Unit 33 Data Analysis And Design

Unit 33 Data Analysis And Design

Unit 33 Data Analysis And Design,I hereby, declare that I know what plagiarism entails, namely to use another’s work and to present it as my own without attributing the sources in the correct way. I further understand what it means to copy another’s work.

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Research Project

Research Project

In the present era, businesses are focused on the effective use of technological tools in respect to improving their performance. By having a consideration of critical standards in the application of technology the issues can be resolved effectively and leads business to an impressive level of success. Travel and tourism sector has a diversified service that needs the assistance of technology. It allows managing work activities in the desired manner and ensuring that a better service is being offered to customers (Saviotti, 2018). It helps in improving the work standards so that a business entity can accomplish a competitive advantage effectively. In order to have an understanding about the influence of technology on operations of the travel and tourism sector, the present research has been conducted.

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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

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Executive Summary
Operation management is a critical function in every organisation. The diversity it caters make it the most significant aspect, due to which organisations are increasingly focusing on the betterment of their operations in the internal and external environment of the firm.

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System Analysis and Design

System Analysis and Design

Name of Student 
Unit TitleSystem Analysis and Design

[Unit code: K/601/1281; QCF Level 4; Credit value: 15]

Assignment No. & TitleAssignment 2

I.            Understand the different system life cycle models

II.            Recognize the significance of Feasibility Study

III.            Performing systems investigation

Name of Assessor 
Hand Out Date 
Hand in Date 
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Unit 03 Professional Practice

Unit 03 Professional Practice

General Guidelines
1. A cover page or title page should be attached to your assignment. Use page 1 of this assignment brief as your cover page and make sure all details are accurately filled.
2. The entire assignment brief should be attached as the first section of your assignment.
3. The assignment should be prepared using a word processing software.
4. The assignment should be word processing in an A4 sized paper.
5. Allow 1” margin on top, bottom and right sides of the paper and 1.25” on the left side (for binding).

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Critical Analysis Paper

Critical Analysis Paper

Thisessay provides explanation on the influence of belongingness, emotional intelligence, resilience and the communication in the nursing practices of new registered nurses on their practices (Fedoruk and Hofmeyer, 2014). The essay will primarily focus on the effects of these concepts on the patient outcome and care services. The relationship of the mentioned factors and the nursing informatics and improvement of patient care quality will also be assessed in this essay. The nursing knowledge, skills, attitudes and perceptions come into play in the practices which is linked with the sense of belonging, emotional intelligence, resilience and communication practices (Norouziniaet al., 2016). Theessay will also be supported with literature evidence with respect to the situational analysis and patient outcome.

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Unit 27 Managing Quality in Health and Social Care

Unit 27 Managing Quality in Health and Social Care

This report focused on the stakeholders’ perspective in managing quality and the roles of the agencies when setting right standards, and assesses policies and procedures concerning quality management. Also evaluated the implementation of quality systems and methods concerning internal and external perspectives. In addition, evaluate the impact of engaging service users when implementing and evaluating quality and suggestions on improvement of quality.

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Responsive Web Design Principles

Responsive Web Design Principles

Flexible images are one of the most important features of responsive webpages. Flexible images means the ability or property of the image to change their size depending on the resolution of the screen or the browser window.In the design of the pages which were not responsive the width and height ofimages is set by the use of pixels(Nikita, 2015).

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Unit 11 Strategic Quality And Systems Management

Unit 11 Strategic Quality And Systems Management

 You should submit the assignment on or before the given due date.
 This is a take home assignment.
 Soft copies (WORD FORMAT) to be emailed to assignments@hrmi.lk. Email subject line must carry your name and module name / course name.
 All assignments should be spiral bound with black hard cover as the last sheet.
 A hard copy of the first page of this document and feedback sheets to be attached to the assignment front with your details.
 Clearly label the CD with your student registration number & module name and attach it to the back cover of your assignment.
 Multiple submissions for higher grading are not allowed.
 Late submissions: If you do not submit your assignment on given deadline, you will be required to pay Rs.2,000 as LATE SUBMISSION FEE. Late submission period is one month.
 In the case of a late submission your grade will be capped at ‘Pass’
 Submissions made after the late submission period will involve a penalty of Rs. 5,000. ( LATE SUBMISSION PENALTY)
 Submissions made after Three Months from the original due date will not be accepted and treated as a referral.
 If you are unable to handover your assignment on time, and have a valid reasons such as critical illness, you are required to apply in writing for an extension in advance, supported by appropriate evidence.
Resubmission opportunity
 An assignment provides the final assessment for the relevant learning outcomes and is normally a final assessment decision. A student who, for the first assessment opportunity, has failed to achieve a Pass for that unit specification shall be expected to undertake a reassessment.
- Reassessment for course work, shall normally involve the reworking of the original task.
- For examinations, reassessment shall involve a new question paper.
- A student who undertakes a reassessment will have their grade capped at a Pass for that unit.
- In the event you are required to 'redo' a particular Learning Outcome / Task of an Assignment submitted by you, you are requested to collect your 'redo' assignment from HRMI office (Polhengoda) and resubmit it within a month from the email notification.

