Characteristics of Highly Effective Teams

Characteristics of TeamsHave clearly defined and measurable objectives

Consistently resolve issues rather than leave them hanging in mid-air.Put forward ideas and thoughts which are contributed by each individual.Ensure that everyone feels empowered to do their best

Ensure that everyone actively listens to one another

Ensure that everybody is supportive and trusting of one another

Show enthusiasm, boldness and a willingness to take risks

Build on each other’s’ ideas

Accept conflict as a reality and work through to successful outcomes

Are able and willing to communicate openly and honestly

Demonstrate a strong commitment to shared goals and objectives

Have an emotional investment in each other  Make decisions by consensus. Lead in a flexible and approachable manner and have strong leadership.

Encourage total participation by all members of the group. Evaluate the team’s own effectiveness. Adapt to change

Have an appropriate sense of humour

Characteristics of Dysfunctional Teams

Individuals being excessively aggressive within the team

Concentrating on the impression one is making and not on completing the task

Members who compete for “airtime” and leadership .Splintering of communication.

Failure to listen to points made by other team members.

Failure to participate.

Failure to be aware of the reaction of other group members to your contribution. Failure to check how people are feeling about what is being said and done. Failure to take regard of time .Failure to clarify objectives. Failure to be clear about what has been decided .Losing sight of the team’s goals and objectives.

Suspending ideas in mid-air, not making decisions.

Arguing for argument’s sake.

Characteristics of a Successful Team

A fundamental ingredient of group effectiveness is full and willing participation by each member of the group in whatever task the group faces. The level of participation is perhaps the single most important factor affecting group output.It is only when a group is fully functioning and performing at the optimum level that it can approx.