BSBPMG522 -Undertake Project Work

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Assessment Guidelines

Please read the following assessment guidelines carefully.

  1. The purpose of this activity is to assess your knowledge and skills in Undertake Project Work.
  2. If you have any considerations that may affect your performance in the assessment, please inform your assessor immediately. Your assessor will provide you with a suitable alternative to complete this assessment.
  3. Your assessor will mark your assessment and provide feedback and a grade to you via the assessment submission on Moodle.
  4. If you feel the decision made by your assessor was incorrect you have the rights to appeal the grading through filling out an appeals form which will then be handle by the Academic Manager.
  5. A “NYS” (not yet satisfactory) result of this task may be returned to you for a re-assessment. Re-assessments must be submitted by an agreed date with your assessor.
  6. The re-assessment work must address the specific performance tasks beyond doubt for the assessor to issue a satisfactory (pass) result. A repeat NYS outcome could lead to an administration fee for further reassessment.
  7. All work must be done individually. Copied work will not be accepted and

By adding my name to this document, I hereby declare the work is my own and has not been copied from any other source.

BSBPMG522 – Undertake Project Work

Task A – Case study – Dinner Party

You and your business partner own a catering company. You have been contracted by Peter, Managing Director of ABC IT and Electronics PTY.LTD to cater a formal dinner party as an appreciation to all the employees for their contribution.

You will cater for 30 people at Peter’s home at 7pm, 4 weeks from today. You will be cooking a decorative 8 course meal including appetizers and an appetite refresher between entree and dessert.

There will be a cheese course and fine wines will be chosen to match each course. Peter also indicated that there will be 5 employees who ae vegetarian. Your budget will be $ 15,000. You will be responsible for the complete event including food, drink, wait staff and entertainment.

You may even be required to hire some table ware and accessories to make the occasion special. In this even you will work with a group members and discuss and come to an agreement who will act as the Project Manager.

Assessment Task

Use the appropriate appendix and project management tool, you need to develop the project plan below.

  1. Develop the Scope plan using Appendix 1 and ensure that:

 appropriate initiation and scope documents for discussion

  1. determine scope statement, project deliverables, scope depth, project stakeholders, identify project timeline, legislative assumptions and define project stakeholders
  2. Develop your project plan and document the following:
  3. Project plan (Appendix 2)
  4. Timeline and Milestone (Appendix 3)
  5. Milestone Report (Appendix 4)
  6. Work Breakdown Structure (Appendix 5)
  7. Project Communications Plan (Appendix 6)

BSBPMG522 – Undertake Project Work

  1. Develop as risk management plan for your project and document in Appendix 7.
  2. Include consideration of WHS risk management. Identify, assess and suggest treatment of at least three additional risks, including financial risk and document any clarification from delegating authority on these issues that may impact on the project and its parameters.
  3. Record risks on a risk register and complete a risk assessment document for each risk.
  4. Ensure to outline the legislative and regulatory context in relation to project work, including work health and safety (WHS) requirements
  5. Develop a budget for the project and record the plan in Appendix 8
  1. In conclusion with your project team, complete the following:
    1. A variance request on any modification in your project plan in Appendix 9 and take note on comparing budgeted spend with actual spends.
  2. Inconsultaion with your project team:
    1. Develop project deliverable and quality assurance on deliverables as required by the project plan (Appendix 10)
  3. Roles and responsibilities for each team member (Appendix 11)
  4. Determine monitoring and record-keeping systems requirements and record finding in (Appendix 12)
  5. Provide the project plan review and document information to finalise the project. (Appendix 13)
  6. Identify support for project team members, especially with regard to specific need in order to achieve the expected outcomes of performance as well as Identifying and assigning roles for staff involved in project to new roles (Appendix 14)
  7. Produce a hand over report for the Project Sponsor (the assessor) for sign-off by documenting information found in Appendix 15.
  8. Conduct a project review on the following:
    1. Evaluate on project outcomes (Appendix 16)
    2. Document lessons learned from the project in Appendix 17

Appendix 1: Scope Plan

BSBPMG522 – Undertake Project Work

Project Scope

Project NameProject No:Project ManagerStart date

Why the project is being undertaken




What are the measureable outcomes decided at the beginning of the project which are reviewed at the end of the project in order to see if they were achieved or not?

Project objectives

State briefly what this scope statement is for.

Scope statement

A demonstrable result which is required to be produced by the project

Project deliverables

What are the work that needs to be executed to deliver a product, service or even a result?

In Scope

Outline the work that are not to be executed to deliver a product, service or even a result

Out of Scope

What are the limiting factor that affects the project (issues related to the project/project parameters should be discussed/ clarified from the delegating authority)?

