Business Problem-Btechnd Assignment

Assignment title

Data collection, analyses and presentation for a given business problem
Purpose of this assignment is to assess learners ability with regards to:

§  Collection of data, both primary and secondary.

§  Analysing data effectively for business purposes.

§  Producing information in appropriate formats for decision making in an organisational context

§  Use of software-generated information to make decisions in an organisation


TASK 1 to TASK 3: You are required to follow the instructions as specified towards each task. The survey will cover information about; student, academic staff and tutors; administration; facilities, student support and learning environment. You also need to collect both primary and secondary data, analyse the data and produce appropriate report and give a feedback of the findings as specified.


UK College of Business and Computing (UKCBC) is a leading educational institution based in the heart of London, enabling those with a passion for higher education, the opportunity to further their academic qualifications. With a host of valued qualifications and professional courses, available to students from the UK and countries across the globe, the options provided by UKCBC ensures fulfilling students potential to easily achieve their desired qualifications.

Information from College website

The college offers an inspiring academic team emphasises its commitment to enhance the quality of life of all our students, through high quality in teaching, research and service. We provide a creative and nurturing campus environment with a good range of academic programmes, delivered by very experienced and qualified staff who take pride in the in their ability to meet the needs of international and Home (UK/EU) students.

Student Support

We pride ourselves on our warm friendly learning environment. Our administration team work closely with all academic staff to provide excellent support and guidance throughout the students’ time with us. We are well aware of the difficulties and challenges faced by students at various stages, especially the international students, who are in a new Country, away from their home. We put a great deal of care into helping them settle. Students support includes a full induction programme, with orientation trips to the well known heritage sites across UK. Students are continuously supported by the academic and administrative departments for their learning and welfare needs, throughout their course of study at the College.

Flexible Learning

UK College of Business and Computing (UKCBC) are dedicated to providing students with a learning environment that is fully responsive to their needs. As such, we ensure that our courses offer flexibility to support you in all possible ways, to ensure that you will not be constrained on our academic, personal or work related limitations that may otherwise affect your pursuing a course of study. Flexibility is provided in terms of course time tables, class schedules like combination of morning and evening sessions as well as extra tutorial support for professional development. Our campuses across London offer an array of courses tailored to support your academic and professional development. These courses offer a degree of flexibility in their structure in order to support the circumstances of its students. Whether it relates to your commitments or the need to support family around your study, UKCBC aims to provide a solution through flexible learning option.

With 5 campuses located in London and Essex, the college represents an ideal setting to Learn, grow and succeed. The college is very ambitious and is looking to grow to become one of the leading educational pioneers in the United Kingdom. As part of its effort to gather as much information as possible in order to help the management and Board of Directors to make effective and efficient sustainable decision, the college has approached the student union of UKCBC and commission an independent survey on “Student experience and perception about UKCBC”.You can choose a different business problem if you wish.

You are member of the student union and have been asked to carry out the survey and provide comprehensive report on your findings and make recommendations to the UKCBC Board of Directors.

To ensure the report is not bias, you need to take sample from each campus using appropriate method(s) and cover both past and present students.

(LO1 AC 1.1, AC 1.2 and AC 1.3)

Task 1

You are required to:

1.1 Create a plan for the collection of primary and secondary data into student experience and perception about UKCBC or your chosen business problem.

Please note: You plan should take into consideration the scope, duration, resources to be used, the sample size, location and your target

1.2 Present the survey methodology and sampling frame used for the survey into student experience and perception about UKCBC or your chosen business problem.

Please note: Your presentation should include the explanation of the methodology to be used for the purpose of this survey. In addition, the sampling frame needs to be defined and explained.

1.3 Design a questionnaire for collecting data into survey into student experience and perception about UKCBC or your chosen business problem.

Please note: The questionnaire should take into consideration both qualitative and quantitative information. Your questionnaire should also cover information about; students, academic staff and tutors; administration; facilities, student support and learning environment if collecting data onstudent experience and perception about UKCBC.

Instruction for task 2

For this task, you will be required to demonstrate your understanding of a range of techniques to analyse data effectively for business purposes.

With the data collected in task 1.3, use appropriate statistical technique(s) to analyse the data about learner experience and perception about the College.

Please note: If you wish you may choose to combine tasks 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 by creating a frequency table first and then calculate representative values (mean, mode, median, variance and standard deviation)followed by an analyses to inform and draw valid conclusions for the business problem.

Task 2

You are required to;

2.1 Create information for decision making by summarizing data gathered from the survey in task 1.3 by creating a frequency table and then calculate representative values (arithmetic mean, median and mode) from your data.

2.2 Analyse the results of task 1.3 to draw valid conclusions about the survey.

Note: This is the creation of frequency table required for 2.1. – here the results should be analysed and valid conclusions drawn.

2.3 Analyse data using measures of dispersion to inform a given business scenario (standard deviations)

2.4 Explain how quartiles, percentiles and the correlation coefficient are used to draw useful conclusions in a business context.

Note: You explanation should emphasise on the usefulness of these data in decision making with respect to UKCBC.

Instruction for task 3

In this task you will be required  to produce information in appropriate formats for decision making in the organisational context

(LO 3 AC3.1 and AC3.2)

Task 3

You are required to;

P3.1- Produce graphs using spreadsheets and draw valid conclusions based on the data analysed in Task 2.2.

Note: You may use a combination of pie charts, bar charts, histogram and gives and ensure that each graph is labelled accordingly.

P3.2- Using the information below (or gather past data on your chosen business problem) create trend lines in a spreadsheet using scatter graphs to assist in forecasting student population for 2017 and 2018 based on extrapolation of previous year’s data.

Student population
HND Business70270600808950
HND TTM50196350500520
HND CSD10116150186200

Please note: You need to state clearly any assumption(s) made for the forecasted figures and draw your own conclusion. All axes must be labelled clearly

P3.3 – Prepare a power point presentation to be presented to UKCBC Board of Directors on your key findings.

Please note:

This must be a power point presentation of at least 10 slides which will be uploaded separately from the main assignment  and must contain;

§  The title of the presentation and your name

§  The methodology

§  Charts and summary of the key findings

P3.4 – Produce a formal business report to UK CBC Board of Directors about your findings and recommendations. This should be in a proper report format and not less than 500 words.

The report must be in word format and has;

§  a title

§  purpose and limitation

§  content

§  summary and recommendation

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