Male Consumer Culture And Purchase Intentions

This study attempts to examine and analyze the effect of male consumer culture on purchase intentions for fashion apparel. The construct of the study were measured using questionnaires and interviews. The data were collected from above 100 male people of varying ages from 15 to 30 year olds. Also brand analysis was done on few of the emerging as well as well established fashion brands in Pakistan,
The results reveal that there is a big scope for this type of industry. There is a gap between the consumer and the manufacturer, Improvements are vital for the blooming of the male consumer culture so as to increase their purchase intentions towards male fashion attire, Also to bring the attire to the masses not just the elites.

About the Book

Male Consumer Culture And Purchase Intentions

Consumer culture refers to the buying and spending of clienteles. In this case the clientele is the males of Pakistan. That is the males in Pakistan’s spending and earnings will be monitored so as to get a better view of their consumer culture.

In Pakistan, the per capita income in 2009-2010 was $1051 per year. That is an average person acquired an income of $1051 which is 96,228.10 PKR. This means that an average person in Pakistan earns around 8,000 PKR per month. The earning as you can see is very low compared to the increasing inflation. Thus the earning of basic male is not enough for them to be able to spend excessively on fashion apparel. In conclusion the male consumer culture in Pakistan is non-existent. The average males do not spend money on themselves by buying fashion apparel but the elites of the society spend plenty on fashion attires.

The emergence of the global market has favoured the growth of the fashion industries, causing a change in lifestyles, consumer preferences and purchase intentions towards fashion apparel. Most fashion designers are trying to bridge intercultural differences but disregarding fifty percent of their possible market. That is the male consumers of fashion apparel.

Both male and females have given boost to the fashion industry, as it strives to make identification of Pakistani culture. The culture of Pakistan has always been the heart and soul for all fashion designers in the Pakistani fashion industry. Pakistani Fashion Industry has always been influenced from the culture and heritage which is actually the main identity of Pakistan.

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