Project constraints

BSBPMG522 – Undertake Project Work

Stage Name
Proposed project
Proposed budget
(costs and human
The names of those authorised to initiate contract work, sign contracts and completion acceptances. Variations
and penalties may apply equally to the client and service provider
Contract declaration
Stakeholders are any individuals, group or organisations that have interest or are affected by the project.
Suggested answers:
Prepared by:Date:Approved by:Date

BSBPMG522 – Undertake Project Work

Appendix 2: Project Plan

Project Plan

Project Title: <name of the project>

Purpose: <why this project is undertaken>

Project Objectives: <what this project aims to achieve>

Defining Project Responsibilities

Personnel <who>
Tasks/ Activities <what>NameNameNameName
Stakeholder Analysis
StakeholderTheir interest orWhat the projectPerceived attitudesActions to take
requirement fromneeds from themand/ or risks
the project

BSBPMG522 – Undertake Project Work

Appendix 3: Timeline and Milestones

Gantt and Milestone Chart

ActivitiesPeriod (Day/week/month)


BSBPMG522 – Undertake Project Work

Appendix 4: Milestone Report

Milestone Report:
Project:Date of meeting:
  • R = Red flags [off plan – describe in detail: quality, cost, time] A = Amber [is almost off schedule or will definitely be off schedule NOTE: you may need to agree the precise definition before use] G = Green flags [to plan or better – show savings]
Deliverables/ Milestones dueDue dateR/A/G*Action to take to being deliverable or task back
on schedule

BSBPMG522 – Undertake Project Work

Appendix 5: Work Breakdown Structure

Work Breakdown Structure

Appendix 6: Project Communication Plan

Project Communications Plan

StakeholderInformationMethodFrequencyWho is responsible

BSBPMG522 – Undertake Project Work

Appendix 7: WHS Risk Register

WHS Risk Register

Score as follows; for Likelihood and Impact: High = 3, Medium = 2, Low = 1

Nature of risk or uncertaintyHigh/High/x ImpactRisk MitigationWho will take
Describe of the uncertain event, thisRate theRate theState description of
could contain a work health and safetylikelihood andlikelihood and resolution techniques –
riskconsequenceconsequencetransfer, avoid, accept or
mitigate the negative risks
and enhance, share, accept
– positive risks

BSBPMG522 – Undertake Project Work

Appendix 8: Project Budget

Project Budget

CategoryItemQuantity/Cost per itemTotal cost ($)
number ofor per hour

BSBPMG522 – Undertake Project Work

Appendix 9: Variance Request

Change Control Sheet

Project Title:Requested By:Change
Request No:
Issued By:Date of Request:
Item of Scope Affected
Nature of Change
Reason for Change
Impact on Resources
Impact on Budget
Impact on Schedule
Change Evaluation
Change ApprovalChange Implementation

BSBPMG522 – Undertake Project Work

Appendix 10: Administer and Monitor the project

Project DeliverableStandards or RequirementsQuality AssuranceQuality Control
  • obtaining resources
  • recruiting personnel
  • organising and leading the project team
  • assigning all project tasks
  • communicating with stakeholders and all necessary parties

This could include ISO standards, organisational standards or client requirements in terms of quality

Indicate the process to ensure quality is included inOutline the procedure to check for quality on completion
the design and build processes

BSBPMG522 – Undertake Project Work

Appendix 11: Project Team Responsibilities

Project Team Responsibilities

Project NameProject Manager
TaskName of memberName of memberName of memberName of member

P = Primary; S = Secondary

BSBPMG522 – Undertake Project Work

Appendix 12: Project Documentation Tracker

Project Documentation Tracker

Project NameProject Manager
Required documentationSpecificationRequested byQuantity neededDate requested
Prior to Pre-event
Prior to confirmation of work
Weekly basis

Traffic light:

Accomplishments since the last report

(Deliverables completed, milestones attained, decisions made, issues resolved)

Date DueDate CompletedDeliverable, milestones, decision or issue
<DD/MM/YYYY><DD/MM/YYYY><Description of what was achieved – as per project plan>

Upcoming activities

(What the team must focus on achieving throughout the next reporting period)

Date DueTasks
<DD/MM/YYYY><What is due to be completed in the upcoming period>
Budgeted to dateActuals to dateComments
$$<Reason for any variances>

Summary of issues and variations

<Number><Summary description of any issues or change requests>

Other Comments

<Any other information that should be reported to stakeholders>

BSBPMG522 – Undertake Project Work

Appendix 14: Staff Development

Staff Development Assessment Template

Date of developmentDate to be reviewed
Discussed with mentor/ colleagueDiscussed with manager
Areas of concernPersonalProfessional
Required skills (what are the
needed competencies, job
Gaps/ barriers/ obstacles and
solutions (gaps in knowledge/
skills/ changes to systems/
services requiring new skills/ what
would help you to progress in
your role?
Training Planner Template
IdentifiedDevelopmentDetails (provider, Objective ofTimeframeCost
gapsactivitieslocation, etc.)development

BSBPMG522 – Undertake Project Work

Appendix 15: Project Sign off

Project Sign-off Sheet
Project Name:Project Manager:
Start Date:Completion Date:
Project Duration:Sponsor:
Project Goal/objectives:
Project Deliverables:
By signing this document, I acknowledge that I haveBy signing this document, I acknowledge that I have
delivered all the stated deliverables at the agreed toreceived all the stated deliverables at the agreed to
quality levels.quality levels.
Project Manager Name and Signature:Sponsor Name and Signature:

BSBPMG522 – Undertake Project Work

Appendix 16: Project Evaluation TemplateProject Evaluation

Project Scope
Time Management
Cost Management
Quality Management
Risk Management
Human Resources
Integration Management

BSBPMG522 – Undertake Project Work

Appendix 17: Review and Finalise Project

DateDescriptionRecommended ActionRaised By
<DD/MM/YYYY><Description of the positive or<What action should be taken next time to either ensure this<Raised by>
negative lessons learnt from thishappens again (positive lesson) or does not happen again
project>(negative lesson)>.