Unit 1 Developing Strategic Management

Unit 1 Developing Strategic Management and Leadership Skills

Unit 1 Developing Strategic Management and Leadership Skills,
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Unit 1 Developing Strategic Management

ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS                                                   




  • You should submit the assignment on or before the given due date.
  • This is a take home assignment.
  • Soft copies (WORD FORMAT) to be emailed to assignments@hrmi.lk. Email subject line must carry your name and module name / course name.
  • All assignments should be spiral bound with black hard cover as the last sheet.
  • A hard copy of the first page of this document and feedback sheets to be attached to the assignment front with your details.
  • Clearly label the CD with your student registration number & module name and attach it to the back cover of your assignment.
  • Multiple submissions for higher grading are not allowed.
  • Late submissions: If you do not submit your assignment on given deadline, you will be required to pay Rs.2,000 as LATE SUBMISSION FEE. Late submission period is one month.
  • In the case of a late submission your grade will be capped at ‘Pass’
  • Submissions made after the late submission period will involve a penalty of Rs. 5,000. ( LATE SUBMISSION PENALTY)
  • Submissions made after Three Months from the original due date will not be accepted and treated as a referral.
  • If you are unable to handover your assignment on time, and have a valid reasons such as critical illness, you are required to apply in writing for an extension in advance, supported by appropriate evidence.

Resubmission opportunity

  • Unit 1 Developing Strategic Management An assignment provides the final assessment for the relevant learning outcomes and is normally a final assessment decision. A student who, for the first assessment opportunity, has failed to achieve a Pass for that unit specification shall be expected to undertake a reassessment.

– Reassessment for course work, shall normally involve the reworking of the original task.

– For examinations, reassessment shall involve a new question paper.

– A student who undertakes a reassessment will have their grade capped at a Pass for that unit.

​- ​In the event you are required to ‘redo’ a particular Learning Outcome / Task of an Assignment submitted by you, you are requested to collect your  ​’​redo​’​ assignment from HRMI office (Polhengoda) and resubmit it within a month from the email notification.

​-​ All the redo work must be printed in a light colour paper and stapled to the particular re-do section while the previous work is remaining in the assignment.

  • ​If you do not submit your ‘redo’ assignment within the stipulated time period, late submission conditions will be applied. 

Repeat Units

  • A student, who, for the first assessment opportunity and resubmission opportunity, still failed to achieve a Pass for that unit specification, is required to re attend the module.
  • The student must study the unit again with full attendance and may be required to make a payment of the unit fee.
  • The overall unit grade for a successfully completed repeat unit is capped at a Pass for that unit.
  • Units can only be repeated once
  • Non submission of work without valid reasons will lead to an automatic REFERRAL requiring submission of the assignment with the next batch. 

Report writing guidelines

  1. Every assignment should have an Introduction and Conclusion.
  2. The standard Table of Contents should be generated.
  3. Paper Size – A4 Single Side Print
  4. Main heading Font: Arial; Size 16
  5. Sub Heading Font: Arial; Size 14
  6. Body Text Font: Arial; Size 11
  7. Line & Paragraph spacing: Single Line.
  8. Margins: Top: 1” Bottom:1”  Left:1”  Right:1”
  9. Footer: Include the page number on the Right side.
  10. All sections should have continuity and pages should be clearly labelled.

Referencing: Students are required to use Harvard Referencing System; Maximum similarity allowed would be 15%.

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