This is a solution of Business Implementation Strategy Assignment in which we discuss Developing business in their work practice while undertaking their functioning.


  • Work practices: Organization needs to be committed towards sustainability in order to bring out improvement in their work practice while undertaking their functioning. Business must implement strategies that are best going to make use of resources within the workplace (Dovers, 2005). It is also important for engaging stakeholders for developing better work practices within the business environment. Under this it is crucial for the organization to recognize the importance of protecting environment by minimizing environmental impact of work practices carried out by the enterprise.
  • Communication: Within a business communication plays a big role to form a sustainability strategy. It is important for carrying out internal communication for carrying out the change process in order to make the business operations sustainable. Employees of the business have always been the part of very green conscious public (, 2013). Further, business needs to communicate about their strategies to external world in order to protect the sales against increasing number of environmentally conscious consumers.
  • Equal employment opportunity practices: Sustainability practice is going to ensure about the application of business policies, practices and procedures, so that there is no discrimination undertaken within the enterprise and every employee is laid down with equal access to opportunities (Barr, 2012).


Work practices

Tiny Opera Company is going to manage their work practice in a most appropriate manner, especially in respect to the use of costumes, props, lighting and other facilities (Cox and Béland, 2013). The initiating of appropriate strategies has been helpful for the organization in carrying out sustainability practices in their operations. Company is going to engage their stakeholders in order to encourage use of resources in an efficient and responsible manner.

Objective Strategy Timeline
Minimizing resource use·         Appropriate monitoring of resources being allocated for each show

·         Usage of highly sustainable resources that are environmental friendly

·         There must be appropriate use of costume, props, lighting and facilities during the show

1st year
Reducing toxic materials and hazardous chemical use·         It is crucial for the enterprise to reduce the presence of hazardous and toxic materials from the prop being used in the shows1st year
Encouraging efficient and responsible paper use·         It is important for driving paper efficient work practices and it must be done by leveraging corporate system upgrades

·         Better sorting of recyclable paper from general rubbish

·         There is a need for laying down regular monitoring and reviewing office paper

1st year
Using Low Volatile organic compound·         While carrying out the painting of sets there must be use of Low Volatile organic compound in order to protect the performance of health and safety of employees1st year
Appropriate use of electricity·         Programming of all reverse-cycle air conditioners in the office to automatically switch off at 4.45 pm every day1st  year


Tiny Opera Company is going to undergo appropriate strategies concerning effective communication process within the work environment of the enterprise. This is done in order to align the working of various departments of the organization in a most appropriate manner (, 2014). Management is also going to carry out encouragement process in order to undergo appropriate external communication process.

Objective Strategy Timeline
Encouraging visitors to consider sustainability·         Business is going to encourage their visitors to adopt sustainability practice in their daily routine. It will be presenting the aspects that how sustainable organization has been in order to carry out their activities.

·         For encouraging this aspect business is going to lay down external publicity materials.

1st year
Effective communication among the employees·         Tiny Opera Company is going to build LAN and other communication aspects, so that within the enterprise employees are able to undergo appropriate communication process. This will be helpful in undergoing appropriate sustainable communication within the work environment.1st year
Proper communication between higher and lower level officials·         For enhancing the sustainable communications there is a need for enhancing communication among higher and lower level officials.

·         In order to enhance this aspect there would be development of internal memos.

1st year

Equal employment opportunity practices

Objective Strategy Timeline
Employees will be provided with equal opportunities

·         For initiating this aspect company is going to comply with state, federal and legislation practice in order to provide equal opportunity to their employees.

·         Business is also going to bind with their operations with international human rights agreements.

1st  year


an explanation of how you developed a sustainability policy that reflects Tiny Opera Company’s commitment to sustainability

The process that has been adopted for the development of sustainability policy of Tiny Opera Company is as follows:

  • Meeting with the officials: In order to form the appropriate sustainability policy appropriate meetings have been undertaken in respect to various activities being undertaken within the business. The meetings initiated with the individuals had different perception in respect to the activities that are carried out within the enterprise (, 2016). However, there were certain aspects that had similar perception of every employee. In order to note down these points appropriate memos has been prepared for evaluating these aspects of sustainability in an appropriate manner. It has been done in order to prepare appropriate strategies against these sustainable practices.
  • Identify the drawbacks: After evaluating the memos it has been identified the common drawbacks that were seen to be within the Tiny Opera Company was in relation to work practices, communication and employment opportunity practices (, 2012). These aspects have been considered important based upon the feedbacks undertaken by the management and other officials of the enterprise.
  • Planning ways for being sustainable: The recognition of the areas for which it is important for framing sustainability practice has lead to carry out the planning aspect that is required to be adopted for undergoing effective formulation of strategies (Loorbach and Wijsman, 2013). In order to be sustainable in the business practice it is important for carrying out significant planning for framing out strategies against the areas that is required to be improved through effective formulation of policies.

Looking after the viewpoints of management: Once the sustainable policy has been framed the approval of higher management has been undertaken. It has been done in order to look after their viewpoint concerning the sustainable policies (, 2014). In this respect it has been identified that officials were highly satisfied with respect to the sustainable policies that has been framed against work practices, communication and employment opportunity practices.

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