are important for persuading the intended knowledge to the customer.

Words to use : please, yes, may I, consider this, do, not negotiate, will, thank you, you, us, appreciate, can, use the customer name, would you like, opportunity, challenge, regret,

Words to avoid: Can’t, never, don’t, you have to, don’t tell me no, won’t, not our policy, not my job, profanity, vulgarity, love slang, we’ll try, haven’t had time, I do, I know, Hang on please.

Applying the phrases like:

It is not possible to avoid written communication in the place of work. In the daily operation of the business emails, memos, reports are indispensable. The importance of written skill is required when detailed instruction need to be delivered to the customers as it is quite impossible to persuade the instruction over telephone or to deliver the instruction in the presence of the customer. Since any written matter once delivered is not gettable very easily, if the same is required, hence the importance of email is considered as a heart of written communication. Once an email is done the record automatically recorded in the sent option so when the email is required to be seen in the future the user should go to the sent option and find the report which was sent by the sender earlier. So email is said as a lifesaver.

  1. Talking

It is required to speak slowly and clearly. To identify the caller himself, his company, date, time and day, To state the reason behind the call, Give suggestion to the customer about the subsequent step.

Provide the phone numbers to contact the employee in the later period cavendish (n.d.)

Since verbal communication is done one on one or in a set of group it becomes easier for  the speaker to gauge the response of the customer and chalk out any further plan. Delivering speech in front of a group of people the voice should be done little bit louder but in clear tone so that everybody get the speech properly and if possible, using microphone can increase the importance of the speech as the speaker need not to give any extra effort to deliver his speech.

  1. Non – Verbal

While communicating customers directly the sign language like different types of gestures play a crucial role as showing any gesture which is inappropriate for any business situation may lead to convey bad impression to the customer hence a good opportunity may be lost. Gesture includes eye contact, movement, keeping hands or movement of hands, dress code, and appearance. Eye contact is also very important factor. It is advisable not to roll the eyes while talking to a person. Communication actually depend on the situation so proper judgement should be done analysing the circumstances and deliver the effective speech to convince the customer.

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Analyze how customer perception is influenced by customer service provision

The hidden truth of customer perception regarding the influencing factor is to analyze what customer wants. There is an universal link between all customers and if the signal any company can read and prepare the measurement accordingly it may bring revolution in that business. If  any company can figure out the likings of the customer, then they have proceeded to the half way of their target and for the rest it is required to the measure the expected benefits and roll it over among the customers so that they can feel such drastic step is merely taken to fulfill their dream. In one Asian country one revolutionary step has been incorporated in the mobile sector where any  number can be retained in any mobile network. Therefore, it becomes very easy for the customers to choose any suitable network without changing the number. Not only that it is also very cost effective as this step is considered as a value added step to satisfy the need of the customer in a broad scale. Moreover, this flexibility leads to steep competition among

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colleges universities

the mobile network operators as the operators need to clarify the features very clearly among the customers. In addition, new lucrative features are required to be included to attract the customers to switch their current network providers and join the new one.

Analyzing the customer perception is some sort of research work where the reasons are found out. This discussion has been done on the basis of a unique change in the mobile net working industry. Certain things have been found out from the review : The outcome of the research can be considered as a guideline for the implementation of a business strategy. Research work information enables different companies to frame customer friendly policies in order to sustain its market share. It is an outline which enables a customer to choose the right service provider. When a service provider is able to comprehend the need of the customers through this research work it may reduce the cost on research and development work and focus more on product development so that their outlines look more attractive to the customers.

Main problem

Enterprise managers are wondering how they could improve the process of collecting data on customer satisfaction around the service they offer them. 


The process used to meet customer satisfaction regarding their services (mail survey). Failure to give each customer the opportunity to complete the survey, company will never give the opportunity to know the exact problems, questions, or particular circumstances of each customer.


Get more customers and referrals according to the satisfaction of each of the existing customers. 


