Answer to question no-1

The nurse has some ethical duty towards the patient that the information patient shares from her should been put as private and confidential but the information of minor supposed to be released to the parents that is beneficial for the child. The privacy of the patient is the right of the patient while putting the information confidential is the duty of the nurse.  In the case study, same has applies on the nurse that she will not reveal any gene report of the child as the information is confidential to anyone without the permission of the patient (Green, 2017).

Answer to question no-2

The mother has taken the information from the infant’s pediatrician that the one twin has the risk of breast cancer. The issue arises whether the mother and the clinical department shall reveal this information. Hence the mother has took further steps for the preventive measures that can been taken for the preventive steps. Since the case studies that the infant genetic test that is not legal in clinical terms as the companies for earning purposes do this test.

Case StudyAnswer to question no-3

Yes, there been restriction on the age of individuals getting genetic testing through various companies. It can affect the health of the children and the companies had made the business by providing ads and that can create an unnecessary tension among the parents.  The physical risks in the genetic test are very less but the guiltiness, angry, anxiousness risk arises (Poplawski, 2016).