This is a solution of Business Organization System part 3 in which we discuss The factor of quality has an effect on the success attained by the organization.

Reduce Execution Time

The computer systems which are used for checking quality during the production process tend to cut down the cycle time i.e.time taken for the execution of the orders. In the case of producing products with a Business Organization System part 3lower quality than required, the amount of customer complaints will be higher and it will cause more production downtime. This results in huge loss of time and resources. Hence, if QA operating systems are implemented properly in the organization, the order execution time automatically gets reduced (Harvey, 2002).


The dissertation report will try to assess the impact of quality assurance on project  management outcomes. The research objectives that the dissertation report will try to address are as follows:
1.To study the use of quality assurance tools in projects.
2.To study the impact of quality assurance on project outcomes.
3.To what extent quality should be assured in projects.


Research Justification
It is important for a company which is in the process of manufacturing products and services and the policy makers of the business entity to make use of a number of strategies related to the processes total quality management to confirm that the outputs of the projects run by the organizations are conforming to the industry standard. The
adoption of quality assurance business strategy particularly with regard to the key important projects which are performed by the corporation improves the quality of the output and thus enhancing the type of brand image which exists in the perspective of the current as well as probable internal as well as external stakeholders. But we have experienced that several times the strategies which are implemented cannot deliver in a successful manner. One of the major reasons for these unsuccessful strategies may be the incompetence of the quality assurance or quality control department of the company in terms of identifying the challenges and the problems regarding the process of quality assurance. In this way it becomes tremendously significant to understand the key issues and conditions which are affecting the key functions of a particular company. Hence this particular study will be carried out to identify the impact of quality assurance on project outcomes on the basis of a study the use of quality assurance tools in projects, study the impact of quality assurance on project outcomes and a consequent understanding of to what extent quality should be assured in projects. This particular study will base itself only on secondary research which in turn will be based on the existing literatures regarding the quality assurance.

Research Approach

The methodology which will be taken help of for this particular research is using secondary data. The secondary data are mostly taken from the manuscripts, academic journals, periodicals, testimonies etc. published by authorized organizations as well as government and other trustworthy sources and records. Since the fundamental approach of this particular study is to understand and investigation, the thesis will attempt to classify a range of issues correlated to common approaches taken by the quality assurance department and usage of quality assurance tools in different projects and their subsequent outcomes and critically review every aspect related to it with the help of various examples and secondary data.


It may be very easy to perform a case study based on the process of secondary research in comparison to primary research since it is far more easy for a researcher to initiate the process of collecting secondary data, however, it is of high importance that we must take into accounts the inconveniences which are embedded in the process of secondary
research by the very design of this kind of study. The data which are collected for this particular type of study also suffer from various problems of authenticity and others. (Research Methodology: Method And Techniques By CR Kothari, 2008) The set of information which are collected for the analysis for the purpose of a secondary study and consequently the particular methodology for the same study can be highly prone to these problems which can decrease the feasibility of the study exponentially due to wrong set of data.
•It is very much possible for a set of secondary data to get affected by the inconvenience of being very generalized as well as unclear. This will prove the data set to be not useful and actually harmful for the health of the research since it will not lead the researcher to a well defined conclusion.
•The set of data those can be found in several books and journals which are generally the sources for vast amount of secondary data, usually have tendency to show the problem of not being accurate. Hence it is imperative that the researcher always checks the source of the data.
•If the captured information and set of data which represent the secondary data for a particular study are not checked properly it will diminish the reliability factor of the study.
•The very nature of secondary data and research are such that it fail in helping a future researcher to progress with his research work or devise research question or thinking of different processes which may answer the question with respect to his research.
•It is highly probable that the data which are furnished in different secondary sources of data, from which the data are collected for a particular secondary research, are old, out of date and hence irrelevant for the study.
This will severely harm the purpose and scope of the research work which is being carried out depending on that set of data. This factor may very well act upon on the validity of the research work too.
•Due to the very nature of secondary data and research, a researcher who is following this particular type of research fails in making well established and minute observations and in the process of making concepts which may prove to be efficient and effective for him or her.
•Data reliability can be defined as the virtue of a set of data which is being used for a particular study if it is sufficiently complete and free from any kind of error. A reliable set of data has to be convincing for the purpose it is serving in the research study and the context in which it being used. Since the data which is used for this particular study, which has been carried out through a secondary research process, is taken from various other research works, the reliability of them depends heavily on those previous works. But, since works of famous past researchers and analysts who have been acknowledged by several other following researchers have been used in this study, it can be safely assumed that the data set used for this study is reliable.
•Validity of the data can be defined as the correctness and reasonableness of a set of data. Since the methodology pursued in this study is secondary research it is likely to suffer from the problems of invalid data which has been previously used by several researchers and academicians. But an informed decision has been taken in this study to
get rid of this particular problem, through which only famous works of past researchers and academicians have been taken into account. Hence it can be safely concluded that the data set used in this study does not suffer from the invalid set of data.


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