Buisness Analysis Planning Assignment Help  

 Research objective The main objective of this is talk about specifically spending cuts on homelessness in ealing. Add how you are going to achieve this i.e. by ensuring that the current issues are understood such as influenced by government cuts on funding.  What sources you are going to use. Make sure its secondary data please. Such as statistical methods to reach the objective.

 Research question (what age group is most affected by homelessness) for copy 2 assignment

                                   (what gender is most affected by homelessness in ealing borough) copy 1

 Hypothesis     ( add keep it simple in copy 1 and 2) what is the relationship between government cuts and homelessness.

 Data collection and methods add three tables eg below please find out the information needed below and explain data is being collected to find out the answer to the above questions do 1 question for each of the assignments by using, graphs, charts, means, median and correlation to compare with the chosen boroughs in copy 1 and 2 chiswick and Hillingdon. Excel will be used to get my answer, use excel to find mean, median and correlation. Also add a graph to compare chiwick borough with ealing borough and the same for Hillingdon and ealing for the comparison as to what was the expenditure and funding and how many people were homeless. When you add mean, median and mode add all data so I can understand the work out of your analysis and method please. 

Data interpretation interpret the data collected in data collection in this part and why funding is less now, what year it was lesser and how and how it affects the people of the borough and how much has been spent between what years.  If you can add forecast of future spending. Add descriptive statistics such as mean, median and correlation and explain.

 Reccomendations- funding should not be cut as it will affect (add please).

 Conclusion (add please).

 Add references and citation please use uk sites, government, articles, etc.