This is a solution of Business Plan for SME Enterprise Assignment part 3 in which we discuss ,This market research will lead to many stipulations which were confirmed before the business establishment.


Business Plan for SME Enterprise Assignment part 3

As SME Enterprise has a strong financial position, they can endorse their organization and pitch in for their services. They have taken the services of experienced and dedicated Ms. B who had started her career with ABC International only. Therefore, she will have through idea about HR and ethics policies of ABC International. She can manage to hire skilful and competent human resources and employees who are expert in their respective fields. SME Enterprise follows latest approach for the effective service provision. They have formed a thoroughly written quality policy with well elaborated processes and procedures. They have already applied for ISO 9001:2008 and they are also willing to apply for ISO 14001 and ISO 18000 for health, safety and environment compliances respectively. As they will be having most of the database related to their customers; it would be of utmost importance for it to go for ISO 27001. This standard deals with the security of the database inside the organization.
As Dubai Internet City is a free economy zone; they have chosen a very appropriate location. It is not an apt location due to the factor of trade free zone but also, due to its location in the port area. There are different types of companies in Dubai Internet City which can prove to be potential customers in future. Its name can prove to be one of the greatest strengths for the organization behaviour. All these strengths are given below as:-
• Strong fiscal position
• Skilful and competent human resources and employees in specialized fields
• A new type of approach related to the service provision
• Quality procedures and processes
• Appropriate business location


The company has those employees who have extensive experience in the field of marketing. However, they lack specific expertise in the area of the establishment because these employees do not have idea about the market in UAE. They have still not involved local people in their venture which can come out as a weakness. It can also lead to linguistic limitations because native language speakers will not be able to understand the language. All employees are not particularly aware of the local financial management, legal and regulatory compliances. All these weaknesses are given below as:-
• Lack of marketing expertise in the area of establishment
• Lack of involvement for the local people
• Inability of the people to understand the scope of business due to lack of local manpower
• Linguistic limitations
• Lack of awareness about the local financial, regulatory and legal compliances


The business of contact centre is one of the strongly emerging markets in the UAE and the company’s aspirations to join it have opened doors of the opportunity. They have the option of expansion on a global level due to their joint venture with the ABC International. They also have the opportunity to move into new market segments by providing increased profit levels. These are opportunities for the SME Enterprise:-
• Involvement in one of the strongest emerging markets
• Expansion by the joint venture with SME International
• Move into new market segment offering increased level of profits


As SME Enterprise is new in UAE; they are totally unaware of the taxation policies of the country. There is a need to understand these policies as even, competitors can take advantage of this situation. Moreover, all other competitors can have more access to distribution channels which gives them a competitive edge. Following factors can be inscribed as threats:-
• Introduction of taxation over services
• Superior access of distribution channels to various competitors

External Analysis (Porter Five Forces Analysis)

Michael Porter had proposed five different forces for the external market and these forces are threat of new entry, supplier powers, buyer powers, industry rivalry and threat of substitutes. This force analysis is required for recognizing weak linkages in a company’s strategic framework. Also, it provides strength to the company for the development of a brand-new strategy so that the company gets prepared for withstanding external pressures.

Supplier Power

The raw material suppliers provide material at economic rates. There are various suppliers so the company take advantage of the competition amongst them. As the company is new in the marketplace, it can begin the process of making a long-term bond with suppliers. Moreover, Dubai is also known for the ability of customers for the backward integration.

Threat of Entry

Dubai is a developing with different innovations in the field of economy and it is following a continuously growing trend in the marketplace. Therefore, there are positive opportunities in terms of cost benefits. The company will manage to withhold its capital requirements while having access to different channels of distribution. There are no strict government barriers as Dubai has already thrived to be a smart government. However, there will be a need to consider legal barriers by understanding local labour laws.

Industry Rivalry

There are no competitors for the SME enterprise as it provides completely different services in terms of telemarketing.

Threat of Substitutes

As this is a service providing industry, there are no possible substitutes for now. Therefore, SME enterprise will not need to worry about the threat of substitutes. However, there will be a need to get updated with technological advancements in order to keep up with the technological trend.

Buyer Power

In these kinds of services, there will be a need to have the directory of customers for making outbound calls to them. Therefore, the price sensitivity will be maintained but there is a need to maintain the confidentiality of the information related to buyers.

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