Enterprise Rent-A-Car is the important rental car company in the world, with the great number of vehicles for rent, numerous local and company earns more income. It focuses on customer satisfaction and help people who need a vehicle after being involved in crashes their car (John, 2013). 


Avis and Hertz among other companies could be a threat, if they decide to use the same marketing strategies that use Enterprise, even when Enterprise has a greater number of facilities and a substantial fleet of vehicles. Competition can use Enterprise strategy and extend its services to body shops and accident insurance, developing new segments to their market. And then the competition would have a greater market (Alex, 2013). The weather in determining customer satisfaction with the service offered involves the risk that if a customer is not satisfied the company has learned not going until it passes an extended period of time in which the customer could lose.

The method proved not to be the most effective in terms of time and scope of its customers. It is concluded that Enterprise could use a more direct to conduct the survey during their rental vehicles or through telemarketing as currently performed method. People consider it important for the company to receive feedback or feedback from their customers more quickly and directly. They can identify and correct more effectively and efficiently any problem with their customer services (Susan, and David, 2013).

Customers Service to Enterprise rental car

In 1957, Enterprise began renting cars in the basement of a car dealership in the US Midwest. One day, Jack Taylor, the founder, observed his small team was busy answering phones, calculating rates and preparing automobiles. He then noticed something interesting: he found that his staff performed a variety of tasks with a concentration ordinary and extraordinary passion. Enterprise car rental is recognised throughout the vehicle rental industry for the quality of its service (Chris, and John, 2015). To carry out its mission, Enterprise relies on a service to leading customers. Its commitment about service is known to all and Enterprise car rental has also received numerous awards for the quality of its service.

The Total Satisfaction: commitment to the service of the Enterprise Customer

The ESQI survey

The survey was prepared by an intensive procedure over several years. This procedure was concentrated on refining the survey with the outcome that it emerges simple. The survey observes makes loyal consumers and who the loyal consumers are. It provides outcomes which support Enterprise to focus on the important driver for the organisation – making loyal consumers. This supports to business development (Pocket, 2013).

If someone is devoted to an organisation, he will suggest it to their fellows. The survey defines Enterprise which consumers will return again and again and suggest Enterprise to their fellows. The questionnaire supports company to observe rapidly what consumers consider of each and every one of its businesses.

Why Assess Customer Satisfaction

Assess customer satisfaction is customary in business management. The ISO 9001 lists him as requirement and ESQI model considers the criterion of greater weight. Customer satisfaction is a key to assess the overall performance of the organisation and analyse it helps create a culture of continuous improvement of management indicator (Alex, 2013). A management system is a tool that should help collect and analyse information in order to identify opportunities for improvement. What benefits can expect limiting ourselves to get data once a year and complete a graph to say that they are a “level of 7 out of 10” and interpret that satisfaction equals a “notable”? What is intended to measure customer satisfaction is objectively assess the perception of customers over the entire service and then use this information to improve performance in areas that contribute most to increasing customer satisfaction, including coordination with the owner of the service and other stakeholders, as appropriate. It’s just a means to achieve something, not an end in itself (Linden, and Christopher, 2014). The key is to use the information gathered to improve service.

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In addition to establishing external indicators to hear the “voice of the customer”, the operator should design and implement internal indicators associated with its processes. The systematic measurement of the two sets of indicators to analyse the cause-effect relationships between them, to provide early warning on issues of dissatisfaction and needs improvement. If an improvement causes a strong impact on internal indicators which, in turn, have a high correlation with satisfaction indicators, operators can anticipate the impact that improving users (Chris, and John, 2015). Similarly, the fact of carrying out a project to measure satisfaction helps to generate customers’ expectations that something will change. Therefore, the operator, before starting, should ensure that the following factors are present:

The commitment and involvement of management

There is a strong will and the means to use the results in order to carry out improvement actions.

