This is a solution of Business Plan for SME Enterprise Assignment part 1 in which we discuss ,This market research will lead to many stipulations which were confirmed before the business establishment.

Business Plan for SME Enterprise Assignment part 1

Executive Summar

Business Plan for SME Enterprise Assignment part 1

SME Enterprise represents a contact centre for in-bound and outbound calls along with telemarketing services. SME International is already a well-known organization in the world and it will be beneficial for them to open a contact centre in Dubai. As Dubai has created an impact in the IT industry too; it will be quite beneficial for SME International to collaborate with a contact centre for telemarketing their services. It will be a brand new contact centre which is scheduled to be located in the free economic zone called Dubai Internet City. SME Enterprise will also be involved in the taxation related services. Initially, PESTEL and SWOT analysis will be carried out to know about the current status of the company and know if it would be able to stand out in the marketplace. Thereafter, market research will be carried out by interviewing different personnel from renowned contact centres. This market research will lead to many stipulations which were confirmed before the business establishment. It will also be noted that the business will be undergoing loss in the first two years but it will recovered positively in the third year. The company has decided to keep the manpower of 22 people for the first two years and then, in the third year; the manpower will be increased to 30. Initially, privilege will be given to the marketing and advertisement with adequate funding and opportunities so that the company can create a base. The net present value of the company for the first 3 years will be negative but it will be recovered as the time increases. All in all, the company is looking forward for the long-term establishment in UAE.

Company Summary

Various companies have set-up their own contact centres for their business reasons for meeting their requirements. These needs are related to the deliverance of particular functions with partial or almost no future plan which is supposed to be in compliance and in synchronization with further enhancements. These organizations also get stuck with the provision of minimal fundamental services for end customers. Now, SME International is looking forward for expansion with a long-term vision. Therefore, they have decided to create a joint venture with the contact centre for conveying information about their services to clients.
There are constant updates in the contact centre industry due to the factor of technology which makes it totally difficult for companies to anticipate changes and get updated. It is also difficult to manage the manpower and find the skilled staff. The brand new concept of Burned Agent makes it quite crucial for different companies which are particular small scale integration companies. There is another factor of consideration which stays in the form of the cost for all the small scale as well as medium scale businesses. It is a very challenging factor for the organization.Most of customers for the company will be those firms that need high level of communication between each-other along with their clients too. Therefore, the expected customers are anticipated to be related with medical services along with those companies that are willing for outsourcing their first-level support for the help desk. By concentrating upon such type of market segmentation like these with definite and specific requirements; SME Enterprise will be capable of serving their clients in a better way. They will also be able to provide top-notch services which are quite effectual than various other call centre organizations.


SME Enterprise looks forward towards providing their clients with top-notch call centre services round the clock. This company thrives to offer premium quality services which will be delivered in a cost-effective and timely manner.


SME Enterprise provides a wide assortment of services related to the contact centre which includes both inbound as well as outbound calls. They offer bilingual services in both languages namely English and Arabic. They have understood that the most common needs for contact centres are as given below:-
• First level help desk
• Appointment set-ups
• Product promotion based upon point-of-sale
Business development
• Market research
• Surveys on the basis of political surveys and statistical analysis
• Sales leads generation
• Mailing list or database information
• Conference invitations or seminars

SME Enterprise is not exactly a telemarking organization as they do not execute business or  macro marketing campaigns for their customers. They have learnt it from the fact that various companies wish to generate their marketing or business campaigns by themselves. It can be proved with the fact that they possess an already experienced marketing team with extensive contacts in the related industry. They also have more technical knowledge about the company and they can manage to do it on their own. More precisely, they will prefer doing it by their marketing team as they confide more in their skills which is a totally reasonable aspect to consider.
At the same time, a constraint of cost comes up which restricts these companies from executing the telemarketing campaign. Here, firms do not desire for developing the infrastructure to carry out these campaigns. It is due to the fact that the execution of these campaigns requires different set of skills along with the specific and esoteric core competencies that can divert resources and management from their prime responsibilities. It can actually delay most of their original works and they would not be able to concentrate upon both aspects of the marketing altogether.

This is where these companies find the need of taking the assistance of companies like SME Enterprise. They either can implement a campaign plan after its specific design or connect a particular customer with another telemarketing company. At this point, it can be said that SME Enterprise has already made contacts and arrangements with four different consulting organizations. They thrive to work in vicinity of their customers for creating the scope, goals, costs and length of the campaign. This is necessary for creating a close fit between their capabilities and client requirements.
This contact centre would execute outbound calls, inbound calls, telemarketing campaigns and other associated activities. All these services will be provided by different modes of communication such as Fax, telephone, E-mail, social media and web chat for various business associates and clients. The basic modus operandi for this contact centre will be based upon different types of businesses along with their partner needs and requirements. All these services will cover small as well as medium scale business partners and companies during the initial phase of the company establishment.
However, it has been a topic of debate for a long time but still, contact centres are regarded as cost centres for various firms. At the same time, there will be other information technology related services in the form of change and upgrade, the workforce management and other cost factors.
Apart from studying and implementing market needs of private organizations, SME Enterprise has also managed to understand the government methods. They have understood the brand new direction of various government as well as non-government organizations this direction is focussed upon providing top-notch services to its prospect and existing clients. As UAE government has begun the campaign of transformation from E-government to the Smart-government with the deployment of various apps. It is mandatory for serving their potential clients in a more effective manner.

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