CHCEDS023( Supervise students outside the classroom)

Activity 1

1.List 10 physical hazards you might encounter while supervising students outside the classroom

2.What is active supervision ? 130-150

Activity 2

You are helping supervise an overnight hiking trip in bush land about 50 kilometers away

List ten physical ,ten psychological and ten logistical risks that you would need to consider in a risk evaluation? 150-200.

Activity 3

List ten hazards that could be associated with a class excursions to the local outdoor swimming pool and describe ,for each ,a strategy that could be put in place to control the risk.

CHCEDS023( Supervise students outside the classroom

Activity 4

1 Why it is necessary to access and review information about the health, medical and additional needs of students prior to out -of -class activity? 50-80

2.What additional needs might require information? List at least six.

Activity 5

1.Explain the benefits of establishing expectations for students behavior in advance of a specific activity .100

2. What a positive behavior support plan(PBS) and why must you keep it in mind when establishing expectations for students behavior? 100-150

Activity 6

List six ways in which you can model positive interactions with students and other adults.

Activity 7

Identify five verbal and five non- verbal techniques that might be used to knowledge and influence student behavior.

Activity 8

Choose an area or activity for which you might be given responsibility as an education support worker

Explain how you would monitor this area of responsibility to ensure you would respond to any situations that arose in a timely manner 200

Activity 9

1.List three interrupting tactics that can prevent escalation of an incident

2.List two interventions that could help keep student behavior in check.

Activity 10

1.List ten factors can contribution to increased personal stress of education workers

2.What can education workers do to help manage stress? 150-200

Activity 11

How can you ensure that verbal directions are heard and understood by the students? 120-150.

Activity 12

Define situational awareness (SA nad how it is applied) 140-160

Activity 13

What are defusing or de -escalating tactics .How they can be used ? 150-200

Activity 14

How could you summon assistance, If needed during the supervision of an out of classroom activity?80-200

Activity 15

Explain the value of a debriefing session and why it is important to follow an organization’s debriefing process.100-125

Activity 16

1.You are responsible for supervising a group of early primary school children in an after school playground. Despite

a planned strategy for activities ,you found that the children were not participating and appeared bored .How would you address this next time?

2.You have been asked to help supervise an excursion to the local museum with a year nine class. You have supervised this group before and had to deal with behavioral issues .With whom would you have consult before the excursion in order to prevent these issues arising again? 50-100

3.Why is it important to review the strategies you employed when supervising external activities ? 50 words

Activity 17

A student on a school excursion is ignoring your instructions to stay with the group and keeps wandering off on their own. You need to revise your original strategy for keepin

g the group together. How will you do this?50

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