Communication and participation of personnel involved occurs

It has been defined intervals for monitoring of satisfaction

Research Methods and Techniques

What technique can be used to find out what customers think? Does the method of listening to the customer is right for the information they need? Manuals suggest several alternative methods, but can also be perfectly complementary (Chris, and John, 2015). Some are qualitative and other quantitative. The first are ideal for a qualitative view of expectations and provide much information a few cases, allowing induce the general rules that customers use to evaluate the quality of service. Little quantitative information gathered many cases (from samples, using structured questionnaires) and generate data that can be easily extrapolated to the general population. Then the most useful methods in customer services are described.

User Panel (focus group), group discussions and in-depth interviews: The panel is to select a group of users with sufficient knowledge of the service regularly for their suggestions and opinions (approaches) from the perception and experience of service each. The information may be obtained through any channel. Also suitable involving heads of service (operator and owner) at certain stages of the panel, both for information and sensations first hand to answer questions and provide a picture of customer engagement (Susan, and David, 2013). One drawback, selecting highly experienced users renounces Review of new customers and especially the first impression made by the service. The findings may not apply to all potential customers. Unlike the focus group (with repetitive customers), discussion groups gather a group of people with defined criteria (customers or not) invited promptly to generate debate and discuss a previous guidance agreed with the operator in order to obtain qualitative data also provide interesting information of great value. It is a widespread practice that usually prior to quantitative studies of larger entity.

Reports of staff in contact with customers

Customer service staff can provide valuable information on aspects of direct contact with the customer. If companies reach relatively valid conclusions, it is necessary to dump the information obtained as received to then treat accepting criticism at all times that may arise. One way to get the information is to conduct employee surveys on customer feedback (Linden, and Christopher, 2014). The preparation of the survey may require”focus group” prior employees. As a limitation worth noting that the conclusions companies can reach never be exempt from some degree of subjectivity they will be discussing “what employees believe that clients feel”.

Actual Market Research

Research all potential customers to evaluate aspects of the service, needs and expectations and thereby identify opportunities and threats. They are useful as a method of generalised study, but do not allow detailed and specific information about own customers (Susan, and David, 2013).

Several research firms offer services market to interview a large sample of people with a fixed frequency (monthly or weekly) and anyone can add questions sharing the costs with other clients (each client reserves a certain number of questions for a particular survey and pays for these questions). It is an inexpensive but effective way to ask questions of a large random sample. Provide information on trends too generic (John, 2013). 

Hidden Control Client or Passenger

The passenger control also measures the quality of service but is based, whenever possible, on objective observations made independently by observer teams formed for this purpose. Service observing is done in detail according to specific criteria. Observers behave like real passengers travelling on the network (Alex, 2013). Assessments are due for a rigorous procedure to provide objective estimates regarding predefined guidelines. It is important to establish a precise system, listing calibrated observations, to minimise the risk of diversion between observers. It is also desirable that the equipment or undertaking carrying out the work of hidden client (mysterious), besides being calibrated governed by guidelines from the operator, participate in some meetings with affected areas (customer service, cleanliness, …) to maintain similar criteria, each to his own work (inspection and service production, respectively) (Chris, and John, 2015).

The passenger control verifies specific service elements that contain the most important features for the client (customer service, dealing with staff and other aspects of the service), although these can not reveal for themselves. Compared to ESQI, usually performed during or immediately after displacement of a passenger and, therefore, limited by time, client control facilitates checks with a higher level of detail. These assessments also allow compensate for the fact that perceptions of passengers may not reflect only the measured service, or the provision of a specific displacement (Pocket, 2013).

Tracking Signs of Dissatisfaction

The mailbox for suggestions and complaints, apart from the corresponding legal obligation to “complaint forms”, is an immediate and spontaneous choice by the customer. It is an important source of qualitative information. Usually quite symptomatic see analysis of most frequent complaints associated with the most pressing needs of customers in general (Chris, and John, 2015). The weakness of this method is that this information depends solely on the initiative of the customer, be proactive and start the process of complaint or suggestion, something quite rare in our culture. Although it has great utility to warn of possible failure in service, does not provide a statistical snapshot of customer satisfaction. In general, you should not be missed any of the data that can provide both the study of letters and suggestions from customers or staff in contact with customers as the study of complaints and claims and any material that collects opinions or demands clients freely unstructured. 