- All the redo work must be printed in a light colour paper and stapled to the particular re-do section while the previous work is remaining in the assignment.
- If you do not submit your ‘redo’ assignment within the stipulated time period, late submission conditions will be applied.

Repeat Units
 A student, who, for the first assessment opportunity and resubmission opportunity, still failed to achieve a Pass for that unit specification, is required to re attend the module.
- The student must study the unit again with full attendance and may be required to make a payment of the unit fee.
- The overall unit grade for a successfully completed repeat unit is capped at a Pass for that unit.
- Units can only be repeated once
 Non submission of work without valid reasons will lead to an automatic REFERRAL requiring submission of the assignment with the next batch.

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Unit 33 Data Analysis Design

Unit 33 Data Analysis Design

Unit 33 Data Analysis And Design,Copyright Statement:
Copyright © - All rights reserved - UK College of Business and Computing
This document is the product and property of the UK College of Business and Computing and therefore may not be: shared with any external third party; reproduced in full or in part; or used in any other related manner whatsoever, without prior expressed written permission. This statement is for the attention of students, staff and external parties. In the case of copyright infringement, legal action will be exercised

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BSBWHS605 Develop Implement Maintain WHS Management Systems

BSBWHS605 Develop Implement Maintain WHS Management Systems

BSBWHS605 Develop Implement Maintain WHS Management Systems

ICON College of Technology and Management HND in Travel and Tourism Management Unit 12: Hospitality Provisions in the TT Sector (Level 4) Session: February 2018
This assignment will be assessed by a written coursework consisting of 3 tasks.
Assignment Context and Scenario:
You are a trained travel and tourism executive with some exposure to the hospitality operations. As a junior management executive at a UK based hospitality organisation, you will be required to oversee hospitality projects and therefore will be posted to several sites within the company. By the end of your posting, you will be required to submit a report to the senior management to demonstrate your understanding of the hospitality operations. Your report therefore will have the following 3 tasks (next page) to be addressed.

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Unit 11 Travel And Tourism Entrepreuneur

Unit 11 Travel And Tourism Entrepreuneur

HND Assignment Brief
Session: February 2018

Programme title Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND in Travel and Tourism Management

Unit number and title 11 Travel and Tourism Entrepreneur

Assignment number & 1 of 1 Skills for Travel and Tourism Start-ups

Unit Leader N Saleem

Assessor (s) N Saleem

Issue Date

Final assignment 04-09 June 2018
submission deadline

11-16 June 2018
The learners are required to follow the strict deadline set by the
Late submission College for submissions of assignments in accordance with the BTEC
level 4 – 7 submission guidelines and College policy on submissions.
They should also refer to Merit and Distinction criteria that require

evidence of meeting agreed timelines and ability to plan and organise
time effectively without which the learner may not expect to receive a
higher grade.

Resubmission deadline TBA

In-class feedback will be available from draft submissions on a
task-by-task basis as a formative feedback and also for initial
Feedback submission.

Final feedback will be available within 2 – 3 weeks of the assignment
submission date.

The work you submit must be in your own words. If you use a quote or an illustration from somewhere you must give the source.

Include a list of references at the end of your document. You must give all
your sources of information.
Guidelines Make sure your work is clearly presented and that you use readily
understandable English.
Wherever possible use a word processor and its “spell-checker”.

Internal verifier Vipin Nadda

Signature (IV of the Date 03/03/2018
brief) *

Department of Hospitality Page 1 of 5

ICON College of Technology and Management
Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND in Travel and Tourism Management (QCF)
Session: February 2018
Unit 11: Travel and Tourism Entrepreneur Level 5

This Unit will be assessed by written assignment and a class presentation to meet the Merit Criteria


Assignment Context and Business Scenario

Related to LO1:

Task 1 is related to learning outcome 1 and is about your travel & tourism entrepreneurial skills and focuses on your skills and potential to be an entrepreneur in the travel and tourism sector. It is about self-assessing yourself that requires you to critically examine your strengths and weaknesses as well as your opportunities and threats as an entrepreneur.

It is strongly advised you to take a few minutes and ponder whether you can be an entrepreneur and jot down certain points why you think you are or you could become a travel and tourism entrepreneur. Also, consider identifying what skills you would need to be a successful entrepreneur.

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