The airline industry plays an important role in the aviation industry as businesses explode worldwide and require investment. The aviation industry grows as businesses and travellers expand with increasingly developing countries. The plane is the most widely used mode of transportation because it can take anyone anywhere in a very fast time. In times of crisis, airlines are the primary means of transportation for individuals.

The aviation industry is divided into two parts, including international airlines and domestic airlines (Petrescu, 2020). International airlines offer courses abroad, and domestic airlines operate mainly in urban areas of the country. Airlines are currently expanding to offer regular airline tickets (short-haul flights) as they seek to expand and expand all international destinations in the presence of the local air force.

In this portfolio, we will look at all the procedures used to build an aeroplane with the risks of building an aeroplane. The plane we are looking for the most is British Airways. British Airways is the most active airline in the international market and surprisingly has a domestic market in the UK with shipping and postal services. The head office is located in Harmondsworth, Middlesex. In addition, as of March 31, 2011, there were 41,494 workers. The main airports for British Airways are London, Gatwick and Lauden (Karaagoaglu and Cicek, 2019).

British Airways has the largest international operations with excellent customer support and locations in over 455 cities worldwide (Kopalle, Kumar and Subramaniam, 2020). British Airways is one of the UK’s favourite airlines to see the locals having fun. Several airlines are competing with British Airways. British Airways offers the lowest fares with scheduled flights.

British Airways provides online assistance for electronic tagging so that any customer can benefit from online ticket booking and travel easily (Enoma, 2020).

Digital adoption of British airway:

British Airways is without a doubt the most important name in the UK. There are many freedoms in the Library of Alexandria. Although they face great risks these days, in order to overcome them easily, they can start to maximize their benefits for their benefit. As this SWOT analysis shows, the airline has an unprecedented name, and it is difficult for some other airlines to find its place. Therefore, they should not over tighten, as they can undoubtedly change direction in freshwater (Avdm, Karadevi and Ulengin, 2020).

British Airways digitization acquisition:

The biggest threat to national airlines since entering the international competition for British Airways is worker retention (Kamau, 2019). The cabin crew went on strike because demands were not met, reducing the generosity of the flight and causing inconvenience to customers by delaying all major flights. British Airways, therefore, has many concessions. Help clients maintain resistance to employee satisfaction. British Airways strives to ensure that each of its exercises is appropriate and enjoyable. Airlines hired volunteers and additional crews for collective learning during the strikes (Chepkemboi and Paul, 2019). The airline can also prepare a business plan with financial plans aimed at developing actors capable of minimizing commercial risks.

British Airways: the evolution of terminal involvement in robotics

British Airways are using robots and technological technology to attempt to leave Terminal 5, London’s busiest airport. In late 2019, BA partnered with Bots to use and test two invoices called Mid-Price Robots. Awesome robots are supposed to relieve passengers of emergency problems. They can speak to passengers with specific accents and provide exceptional flight data. They can take workplaces, handle luggage, screen passengers on aeroplanes, and send people to various campus offices to view bistros. It is not the best technological experience with a BA. Previously, Holler had brought 80 technological overhead projection machines into the office and tested them on self-driving gear vehicles. These features have helped reduce the amount of traffic taxes and improve customer plans (Chen, 2020).

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