Analysis of Internal Operational Indicators

The challenge is to identify the critical indicators that provide with appropriate and factual information so that there is a direct correlation between trends reflected by indicators and the opinion of the passengers is (Pocket, 2013).

Direct measures of performance refer to the actual performance of the service, either continuously by recording operations, or by using the observations of a representative sample. Allow monitoring and assessment of results as defined scales. Appropriate measurement systems for data collection should be implemented and should be balanced against the full data collection and sampling approach. It is important that measurements are appropriate (not just those that are easy to get), and to focus on the impact of the provision from the point of view of the customer. Should reflect the objectives of the owner and operator at all levels, in order that the service providers and staff understand how they can contribute to the improvement of the provision. Methods of measuring the number, distribution and duration of passenger movements should be selected based on cost / benefit ratio and its suitability for their intended purpose (Chris, and John, 2015). Local circumstances influence the choice of method from a range of options, which include the direct counts, sample surveys or estimates.

Methods of Revealed Preference (RP)

As a starting point, establish that customer preferences can be revealed through their buying habits. Clients attempt to maximise the utility of their purchases, so always buy the product or service or quality more useful to them for the same price. In the case of public transport there are not many characteristics to this type of analysis as alternative customers are usually quite limited in most of the internal characteristics of the service (Pocket, 2013). The study revealed preferences of the customers of an operator can be approached by analysing several indicators that show the behaviour of passengers when choosing among several options. Therefore, you must first determine which processes are given to customer’s choice and then look through statistical techniques, which are the dominant preferences are the same. Basically, it’s about using some of the available data on service development (reflected in the quality indicators produced or otherwise) for “strokes” to characterise the expected quality. The purchase of securities is one of the processes that can be analysed by an RP method, since in principle there are several types to choose from (Catherine, 2014). So is the payment method and place of purchase. The analysis of these aspects can understand the trends of customers and, therefore, helps to define the quality expected by them, their expectations. Another possibility is making the comparison of sales in the same line served by different types of transport, whether the same mode or modes. For example, a line with shipments of higher quality at a more expensive compared to the same line with shipments of lower quality and cheap price. The customer preferences will be revealed with the passage of time and its habits. Company has to watch a lot when connecting the preferences revealed the possible causes or motivations that may have influenced the decisions of customers. This means that, at times, a certain trend may result from multiple aspects and should not attribute their achievement to one exclusive automatically (Pocket, 2013). 

Recommendations and Summary

Rental car trade assisted to consumers is very particular at present than it was earlier. The competition is increasingly violent, different companies handle the similar or same, large organisations present services are increasing, all this merged with increasingly educated consumers and demanding observing for quality, service and price. For company, losing a consumer to an opponent makes all the difference, since no sales, no business surviving. So Enterprise Rent-a-car should observe to differentiate from other options and one of the things that can impact. It is Enterprise Rent-a-car who can make business something particular; a place that clients wish to always come back and suggest to others, when they need the type of service it presents. For this, the service that offers customer and communication skills are key.

The first point must be noted that the quality of service in the area of rental car companies play a higher role other services. The vision is generally not taken into account by managers of companies because the service they offer is oriented to this need without considering the future of the business.

Although not easy to achieve, Enterprise Rent-a-car should be conducted under the premise that every customer to do business with company exit 100% satisfied. Keep in mind that customers are the only reason companies opened the doors every day. There is nothing more important than a client. Administrative tasks … all expect, but a client should not wait. For this reason, a customer should never be seen as an interruption.

Good service means customers an opportunity to strengthen, weaving an almost emotional relationship can be important to denote interest to the consumer. Business should be easy for the consumer. Always listen to the complaints and feedback. Customers are not irrational or expect things to be resolved instantly, just want to be treated as individuals, know that there is genuine concern and are working hard to address their complaints. They are closer to the customer and better understand their wants and needs. The loyalty and commitment can be grown with good care, even if the customer comes to a complaint.


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