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CSM80001 Final Assignment: Report on Business Opportunities


Business Opportunities Assignment HelpBriefing to the Company Board on Bidding for work in a new area of Business

Frequently Asked Questions about the Final Assignment

  1. What form should the executive summary take?

As with all executive summaries (see the peer review assignment #2) it should have:

  • an introduction showing who the report is addressed to, the context (describing how & why it was prepared) and what the report is about.
  • A body summarising the results
  • A conclusion stating the main issues & decisions required
  1. How do I decide what risks to put in the before and after risk matrix?

Business Opportunities Assignment Help

The start of a risk assessment is a brainstorm to decide all the reasonably foreseeable risks. For each risk you then determine an order of magnitude $ estimate of the consequences and multiply this by an estimated probability such as 1/10,000. The result is a probable value which can be used to sort the list from largest (most significant) to smallest (least significant). Put the top 12 in your risk management plan. Then work out a strategy to manage and minimise the risks for the top 5 and put these results in the before and after risk matrix.

  1. How do I decide what costs to put in the estimate of the cost to prepare a bid for a contract in the chosen area of business?

You must make you own estimate of the time and work hours required for each of the activities listed in 2.1. You will not be marked on the accuracy of any estimate but will be assessed on the reasonableness and logic or how you put it together.

  1. What are the site visits referred to in the activities list? These are items 4 and 14 of the activity list.