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Case Study Assignment Help


What Is A Case Study

Case Study Assignment HelpA case study is a research strategy and an in-depth study or examination of a specific subject/situation (the case). It is used to stimulate the practical scenario in a theoretical model. It is the analysis of any kind of events, policies, or other systems that are studied deeply by various methods. It uses a combination of quantitative and qualitative data.Though it is not the ultimate answer to all the questions, it will give some indications and allow further hypothesis creation on a subject. The case study in other words is a detailed analysis of a person, company, or hypothesis in real world.

The case study design have evolved over the recent years as an important tool for investigating trends and particular situation in many disciplines.

Case Study Areas

Legal case study

When two parties are Into a dispute which leads to a court of law is known as a legal case.

Marketing case study

It’s about studying and understanding marketing strategies.

Nursing case study

Case Study Assignment Help

It is about documenting patients disease and medical history.

Further Six Types Of Case Studies

The Government Accountability Office has given six types of case study.


It provides in-depth examples and adds realism to the other information.


It doesn’t simply provide illustrations, but generates hypothesis for later investigations.

Critical instance:

It acts as a critical test of assertions about a program or strategy.

Program implementation:

It investigates an operation with reference to a set of rules and standards about the implementation process.

Program effects:

It involves a multimethod evaluation to examine the links between the program and its outcomes.


It brings together results from several case studies to answer the evaluative questions.

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