Business Assessment

Business Assessment


This paper intends to give a literature review about four articles that addresses the same topic which is related to management and performance of an organization. The paper will discuss about those four articles which talks about how effective management can improve performance of both the people and the company. First, the paper will talk about the field itself and how the concept developed. Further, the paper will discuss the common themes and findings among those four chosen articles. Then the paper will talk about the difference in themes and findings among those four articles. Again, the paper intends to discuss about the managerial implications and what those articles outlines managerial functions and lastly, the paper will describe the limitations of those studies and give proposal for future research direction.

Business AssessmentDiscussion:

Management is something that has several branches. One of them is human resource management which is the most overlooked and underappreciated branch of management but in fact if a person carefully analyse and look at the reality, human resource department holds the most responsibilities and has one of the toughest jobs in the whole management process. This particular department is responsible for the most importance function, that is, increasing the performance of the whole organisation. In this process, the main intention is to increase the performance of the employees which is co-related with the increase in performance of the organisation. As employees are the most valuable resource for a company, an effective management of the same is the key to the success of the organisation. Thus, discussed below are four articles that suggests steps and structure of improving the performance by the use of better and effective management.

Brief summary and background:

Article 1:6 Strategies for Effective Performance Management

This article is written by the head of marketing for Clear Company Sara Pollock who is an expert in the field of management. In this article the author gave few suggestion and implication as to how better management leads to better performance for an organisation. The article talks about effective performance management and its regulation structures. It talks about how effective management affects leadership, interpersonal relationship, team work and feedback. There are strategies using which employees can be kept motivated to work more efficiently as a team and communicate their problems to the right authority who is also ready to help the employees in order to increase not only the employee’s performance but also the company as well which can be achieved through this process (HR Daily Advisor. 2018).

Article 2:How to Improve Performance Management through Better Communication

This article is written by a marketing expert with huge experience in this field named Anita Wojtaś-Jakubowska, who is also a public relation practitioner. In her article, the author talks about how effective communication management can lead to better performance of the employees which will result to an increase in organisational performance. The author says that effective communication enhances a number of elements that has a deep positive impact on the employees which in turn makes them work more efficiently in the given working environment (Emplo 2018).

Article 3:7 Eye-Opening Strategies to Improve Employee Performance

This article is written by an expert writer in the field of management from the famous blog Rise people. That article aims to explain several strategies to improve employee performance. Further the article outlines different elements of management that are effective for increasing performance. The author says that a good leadership quality can maintain the performance of the employees and in turn can achieve the organisational goal with increased performance. The article further discusses about the importance of performance assessment and how it can be used to increase employee performance. Moreover, the article gives an explanation as to why one single uniform strategy and method cannot work in different environment and thus need to adapt several strategies in order to counter the problems of underperformance of employees (Staff 2018).

Article 4:Top 5 Advantages of an Effective Performance Management Program

This article is written by management program expert Andrew Lessard who has been working in government organisation relating to the field of management and more specifically giving suggestion as to how to increase performance with effective performance management program. In the article the author gives several strategies using which better performance can be achieved and the implications can be analysed. The author talks about general HR structure and their strategies to increase the performance of an organisation. Further, the article explains who defining role can also have positive impact on the performance of the employees. It also discusses how motivation can be an integral part of people management in order to achieve better performance of employees resulting to increased performance of the organisation (GovLoop. 2018).

Common themes and finding across the four chosen articles:

All the articles have common theme which is about increasing performance of employees which will increase the performance of the organisation with effective management of various factors of management. All the articles give a common suggestion of having effective communication management that will impact the performance in a positive way. Another similarity that can be spotted as defining organisational goals that will lead to better management of an organisation as it will increase the performance of all the employees ((HR Daily Advisor. 2018). All the four articles intend to describe various strategies and methods of achieving better performance through effective management of valuable resources. Companies are often careful about their strategies as it can have both positive and negative effect on the organisational goal and can in turn prove to be detrimental to the whole object of the organization ((Staff 2018). Thus, effective management of human resource along with other important resources is the key and this has been the major discussion across all the article that has been discussed in this paper and for the purpose of this paper in literature review such articles are chosen that address the same general idea of increasing performance of the organisation with the effort of the employees and also the leaders of the organisation. Another common finding that can be observed is that, all the articles are human resource centric, as in, the authors puts more emphasis on the management of people which is the most valuable resource for an organisation and without which not even a single goal can be fulfilled by the organisation.

Difference in themes and findings across the four articles:

Though all the article has the same intention, that is, to increase the performance of an organisation but all the four articles addressed different factors that can be used to achieve better performance. Better performance can be achieved by various managerial elements like good leadership, effective communication, defining exact roles etc. Thus, the main difference that can be observed are explained as follows: Article 1 gives general straight forward strategies that can be used to get better performance out of available resources (HR Daily Advisor. 2018). Whereas article 2 gives communication strategies that can improve performance eventually over a certain period of time(Emplo 2018). The third article gives an explanation as to how employee performance can be assesses and how the use of that assessment can aid the management in implementing better organization structure that can improve the performance of both the organization and its employees as they are all interconnected and can be co-related with each other(Staff 2018). Lastly, the fourth article talks about effective management programs that can be adopted by companies to enhance the overall performance and allocation of resources(GovLoop. 2018).

Identification and discussion of Managerial implications:

The articles explain the strategies that can be adopted for increasing the performance of the employees which in turn will increase the performance of the whole organisation. Now, this whole function of implementing and making strategies to enhance the performance of employees are related to managerial functions and most abled managers are given the task to do these(Emplo 2018). This is an integral part of managerial functions and defines the way managers are responsible for improving the whole organization (GovLoop. 2018). Hence, it is the objective of the managers from different departments and mostly from human resource department to take care of the employees so that they perform better and provide them a good working environment that will make them work harder for the objectives of the organisation.

Study limitation and future recommendation:

Though the articles give several steps to improve performance but it is not always appropriate to implement new strategies for better management as no structure is certain and has no guarantee that it will work for the current situation and structure. Thus, here comes some limitations in those articles that should be noted while analyzing the contents. All the articles are performance centric, now being performance centric in a discussion where performance is the main highlight is very normal but, in this process, to increase performance most organisations gives less regard to ethical and moral issues and they want the employees to work as much as they can to improve the performance of the organisation. Thus, it is recommended that manager and leaders not only seek for better performance from employees but try to improve other elements apart from the most valuable resource. This is because, though it is the most valuable, it cannot be the only element in improving performance.


To conclude it can be said that, experts in the field of management and marketing are keen to develop more improved strategies that results to increased performance of employees affecting the organisation in a positive way. It is the function of the whole management group to implement strategies so that employees perform well enough for the organisation and also the constant innovative methods to make employees feel their importance and value that will increase their morals and behavior towards not only the organisation but also their colleagues creating an effective working environment. The articles outline the steps and gives suggestions to improve the performance in all terms with effective managerial skills.


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