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SPO Assignment (S. Touret)
The aim of this module is to help learners to understand sales planning, sales operation, sales management, and the selling process, which can be applied in different markets and environment. Selling is the main key to boost business success. The module begins with an overview of how personal selling fits within the overall marketing strategy for a business; it will help the learners to be able to apply the principles of selling process to a product or service; it will help learners to understand the role and objectives of sales management; and finally to be able to plan sales activity for a product or service.
The first part of task is about Johnson Brothers Ltd, the second part of task holds individual presentation, and the third part argues plastic products Ltd. Finally the fourth part of task holds three points: developing a sales plan for a product, investigating opportunities for selling internationally, and finally investigating opportunities for using exhibitions or trade fairs.

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Explain how personal selling supports the promotion mix

Personal selling is where businesses use people (the sales force) to sell the product after meeting face-to-face with the customer. A good example of personal selling is found in department stores on the perfume and cosmetics counters. Great examples include cars, office equipment, photocopiers and many products that are sold by businesses to other industrial customers. (J. Riley 2015)

Salesperson promotes the product he/she is selling through various ways such as attitude, presentations and specialist product knowledge. This helps to inform and persuade the potential costumer to buy or at least try the product with the hope that the customer will like the product after trial.

In marketing both the personal selling and promotional mix support each other in the sense that personal selling done by Johnson Brother Limited will indirectly or directly advertise the product or the car; because by selling the cars personally, Johnson Brother will use word of mouth to physically persuade costumers to buy. Personal selling at Johnson Brother would indirectly publicise Johnson Brother cars and thus bring in more potential buyer whereas publicity would only show the public what the product is and what it is like but would not close the sales. Click Here

It only through personal selling that the sales can be closed as well as the sales person will give more details about the cars. The advertisement should be enough good to attract the reader so that he/she can look at it and start liking the product. The advertisement must give him/her interest so as to entice him/her into reaing and finally the advertisement should be convincing to him/her so that he/she believes it. (Boundless Marketing, 2014).

Personal selling – Advertising

Personal selling is used in advertising in the early stages of the response hierarchy in creating awareness and interest, also personal selling is likely to be used in the later stages to stimulating judgment and closing the sale. Branding and image are essential and advertising is generally considered to be the most successful promotional tool. On the other hand, personal selling and well-trained sales force can contribute considerably to increased market penetration by influencing stockists to allocate more shelf-space to company products and persuading new dealers to stock them. (D. Baker, 2010).

Personal selling – Sales Promotion

The plan elements of sales promotion and personal selling also support each other. Many of sales promotions targeted to resellers are presented by the sales force, which will eventually be responsible for removing or replacing them as well. Builds long-term market share, increases sales force promotion, encourages retailers to provide more Shelf Space, and encourages retailers to buy ahead. (Kotler & Armstrong, 2004). 

Personal selling – Public Relations

The personal selling agent is habitually the firm’s best source of public relations. Their characters, servicing of the account, cooperation, and compassion not only control sales potential but also on the organisation they represent. Building up a company’s image in the eyes of the sales engineers provide technical support and explain the products. ( Kotler & Armstrong, 2004).Read More:- Fighting Fraud And Corruption

Personal selling – Direct Marketing

By integrating direct marketing, specifically telemarketing, into a company’s field sales operations makes its sales efforts more successful. Many marketers have decreased the cost of sales call and cost of closing the sales by joining telemarketing and sales efforts. Low cost effective alternative for reaching specific markets; database can be used to identify prospects, profile customers, and select customers to receive offers, and to build relationship. (Kotler & Armstrong, 2004)

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