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“E commerce “, the term can be defined as doing business with the help of electronic medias that aims at achieving accurate result and better customer service. E commerce is helpful for both the business customers and consumers as it ensure faster service and minimum error in the activities of business. Marketers also are benefitted by implementing ecommerce approach rather the traditional approach of business.

Business Skills For E-Commerce Assignment HelpIn this assignment, the details of e commerce function s are given by making a clear comparison with the traditional views on how it can be beneficial for the organization and its customers. In the task 2 the concept will be clearer as a practical insight is given by the example of Amazon, the giant e commerce organization. The organizational processes, aims and implications on the customers and other stakeholders are clearly mentioned. The long run growth prospects also have been analyzed by giving examples.

Thus the assignment will give the scope to understand the subject thoroughly both theoretically and practically.

1) Which industry, in your opinion, stands to benefit most from e-commerce? Support your argument with few examples.


E commerce is the current buzzword in the industry which means doing commerce such as online selling, e retailing etc through electronic media mainly digital platform. In my opinion, the FMCG products required daily purpose such as groceries, personal care etc which people tend to buy every week or month even daily, mostly purchase similar things from online retailing . Thus I think FMCG retailing is mostly benefitted by the ecommerce.

Defining the industry: The industry is FMCG retailing.

Fast moving consumer goods are those products which require lesser shopping effort as it can be availed from every convenient location. Research project has shown that consumers mostly take routine decision while purchasing FMCG products, except there is any other motive to purchase from other brands. The customers of FMCG are readily shifted to other brand if any exciting offers or new things come in the market. As it is less costly thus, risk associated to the products are also very less.( Reynolds, 2004)

The industry is probably the most profitable one across the world, though it is not so much in the online commerce and surely is going to create biggest challenge in the coming days. The industry is rapidly growing and with the changing customers’ lifestyle, it is assumed that by the end of 2016, the global FMCG e-retailing will increase by 17%. (Manzoor, 2010)

General overview of ecommerce:

Ecommerce is the simplest form of buying and selling of products and services over the World Wide Web to ensure fast delivery, improved quality, better customers’ satisfaction and wide availability. The common usages of ecommerce in online ordering, email, online payment, online feedback, discussion, maintaining website, mobile commerce virtual stores etc. It is a paperless process to exchange information by using the following methods.

  • Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT): To transfer money while making payment of the products or any other services. (Manzoor,2010)
  • Electronic Data Exchange (EDI): To exchange business related information with the customers as well as other stakeholders.
  • Electronic Bulletin Boards: Online interaction or communication platform to exchange, share and discuss on various disciplines and open for public.
  • Electronic Mail (e-mail): It is one to one mail sending privately.
  • Other Network-based technologies

How the overall process of Ecommerce takes place?


(, 2016)

The Features of E-Commerce:

Cashless Payments: By using plastic currency the payment can be done in e-commerce. Thus people need to carry less cash while purchasing. Research has shown that online payment increases the demand because of the impulsive nature of various customers.

24 hours 7 days service: Customers can order any product or services as per their convenient time, from anywhere. (Plant, 2000)

Marketing: Better marketing activities are arranged by ecommerce which advertising their products in online platform and as most of the customers now slave of the internet, the message reaches on time at the targeted customers.

Inventory Management: By using E Commerce in business, inventory keeping has become automated, smooth running and efficient as well as it is easier to maintain. Any report on inventory level if required, from the system automatically it is generated.

Improved Communication: E commerce offers faster communication with the customers and other stakeholders by targeting individually or all. All required information is provided in the website of the company or marketer e mail them to give the messages. (Daniel, 2011)

Increase Demand: The process provides better customers service and customers need not to wait to go to the market for purchasing a product. Any time from any where they can order and it reaches to their door step. All these services increase demand.

Value added services: Through online platform marketers provide other support services, for example, pre sales and post sales feedback, give information of delivery, home delivery, resolute complaints etc.

The Growth of E-commerce Sales in UK:


A recent estimation has shown that by 2019, the retail sales through ecommerce in UK will be 86.96 billion pound. Order Now

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