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  1. Short Answer.  ).


  1. Draw a schematic for a CMOS gate that implements f =ab +ac. You may use an inverter to create the complement of a. There should be three inputs: a, b, c.
  1. Show how to size the transistors in a. for symmetric DC and AC behavior.
  1. What is the logical effort of a 4 input NAND gate? Show why?
  1. What is branching effort? How does it impact the overall path effort calculation?
  1. What is photo-resist and how is it used in the CMOS manufacturing process?
  1. Consider a wire with width 360nm, and length 3.6mm. Assume a sheet resistivity of .05 ohms/square. What is the total resistance of the wire?  How does this compare to the on-resistance of a 10x inverter in 45nm  CMOS.
  1. (GRAD ONLY)Why did the trend of increasing clock frequency stop in Intel microprocessors? Name one other technique used to increase performance?
  1. (GRAD ONLY) Why does the ON current of a transistor vary significantly more at Near Threshold than at Super-Threshold?  Name one technique from the paper used to mitigate this variation.
  1. Electrical Behavior (35 points for 558, 40 for 658)
  1. What is meant by the pitch of a metal layer? Is the pitch of a higher-level metal greater than that of a lower-level metal. Why?  5pts
  1. Consider two adjacent wires in Metal 1. For a fixed pitch, is it better to widen the wires or increase the spacing in order to reduce delay? Draw a sketch to describe your answer.  10 pts
  1. What is a repeater? Do higher-level metal wires require more repeaters per unit length than low-level metal wires?    Think about R and C of the wires.  5pts
  1. Show how coupling noise onto a wire could cause a Noise Margin violation in a subsequent inverter. Sketch a waveform. 5pts
  1. GRAD ONLY Consider the same circuit as in part a. but now minimize for power. 5pts
  1. (35 points for 558, 40 for 658)Circuit Diagram Assignment Help
  2. Draw a schematic for the following layout. Label A,S,B and Z. 15pts

Lucky for you this circuit only uses one metal layer.

  1. Indicate the transistor widths on the schematic, assuming a 45nm feature size.5 pts.
  1. Indicate the well-ties in the layout 5 pts
  1. Draw a cross-section of the circuit along line B 10 pts
  1. . (GRAD ONLY) What is the worst-case delay input transition for the circuit  5 pts

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