AFFIN101A- Business Relationship

Executive Summary

write this last after you have written the rest of the report

This report identifies and examines principles of supportive communication that are not adhered to in the case study <title>.  <provide one sentence which explains the reason(s) why the group failed>.  <provide one sentence for each subtopic about improvements that could have been applied in the case to produce a better outcome>.  <Provide one sentence concluding on the external and internal factors which may have been significant for the outcome of this case study>.


Start typing here.  This section should guide the reader of this report about how you are going to approach the case study and a brief overview of the key areas you are going to cover and your main findings (remove these words before submitting).

Business Relationship Case study analysis

Start typing here.  This section should evaluate the approach that the group used to complete the tasks and make references to theory to support your analysis of the scenario. Give a brief introduction and then analyse the following topics(remove these words before submitting).

Sub- heading (delete)

Interpersonal skills

Intercultural awareness

Team development

Team communications

Roles within a team

Time management


This section should respond to the second case study question (remove these words before submitting).


Brief reiteration of the main points from the case study.


Carlopio, J, Andrewartha, G,Whetten, D, & Cameron, K 2012, Developing management skills: a comprehensive guide for leaders, 5th edn, Pearson Education, Australia.

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Your references should always be on the very last page of your report.  List your references here in Harvard AGPS Referencing Style.  You can obtain a copy of this style guide from your teachers or from the moodle at the top under “For Students”.  The first reference has been inserted for you but you must reference every piece of information from this text throughout the document too by putting in the following: ((Carlopio, Andrewartha, Whetten & Cameron 2012, p.x) – first time used in the document then(Carlopio et al. 2012, p. x) thereafter.  For other types of sources like websites, webpages, government documents etc, please refer to the TAFE Harvard Referencing Style Guide.