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Chemistry Assignment HelpChemistry is a branch of physical science that describes the matter: its composition, structure, and properties the changes that take place. Everything in this universe is made out of chemicals. So, chemistry is present everywhere.

Below is discussed some main branches of chemistry

Analytical chemistry

This branch of chemistry involves how we analyze the chemical components of something. This is further divided into two main parts: Qualitative Analysis and Quantitative Analysis.


It employs the study of chemical processes in living organisms. Cancer and stem cell biology, membrane and structural biology, mechanistic biology, infectious diseases, genetics, genomics, evolutions, and systems biology these all included in the biochemist’s research. Enzymology, Endocrinology, Molecular biochemistry, and Clinical biochemistry are some of the important sub-branches of biochemistry.

Organic chemistry

Chemistry Assignment Help

This discipline of chemistry studies carbon-based substances and chemicals in living organisms. Organometallic chemistry, Stereochemistry,  Physical Organic chemistry, Medicinal chemistry, and Polymer chemistry are the sub-divided branches of Organic chemistry.

Inorganic chemistry

Its area of discipline is exactly opposite to that of Organic chemistry. Where Organic chemistry talks about carbon-based substances in living organisms, Inorganic chemistry deals with anything that is not living and has no carbon-hydrogen bonds. Inorganic chemistry branches include Synthetic Inorganic chemistry, Geochemistry, Material Chemistry, Industrial Inorganic chemistry, Nuclear chemistry, Bio-inorganic chemistry, coordination chemistry, Inorganic technology, and it also has a sub-type named Organometallic chemistry which overlaps Organic chemistry.

Physical chemistry

Physical chemistry combines the methodologies of physics and chemistry and observes how the physical properties of something are affected by chemical structures.

Spectroscopy, Photochemistry, Electrochemistry, Thermodynamics,  Chemical kinetics, Surface chemistry, Quantum mechanics are included in the types of Physical chemistry.

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