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Question 2

Part A:

This is one of the options that are available in the MS project, by the use of that it is easy to level the resources. There isa lot of different type of the resource levelling options are present among all of them remove both the split task and individual resources, and then level all the resources, with the help of that all the overallocated resources are removed.

Part B:

Part C:

When the resources over-allocationare removed, then the duration of the project changes and the costing of the project remains the same. This is due to there isa number of resources are the same but the work allocation changes, due to that change the duration of the project changes.

Business AnalystsPart D:

No potential problem presents

Question 3

To:  Harold Steptoe


From: Student Name

Subject:Evidenceof the accomplishment of the planning stage.

Date: 06October 2018.


This mail is regarding provides the details about the outcomes of the planning phase as this phase has finished, the project will be started from the 1 October 2018, and the overall duration was 293 days, this is after all the resources are working properly. Below shows you the list of the cost of all the resources.

Part A
Question 4

The selected resources are a software engineer and the workshop Assistant, the reason is that these are more than one available for the project.The selected task is 5.6.4 and 5.7.4.

Part B

Part C

There is a change in the duration of the project, it was reduced from 181 days to 174 days. Because all the task is in the critical path, cost remains the same as the number of the employee and working of the employee remains the same.

Question 5

Part A

Refers to the schedule then there is need to add the task for the testing of the project and this can be adding after the project schedule is completed. Other than this it can also be added after each sub-stage completed.

Question 6

There is need to add the testing of eachstage and there is need to add the milestones after eachsubstages, with this it will improve the quality of the project and this will help to work in the better direction. The project manager needs to manage all and monitor all the working of the project