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What is capital budgeting?

Capital budget is a process through which the management of business organizations creates a plan about this scheme that what will happen through the long-term investment of funds in the capital structure of organizations. In other words, it can be said that the capital budget is the process of determining large and long term investment or expenditure. Long-term investment may involve the development of new machinery or equipment, the establishment of new plants, research and development projects etc. Capital budget is an important part of managerial decision-making process. Proper capital budget is very useful for securing a better future of business organizations.

Why capital budgeting is important?

The capital budget for business organizations is very important. Business firm’s future is highly dependent on the accuracy of the capital budgeting process. There are some benefits for which everyone considers capital market as an important part of the companies. These are as follows:

  • With the help of capital budgetary calculation, the management or managers of organizations can easily identify the various risks involved in long-term investment and at the same time, the managers can also understand the extent to which the risk will affect the company’s future.
  • Management of trade organizations can easily determine and indirect the most profitable investment between a bundle of investment proposals.
  • Capital budget is very useful in making long-term strategic decisions.
  • The capital budget assists in business organizations or their management in aggressive investment decisions in the competitive market.
  • Techniques or methods used in the capital budgeting process are always tried to increase the level of property of shareholders in a particular financial year.
  • The capital budget helps to better manage business operations.

Why students must learn about capital budgeting?

As previously mentioned, capital budget is an important part of finance and accountancy. For those students who are studying on accountancy, it is necessary for them to know about the capital budget. This is because knowledge about capital budgetary technology helps student’s secure better carrier in the future. The proper knowledge in the capital budget can give the student a good position in a big business firm or company. Apart from this, clear capital budget knowledge of students is very important for achieving higher grades in their examinations.

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