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Business Communication Assignment HelpGRADE DESCRIPTORS:2, 7TYPE:EssayLEARNING OUTCOMES & ASSESSMENT CRITERIA:1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2.1 and 2.2DATE OF ISSUE: 9th October 2014SUBMISSION DATE: 13thNovember 2014
Return of marked work: 4 weeks after timely submissionSUBMISSION:    This assessment is to be submitted to Jim Jomoa at 10.30am and a copy uploaded onto MoodleWORK SUBMITTED AFTER THE DEADLINE WILL BE CONSIDERED FOR PASS ONLY

Grading information for this assignment
Grade descriptor:2,  Application of Knowledge
For a pass you should:Meet the assessment criteria to achieve the learning outcomes for the unit.
For a merit you should:Make use of relevant facts with very good levels of analysis.
For a distinction you should:Make use of relevant facts with excellent levels of analysis.
Additional Guidance notesWhat this means is that you can state what a good and a poor communication model is, differentiating between the two, analysing what is effective and what isn’t.  Using either very good or excellent analysis of each model chosen.
Grade descriptor:7, Quality
For a pass you should:Meet the assessment criteria to achieve the learning outcomes for the unit
For a merit you should:The student’s work taken as a whole demonstrates a very good response to the demands of the brief/assignment
For a distinction you should:The student’s work taken as a whole demonstrates an excellent response to the demands of the brief/assignment
Additional Guidance notesThe use of structure in your essay is essential.  Use the format discussed.  You must demonstrate a clear understanding of the topic.  Grammar and spelling are equally important.

Declaration:  I confirm that this assignment is all my own work and that it conforms to the course policy on plagiarism as stated in the course handbook.                                  

Print name:Learner signature:Date:

Discursive Essay:
Provide a word processed essay (maximum 2000 words± 10%) displaying: knowledge, understanding, critical analysis, evaluation, research methods, reflection and creativity.

Explain the process of communication, with reference to a specific business situations i.e. manager to staff member, staff member to staff member, staff to customer.

Explore the way in which a Travel and Tourism company or business companywill take advantage of effective business communication in the workplace. Give case study examples to highlight your key points.

Evaluate the way in which a company would use their knowledge of effective business communication techniques to enhance the process of communication with their customers. Use examples and relevant statistical data.

Analyse the barriers to effective communication, including different audience requirements. 

Summarise the importance of successful business communication.All students should prepare and submit an essay on the above topic addressing learning outcomes 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2.1 and 2.2.Students should submit:An Introduction – State what you are going to discuss – see topic.Main body and discussion – The information you are evaluating, your opinion and analysis.  Look at the positives and negatives, develop your ideas, compare and contrast, define.Conclusion – A logical outcome.  Pull the threads together.  Tell us what you have discussed.  Do not introduce a new topic here.Bibliography– Sources of information and referencingRemember: you can use diagrams or visuals if they are appropriate, but if you wish them to be looked at you will need to refer to them and to explain them.

Internal verification: confirmed to be a fair and accurate assignment for the criteria

Print name:IV signature:Date:  


  • Font: Arial Size:  12 for body text, larger for titles and headings.
  • Leave 1 space after a comma, 2 spaces after a full stop.
  • Put an extra line space between paragraphs.
  • Do not use full-stops after titles and headings.
  • Use basic formatting (e.g. bold, italics, underline, font size) for emphasis but do not overdo it.
  • Body text should be left aligned or fully justified.
  • Long quotations should be fully justified and indented left and right.
  • Dense text (e.g. in essay form) can be 1½ or double line spaced.
  • Always number the pages of your document.
  • Include a header and/or footer containing your name and unit title.
  • Display the word count at the end of the document (bibliography should not be included in the word count).
  • Add bibliographic footnotes and endnotes if appropriate.


  • Essay length: make sure you keep within 2000 words as requested. Use word count to identify the number of words used at the end of your essay.
  • Make sure you cover each assessment criteria.
  • Avoid contractions in your work, e.g. write: “do not” not “don’t”.
  • Be careful of homophones, e.g. “personal” and “personnel”.
  • Be careful of “its” and “it’s”.   “Its” = possessive pronoun; “it’s” = it is.
  • Use the thesaurus in Microsoft Word if word processing.
  • Don’t use phone text spelling, e.g. don’t write “c”, write “see”.
  • Always include a bibliography with your essay.


  • Save your work every few minutes – do not wait until the end of the session.
  • Use the spellcheck facility and always proof read your work carefully – consistency and accuracy are essential features of any word processed document.
  • Make a habit of checking your work in Print Preview before you print – it saves paper.
  • Keep copies of important documents – your work can always be recovered if something goes wrong with the computer – using a memory stick is essential.


Learning outcomeComment
1.1  Explain the stages of the communication process
1.2  Analyse the barriers to effective communication
1.3  Assess audience requirements
2.1  Evaluate the importance of successful communication
2.2  Explain the difference between the available tools of communication and select the appropriate method in a range of situations
Grade Descriptor Tutor Comments Performance against descriptor


1.Understanding of the subject
2. Application of knowledge
4. Use of Information
Quality of work including spelling, grammar, punctuation, vocabulary and referencing:
General comments including commitment, effort and advice for improvement:
SIGNED:                                                                    ASSESSOR                 DATE:



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