Thomson Holiday Case Study Marketing Plan

Thomson Holiday Case Study Marketing Plan

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Thomson Holiday Case Study Marketing Plan

Travel and tourism industry has shown mushroom growth recently due to the increased demand of people opting for planned and hassle free holidays that are outsourced to tour operators.

Doing the intensive market analysis for the six day package tour for Thomson Holidays as an Assistant marketing Manager, I would suggest it has to have the following key points:

The travel and lodging plan for the guests.

The destinations – Denmark, Amsterdam, Lisbon and Porto and the tourist attraction covered in each of them in each day.

Pricing plan: drawn by financially planning the costs incurred and maintaining a reasonable profit

Marketing strategy: how do you make the new plan known to prospect customers?

Preferences and requirements of tourists preferably gathered by sending them a form in which they can state number of people travelling, food preferences, age, medical history etc.

Sending the tourists a detailed brochure that contains all the essential information such as how will they be received from the airport and what will be course of action for each day?

Suggestion: Address all the above requirements by dividing five fundamental sectors namely,

Hospitality, transport arrangement, a team for handling client, attraction and a travel organiser and a team that organises the destination.

So that with proper division of tasks into relevant sectors different teams could be assigned for each of the fundamental sector that would further ensure in proper synchronisation.

1.1 Core concepts and principle of marketing in travel and tourism sector

Marketing is all about identifying the demands of target consumers and satisfying those demands with a motive of making profit

Tourism marketing is the application of marketing concepts in the travel and tourism industry. Tourism marketing could be complex as the product is a mixture of many industries transports, hotel, food etc.

Thomson Holiday Case Study Marketing Plan

Demand – for designing their travel package four Lisbon, Amsterdam, Porto, and Denmark Thomson Holidays need to access the demand of tourism in this area. Demand can be defined as wants associated for certain market offerings that have an associated ability and affordability to buy the products. According to a report of PWC in the year 2014 and 2015 the demand for European destination travel and tourism is going to increase (PWC, 2014). So the travel package for the four chosen destination will have market demand.

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